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savage dominion!!!
07-02-2012, 21:40
As the elven hero stood tall staring looking over the dull windswept escarpment a nearby voice brought him back to reality, as his head snapped sideways 2 corsairs came dashing through the fog.

"My lord there is something you should see"

The hero followed on dragging his sword through the sand creating a fine trail in the rough gravel covered ground.

"We found this when unloading the cargo from our fleets my lord"

It was a cracass huge in stature bigger than any man, with a faint sniff the dark elf hero murmoured


Its face torn off and gauge marks of great density the Corsairs eyes implied to the hero that thier was something much more worrying than Ogre inhabiting these destitute plains.

The cold ones became aggitated snapping at each other over the carcass trying to claim it for there own, the was a droning deep sound in the distance that could easily be recognised by the hero. It was a drum banging over and over a faint moist drift came into the air and the hero began walking down the lines of his troops patting each champion of the unit on the shoulder shouting into the air.

"Saddle your mounts, get in formation and hold your line. We are warriors and whatever comes through this fog we shall meet head"

He joined the front rank of a spearmen unit as the army took almost minutes to assemble the clanking of armour and shuffling of position did not break his fixed gaze on the distance escarpment. As the drums got louder the ground began to rumble as a loud ear splitting horn broke the atmosphere

Hey guys this is my first battle report as I am a new gamer I am going to report a 1,000 pt Beastmen vs Dark Elves battle. If I am wrong in any way please leave a comment and I will gladly take it on board for next game. My opponent used a dreadlord and a sorceress as he only had 850 points without it. I know its against the rules.

Beastmen Army

Wargor - additional hnd wpn, chalice of dark rain,hvy armour

Bray Shaman lvl 1 - hnd weapon, pelt of the shadowgave

12 ungors - spears,shlds, no command

2x 5 warhounds - scaly skin save

28 gors - additional hnd wpns

2 tuskgor chariots

3 minatours

Dark elf Army

Sorceress lvl 2

15 spearmen full command

16 repeater crossbowmen full command

10 corsairs (i think)

5 cold one knights full command

5 executioners

I rolled and got bestial surge and my opponent got chill wind and some sort of doombolt thing.(He also had his extra spell for the dark elf magic)

My opponent got first turn we played no scenario at the moment as we are still learning.

I set up my 2 units of warhounds infront of my 28 gors in the middle of army giving them protection from spells and firepower. My ungors went on the left infront of my minatours to protect them and I had my 2 chariots on the right hand side. My wargor and shaman were placed within my gor unit.

He set up his crossbowmen in the middle in straight line with warhounds, sorceress next to them by herself. His cold one knighs were on his right facing my ungors and his spearmen behind his crossbowmen. On his left flank he had his corsairs with the exectutioners behind. His dreadlord was placed within his spearmen.

Dark Elves turn 1

My opponent moved everything forward in the first turn apart from his crossbowmen. For his winds of magic he rolled a 4 and a 1. He successfully cast chillwind onto my right warhound unit killing one which I could dispell with 1 die. In his shooting phase his crossbowmen drew back and hailed 32 shots at my left warhounds unit, with -1 for multiple shots and -1 at long range 3 warhounds fell from the left unit but thankfully passed my panic test for them. With his only shooting unit done since the corsairs were not in range and no combat it was onto my turn!

Beastmen turn 1

I declared no charges and marched everything forward apart from chariots which couldnt march, hoping for a next turn full assault, I rolled a 2 and a 1 for my winds of magic and failed to cast bestial surge on a 7 rubbish i know! with no shooting and no combat it was onto the dark elves turn 2!

Dark Elves turn 2

He declared a charge from his cold one knights onto my ungors, he successfully made the charge crashing into the held ungors. He realised putting his spearmen right behind his crossbowmen was a bad move and began wheeling and moving them around his crossbowmen. everything else moved at normal pace. He rolled a four and a 6 this time but still only cast chillwind on 4 dice, I managed to dispell this time saving my warhounds for another turn. His crossbowmen however finished off the 2 warhounds on my left exposing a little of the gor unit which i was not too worried about at the moment. In the cold one and ungor combat I failed my fear test sending my wpn skill to 1, he charged with his +2 strength for lances and destroyed 6 ungors but amazingly took a wound in return(this was great rolling for me and bad for him) So he failed his 2+ armour save and one was speared and dragged from his mount. He annihilated me in combat with 6 wounds a standard and the charge. My ungors broke fleeing through my Minatours which passed thier panic test. With an over run the cold plummetted into my minatours!

