View Full Version : Dark elves 1000 points for doubles tournie

13-02-2012, 14:42
Supreme Sorceress Kalina 250 points
Tome Of Furion
The Lore Of Shadow

The Tower Guard 130 points (10 x cross bow men)
Full Command

The Wall Guard 205 points (25x dark elf warriors)
full command
standard of discipline

The Dark Heralds 110 points (5x dark riders)
Reapter Cross Bows


The Cave Dwellers 90 points (5x shades)

The Mountain Hunters 90 points (5x shades)

The Elves Of The Wilderness 90 points (5x shades)

991 points total

13-02-2012, 18:38
you are going to be relying on those shades a lot!

Personally i think you should be taking a hydra, drop the sorceress to lvl 2. Up the RxB's to 20 (they dont need a SB or champion, but keep the musician, bunker your sorc in this unit) and drop the dark riders and take harpies instead, the shades do everything the dark riders do. My advice would be to drop the spearmen completely because i hate them, and i would take a unit of corsairs with the serpent banner and full command fill your points with these up to 20 of them.

13-02-2012, 19:09
thanks for the reply. i know the person im teaming up with is taking either a dwarf pure combat list or a pure orc o&g army and hes asked me to take magic and shooting which is why i have took this list.

13-02-2012, 19:58
Ah fair enough, definately dont need the warriors then, just take more RxB, i would still drop the riders for a hydra!

13-02-2012, 22:22
i have no more crossbows or a hydra unfourtunately