View Full Version : Another 1000pts dark elves

11-02-2012, 01:36
Master = 150
cold one, crimson death, armor of darkness

5x dark riders = 131
repeater crossbows, herald, musician

5x dark riders = 131
repeater crossbows, herald, musician

5x harpies =55

5x harpies =55

9x cold one knights = 267
standard, musician

cold one chariot = 100

cold one chariot = 100

TOTAL = 989

Just thought this up after my last game. Have not tried it out yet. my only concern is that there is very few models and may face problems against horde armies. The master goes along with the cold one knights. had to add the herald to the dark riders to meet the core tax. the goal is to obviously to use speed to get the charge (and flank) and get into close combat asap.

11-02-2012, 08:01
I think this army will work, in very limited situations, i read your last thread and i am unsure why you seem to be avoiding the main strengths of your army, hydra and now magic (at this points total), imo never take CoK without BsB simple as.

IMO you would be better with a level 2 sorc with ToF, 5 riders 2 units of harpies a unit of shades a unit of 20 RxB with a musician, a unit of about 20 corsairs with full command and serpent banner and a hydra.

With your current setup any army with a strong core will chew you up, same with horde armies, magic and shooty armies will destroy you CoK before the second turn and then your dark riders will follow soon after, the only thing you will do well against is the armies with 2 canons, as your harpies will own them. Hence why i didnt take them out. The army i detailed above should be around 1k, not sure you may even have some points left as i dont have book with me.