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24-04-2006, 20:07
von carstein count- aura of dark majesty, flayed hauberk, ring of the night, spell familiar, level 2- 340

necromancer- level 2, staff of damnation- 140

necromancer- level 2, power familiar- 150

20 skeletons- light armor, standard- 210

20 skeletons- light armor, standard- 210

7 ghouls- ghast- 66

batswarm- 60

5 dire wolves- 50

5 dire wolves- 50

16 grave guard shields, champion, standard, banner of borrows- 277

5 black knights- champion, standard- 147

5 black knights- champion, standard- 147

5 black knights- champion, standard- 147


25-04-2006, 07:26
No musicians? The most valuble Command upgrade for Undead, and you've not taken it!

Those units of Knights are either going to be great or rubbish. Couple of good cannon or bolt thrower shots will decimate them, yet that many units will be viewed as cheese. I prefer a single unit of 10 (5*2) to get a rank personally.

Those Grave Guard are pretty vulneable as well - a template will cover most of that unit; and given that most templates have at least a -1 save, it won't be healthy. By dropping 5 Black Knights along with a champion and standard you should quite easily free up the points to allow this unit to be increased to 20+.

Don't forget, you can only raise Skeletons and Zombies, not Black Knights or Grave Guard - thus these units should be larger to allow for this.

If you're looking to do a Von Carstein themed force, I direct your attention to the Storm of Chaos "Army of Sylvania". More limited in some ways, but Zombies get armour; no limit on Vampire Lords and an extra Black Coach (at a discount too) compensate.

25-04-2006, 16:37
i dont think the lack of dispel scroll will do your amry to much good, perhaps the staff of damnation should be replaced for a couple? lastly change the black knights to units of seven or eight they will be much more effective..........

Ogre bull
25-04-2006, 18:34
Doesen't Flayed Hauberk make characters unable to cast spells? if so, then get rid of hauberk or extra level and spell familiar, and black knight units are too small, maybe taking one of them out and using points to get more black knightes on units, and rest to grave guard