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11-02-2012, 16:28
i have spent days uming and arring over what i want my chaos army to be and finally decided i would just take the marching wall. its kind of like the spartan idea take a line of highly trained warriors and crush every thing that comes close to you.

Sorc lord 370 heavens
lvl 4
farther of blades
armour of damnation
spell familiar

this had an anoying habbit of challening the hardest of heroes and the best defence is a good offence or so ive been told. making my enemy re-roll hits and any 1's hit them selves theirs a good chance the enemy will kill them selves.

exalted 201
glaive of putrefication
potion of stregth
charm shield

this is the local monster hunter very simple plan. juice up and wollop any monster down to strength and toughness 2 allowing the knights to squish whats left.he should keep those trolls in check as well as he can give them ld8 and a re-roll for stupidity

17 warriors 302
full command

their are 3 of these units to complete the wall for 906

5 knights to go with the bsb 240
banner of eternal flame

i havent put a champion in because you need 5 rank and file models to claim look out sir and this cant be claimed with a champion in their. the flaming banner is because they are the monster hunters unit and this allows him to kill every monster i can think of.

total points 1987

all help is welcome as its been a while since i played. thank you!

6 trolls 270

11-02-2012, 16:44
I Cant give you the answer as i dont know WoC that well yet, but i cant help but feel i would be pretty comfortable facing that army with Dark Elves, if anyone kills your knights your whole plan falls apart thats too much of a gamble for me, always have a back up plan and and a back up of that plan, that way if you are unlucky you wont get steamrollered. As this army stands one lucky warmachine or spell kills your general and your BsB, your trolls stand about and do nothing, thanks to stupidity and your 3 warrior units get isolated and flanked.

Maybe i just dont like risks :)

11-02-2012, 22:27
thanks for the quick reply i should mention that the sorc lord is on foot with one of the warrior squads so its not as bad. as for the bsb would you recomend putting him with the trolls instead or would this be an even riskier tactic as he will have problems with look out sir?

11-02-2012, 22:37
yeah i would say thats even riskier.

Your sorc is still at risk as he will be in combat and he also wont be able to cast when he is.

My advice would be you need some warhounds in there or something to add another option. But then i like diversity, imo drop the trolls completely and raise the knights to ten, and see how many points that leaves you for other stuff

But im not a WoC player so dont take my advice as gospel im just looking at this from the point of view of if i was playing against that army.

Also dont have your book so cant work out exactly what i would change.

11-02-2012, 23:13
i would run two units of warriors, 17 each with a character in each. give one unit halbreds and one unit shields. put your sorcerer in the one with shields and give the unit the blasted standard. put the bsb in the unit with the halbreds and give them either frenzy banner, armor piercing, or leadership banner. give your knights either flaming banner or discipline banner. with the points saved from third unit of knights, take 30 or more marauders with greatweapons for a third unit. If your set on the trolls then keep them, i like them too. but you could use a hellcannon and two units of hounds instead for the points.

11-02-2012, 23:22
I would be more then happy to play that list... Kudos...

12-02-2012, 01:55
If your BSB is off riding with the knights he's not where he's meant to be with your infantry. I'd be tempted to take him off his pony.

12-02-2012, 07:02
I like this list tbh in my mono khorne army i have 8 chaos knights who are joined by the lord and bsb. It hits like a ton of bricks and it really surprises people how dangerous the unit is. So dont worry about putting the bsb in the knights he works just as well there

12-02-2012, 13:35
cannons and lores of metal and shadow will pick apart that unit...its too big at 10 with that many points in it. the purpose of the knights is to be big enough to kill stuff and support/ and be small enough to go under the radar...my first target will be the knights and two characters pretty much all day long. i would keep it at like 5 or maybe 6 if you are adding the bsb in the knights...that should be plenty. i would consider adding the hell cannon so you can give your knights some support

12-02-2012, 17:50
thanks for all the comments guys! i think i agree with the 5 or 6 knights because i hate having wasted attacks from the second rank. if i were to put a hellcannon in the list what would you remove, as i think it would have to be a block of 17 warriors, the knights or the trolls which im torn between because the trolls have never failed be got so many upgrades from eye of the gods but at the same time the speed of the knights is nice for getting the charge on those monsters. Also if i were to put the bsb on foot would you change his wargear as he is set up for killing monsters and he isnt going to be very good at that if he cant catch them.

12-02-2012, 17:54
If you're worried about the caster challenging enemies, put him on a horse, on his own, with golden eye of Tzeentch. Should keep him fairly safe, and extremely maneuverable.

12-02-2012, 18:23
Its not that im worried about the challenge i have set him up to try and get the enemy to kill them selves to save me the bother. ive never tried one on his own in 8th but surly this makes him more vunerable?

13-02-2012, 00:39
I wouldn't run solo unless on disc. I would consider dropping the shrine for cannon