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Da Once & Future Git
08-02-2012, 07:24
Alrighty, so I already own most of a vampire counts army which I started when the last book came out (after dreams of them from the edition before that!!). With only a few additions this is the army I am looking at making.

Lords, 464

1 Vampire lord, 464pts
Heavy armour, Shield
Sword of Might, Dragon Helm, Talisman of Endurance, the other Trickster’s Shard, Rod of Earthing
Red Fury, Beguile
Lvl3, Lore of Vampires

Heroes, 428

1 Vampire, 238
Great weapon
Armour of Silvered Steel, Dragonbane Gem
Aura of Dark Majesty, Beguile
Lvl2, Lore of Vampires

2 Tomb banshees, 190

Core, 630

39 Skeletons, 240
Chump (yes that’s right, chump!), standard with The Screaming banner

30 Ghouls, 310

2*5 Dire Wolves, 80

Special, 577

23 Grave Guard, 319
Great weapons, Chump, Standard

3 Vargheists, 138

1 Corpsecart, 120
Unholy lodestone

Rare, 400

1 Terrorgheist, 225

1 Vargulf, 175

Total 2499

The basic plan is to put the lord, 1 banshee in the GG in the centre, flanked by Vampire & other banshee in the skeletons & the ghouls.
The Dire wolves go on deployment, harassment duties.
Flanks are the ‘Gheists & ‘gulf
Got 4 terror causes, 3 screams, a few ld shenanigans in cc.
The reason I haven’t gone for Quickblood is I should hopefully be getting off one AoE spell per turn thereby gaining it from the cart.

What do you think? Fun to play with/against?
Balanced? Comp ok?

08-02-2012, 09:49
Amusing list.

Very balanced and looks like it could very amusing to play with/against. You might find you're a bit short on bodies as your main infantry units are a bit smaller than I'd prefer especially since you don't have Master of the Dead. Don't be afraid to post results with this list. GL