View Full Version : Ogre blade/Sword of strife/Sword of anti heroes with my Vampire lord?

Von Breitholz
08-02-2012, 08:43
Im thinking of giving my Vampire Lord the Red Fury. Hence the question wich sword to take.

Giant Blade gives him a better chance to kill his enemys with +3 S. It would give the enemys -5 on their Saves. So every hit would count more. Potentialy less than one 6 every CC-round.

Sword of Strife gives him a better chance to use his Red Fury ability as +3 attacks gives him a better chance to get more 6s. Giving him the chanse to get atleast one 6 on the diceroll and up to (with realy great luck) 16 attacks in total.

Or should I go halfways and use:

Sword of Anti-Heroes, as it gives me +1S and +1A for every character in the enemy unit. It could be +1, +2 or +3 S and A each round.

I have equiped him with other stuff too, but they will not influence these things in the question. It is NOT a question of pointscost. I just want to know how you are thinking in this matter.

I will mostly put him in a unit of Skeleton warriors (40+) equiped with spears. (If that helps you out with answering my question).

08-02-2012, 10:06
Obviously depends on how you wanna use him.

Look at the rest of your army. Do you have units for taking out monsters, rockhard infantry and knights? If not you'' prolly be glad for the Ogre blade

Ideally I'd use him to compensate for my army's shortcomings.

I wouldnt use Sword of Anti-heroes on a the vamp lord, because it dictates what combats you want him in.... aside from the fact that enemy characters are one of the greatest threats to him. Be very careful about specializing your invaluable general too much

08-02-2012, 17:00
And one thing to think about to if you don't fight HE that much is using a simple GW with quickblood. It will give you your S7 attacks at your initiative. So you should strike before anybody else other than other ASF. And still leaves you 100 points of magic to play with. But like Wesser stated. Make him fill a nitch that you need him for.

Von Breitholz
08-02-2012, 18:25
I was totaly confused (tired) when I wrote this post. Its not at 6s you get extra attacks for its for unsaved wounds ofcause...

08-02-2012, 19:52
Sword of Strife.

7 S5 attacks with re-rolls to hit? Yes please. Enemy characters can get Killing Blowed, what I need is to cleave away Steadfast, which is what my Vampire Lord does - flay ranks upon ranks of troops.