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09-02-2012, 12:09
Hey all. I am starting up Dark Elves, and have a pretty limited list of models to work with. I'm trying to keep this Cult of Slaanesh, so for now there are no Khainite units. Here goes. I'll let you know what other models I have to work with at the end of the list.

Level 4 Shadow, Dagger - general, used for the usual shenanigans

Master BSB, SDC, Heavy Armor, Shield, Dragonhelm, Pendant, Sword of Antiheroes - remember how I said I vetoed the Khainite units? Yeah, this guy is certainly no Cauldron, but hopefully he can stay alive. Probably going to hang out with the Corsairs

Level 2 Fire, Scroll - Tom (tmarichards) really sold me on this gal. I like the second level because I also rate Flame Cage, Flaming Sword and occassionally Piercing Bolts of Burning pretty well.

22 Warriors, full command -Sorceress bunker and power dice pool. The 22 is to fill out core requirements.
30 Corsairs, full command, Sea Serpent Standard - The obligatory killy unit, combos very well with Shadows
10 Corsairs, reaver, repeater handbows - this is probably not the best unit ever, but I think it is pretty flexible and I'd like to give it a try. I am keen to use the slaver rule as much as possible
2x 5 Harpies - All purpose nuisance unit, nothing new to see here.

20 Black Guard, Standard, Banner of Murder - There to shred things. As a proponent of big units, I am scared of the small unit size, especially without the cauldron. I'll have to play pretty conservatively with these guys - at least until I can get them into a combat.
2x10 Shades, additional hand weapons - These guys rock with Lore of Shadows, and on their own. I'm looking forward to using them.
2x9 Cold One Knights - These are there because I love the conversion idea of them riding steeds of Slaanesh instead of Cold Ones. I am thinking of either using them to block my army in case of facing a BS heavy opponent, or running them on the flanks if I am fighting a more balanced/less shooting intensive army. I am not actually sure about what unit sizes to run, I have even debated one giant unit of 18, but I feel like that will sacrifice the flexibility that I'm looking for in them.

Totaled that leaves me 3 points to play with, so not much wiggle room. As for additional models I have:
2 more warriors;
32 repeater crossbowmen;
2 more knights (including all the command options);
and easy access to 10 more harpies; so again not very much wiggle room.

What do you think? I certainly appriciate any feedback.

09-02-2012, 12:59
I'd be inclined to put the BSB on a Dark Peg- he's not too fussed about not getting a LOS, and it also means he can run around and ruin hobbies on his own. Swapping out a unit of harpies would give you the points to do so.

I'd also probably swap the small Corsair unit for 10 xbows with a musician, but I've not really tried MSU Corsairs much.

If you can find the points, Lifetaker on the Level 4 and the Standard of Discipline on the Warriors would both be really nice additions. You could experiment with dropping the Banner of Murder and standard bearer on the BG, it drops their points level quite significantly (down to 267) but doesn't do much to their effectiveness, especially as in most situations where you'd want the Murder buff you'll be hunting the Mindrazor anyway :)

09-02-2012, 13:32
Hey, I know you're going CoS, but rather than avoiding Khainite units, you could always use other models or conversions.

Check the link in my sig :)

You'll want a musician on the BG, and the extra hand weapons on the shades aren't very important. I used to take them all the time but I've only missed them once in around 20 games since I dropped em.

10-02-2012, 06:04
So I liked the ideas Tom, and I went back to redo the list and realized I had made a "herp-a-derp" and my list posted was way under the 2500 point cap. Here's the revised list.

Shadow Level 4, Sacrifical Dagger
Fire Level 2, Dispel Scroll
Master BSB, Dark Pegasus, Pendant of Khaeleth, Dragonhelm, SDC, shield, heavy armor, Sword of Anti-Heroes

30 Corsairs, full command, Sea Serpent Standard
10 Corsairs, reaver, musician, repeater handbows
22 Warriors, full command, Standard of Discipline

5 Harpies
5 Harpies

10 Shades, additional hand weapons
10 Shades, additional hand weapons
20 Black Guard, standard
9 Cold One Knights
9 Cold One Knights

That (after very many re-checking of point costs) is bang on 2500 points.

And SoggyRizla - you're army is very inspiring, I can only hope that mine is half as good when it is finished. Thank you very much for sharing! You have a lot of great ideas (the Dark Peg - Boobsnake is my inspiration for my own Dark Pegasus conversion) that I am "adapting*".

*adapting = shamelessly stealing!

10-02-2012, 11:09
You're welcome to nick ideas! Make sure you post a project log!

10-02-2012, 16:08
It's not stealing if you take ideas from Caz, it's not like he charges...