Beastmen turn 2

In this turn my ungors failed to rally and fled the table. I declared both chariots to charge his corsairs on the right and warhounds to charge the crossbowmen but failed and stumbled 4 inches. My gor unit moved forward and another poor magic phase seen me not cast bestial surge on 3 dice! So with my warhounds failing the charge only one chariot made the charge against the corsairs and one failed moving forward 2 inches. The combat between the chariot and corsairs swung for me as I took no wounds for his stand and shoot reaction and plowed into them crushing 5 with great impact hit rolling and killing 2 from my besitgor and tusgor. I took 1 wound in return and won the combat. He failed the break test and ran I pursued and didnt catch him as they ran through the executioners they were unbreakable so held and i ended straight into them. In the minatour- cold one combat i lost a minatour and hacked apart 2 cold one knights in return, although i lost the combat by 3 as he caused 3 wounds got the charge and had a standard i passed my break test and continued to slug it out.
I was quite confident that id get the charge with my gors and 2 warhounds infront if i activated chalice of dark rain.

Dark Elves turn 3

He declared a charge with his spearmen against the minatours in combat with the cold one knights and rolled double 6! with his movement he made it and just got a few spearmen in thier to be in base contact with the left minatour. He rolled 3 and a 1 for magic and cast chill wind on my right chariot not in combat causing a massive 5 strength four hits, I took 3 wounds but chariot just stayed together! His shooting phase i activated chalice of dark rain which once per battle its a further -1 to hit with any of his ballistic skill warriors making him hit on a -2 penalty on warhounds but i figured he was on -2 anyway at long range and multiple shots but as they were now in close range i didnt really gain the -3 benefit lol (maybe i should have used it the turn before hindsight eh!) he managed to kill one warhound and then it began....my warhound fled 10 inches straight through my 28 gors with general wargor and shaman and they failed there panic test and also fled I was astonished :( to say the least :(.

Beastmen turn 3

In combat my chariot destroyed 3 of his executioners but could not break them and took my wound in return. The cold one knights inflicted 1 wound on the minatours but the dreadlord or spearmen failed to wound any which was a result. My minatours chopped down 6 spearmen and even with +3 ranks and standard +1 and 1 wound i still won the combat by 1. They held but my bloodgreed rule made me frenzied for the next round of combat.

Dark elves turn 4

With no movement as his only units not in combat were his crossbowmen he rolled 4 and 2 for magic and cast chillwind destroying my right hand chariot....his crossbowmen fired at my fleeing gors felling 2 of them and we went straight to combat. No wounds on either side from the chariot or the 2 remaining executioners that combat stayed a draw and the cold ones could not wound the minatours but the dreadlord caused one wound between him and his spearmen my minatours killed one more cold one knight and they passed but lost there frenzy as they were beaten in combat, however they passed and carried on the fight.

Beastmen turn 4

I sat in amazement as my gors failed there rally test and fleed off the board with a roll of 11 and my warhound also failed and fled the table. With my main hammer gone I felt really hard done by. It was getting late and my moral was shot to pieces so with not being allowed to shoot crossbowmen or chill wind into combat we passed the magic and shooting phase. The chariot could not destroy the executioners and took one wound in return but stayed and the minatours killed the last cold one without taking any wounds again (why could i have this good luck on my break tests for gors!) I called it a day after this and congratulated my opponent on a hard fought victory and was left to sit and ponder the luck of the draw!

All in all I thought it was a great battle I could have used my chalice of dark rain earlier to keep my warhounds in maybe but I wanted to save it for when gors were quite close to the crossbowmen. My minatours done well maybe i can bring them upto 6 if i have a bigger army. i definitley lacked in the magic phase with a lvl 1 shaman maybe boosting to lvl too and hopefully rolling a magic missile of some sort. The cold one knights +2 strength destroyed my ungors which i had planned but wished to keep them tied up until my minatours could get the flank charge. I also reminded myself that he never took stupidity tests for his Cold Ones! My bad but anyway felt if my plan had of stayed together my gors would have either charged the flank of the cold ones smash them and then into the spearmen or try and go straight for the crossbowmen and it would have been a completely different game, my opponent disagreed saying he would have won anyway haha confident bloke he is but maybe better luck next time eh! Hope you enjoyed it and please leave any comments/ criticism you wish its all constructive for my learning journey!!

09-02-2012, 15:39
Unlucky! However, great battle report, and better luck nest time!

Toe Cutter
13-02-2012, 15:58

Not a bad first effort that. You could do with a battle standard bearer though - he'll let you reroll your leadership tests which is pretty important for beastmen. The other thing I'd suggest as well is to take the lore of beasts rather than the lore of the wilds on your shaman. The signature spell of beasts (+1S and +1T) is very useful at turning gors from decent infantry into very good infantry. If you've not already been there, head over to the herdstone website. You might be able to pick up some more hints and tips.

savage dominion!!!
14-02-2012, 00:29
Ahhh I see cheers for the info fella! Ive always thought of a battle standard but it says +25 pts can carry any banner, so is that 25 pts plus whatever points the banner is for my army or since im paying the 25 points does it not count towards points what banner i choose if that makes sense! +1 strength and toughness does sound fantastic though. I think i was just really unlucky for the whole unit including wargor and shaman to fail a panic test of 1 warhound running through haha

08-01-2013, 16:18
You'd need to pay for the banner still. Bad luck on that break test, a bsb is a must! Also I'm not sure if you were using steadfast rules but it makes a huge difference. Good bat rep all around though!