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15-02-2012, 08:44
Lords 650.00 Pts

1 Spellweaver @ General; Lore of Life; Magic Level 4; Rhymer's Harp; Dispel Scroll 350.0 Pts

1 Spellweaver @ Lore of Beasts; Magic Level 3; Wand of Wych Elm; Hail of Doom Arrow 300.0 Pts

Heroes 474.00 Pts

1 Noble @ Eternal Kindred; Light Armor; Shield; Two-handed sword; Great Eagle; Amaranthine Brooch;Potion of Foolhardiness 176.0 Pts

1 Noble @ BSB; Light Armor; Aech The Springtide Standard; Resplendance of Luminiscents 142.0 Pts

1 Noble @ Alter Kindred; Two-handed sword; Light Armor; Shield; Helm of the Hunt; Stone of Rebirth 156.0 Pts

Core 735.00 Pts

28 Glade Guard @ Standard; Musician 354.0 Pts

10 Glade Guard @ Banner of the Eternal Flame 136.0 Pts

10 Dryads @ 120.0 Pts

7 Scouts @ Musician 125.0 Pts

Special 390.0 Pts

6 Treekin @ 390.0 Pts

Rare 340.0 Pts

Great Eagle @ 50.0 Pts
Great Eagle @ 50.0 Pts
10 Waywatchers @ 240.0 Pts

Models in Army: 78
Total Army Cost: 2591.0

In terms of ETC it's heavy shooty (59 shots + HoDA) army, with decent magic defence (WoWE, dispel scroll) and self buffs (Life and Beasts). Quite capable of taking down the artillery (3 flyers, waywatchers and scouts). The interesting part is in Hammer units of Nobles, who along with good movement and S6 attacks have decent defence (Flying one has 2+AS (3+ in CC), 3+WS against non-magic wounds; Alter has 4+AS (5+ in CC), 2+WS with 1 wound left). Treekin unit buffed by Life serves as anvil, but along with Wyssan Wildform can chop a lot of enemies. The Lifeweaver and BSB go into block of GG (5+WS, magical attacks and SnS regardless of range), Beastweaver goes either Scouts or small GG-unit. Dryads hunt for enemy scouts and also may be sacrifised if needed.

15-02-2012, 10:55
At the moment I think you're way too heavy on characters and you have just about no army. The blocks are too big and too expensive to do avoidance properly, and you don't have anything beyond the Treekin that can fight.

I'm looking at double level 4 for my own Wood Elves under ETC comp but 3 heroes just pushes you way too far over IMO. All you really need in a WE army is a Level 4 and a BSB, maybe maybe 2 Level 4s under ETC comp. I really don't think the other 2 heroes add anything, and I think the Springtide Banner is also a waste of points tbh. I'd be more inclined to go with the standard BSB set up of Asyendi's Bane and HoDA, so that you get a BS6 HoDA instead of a BS4.

The best core set-up I can think of to max out on the shooting cap is 3x10 GG and a flaming 15. We get the 4th identical core unit, so it makes sense to use it.

Scouts are really not worthwhile, they lose their GG bows and are just inferior to Waywatchers in every way. You don't need them towards the minimum core once you have your 45 GG (you could also do with a couple more Dryad units, 3x8 works exceptionally well in my experience), and there's just no reason to take them.

I'd be inclined to try and get a second unit of Treekin in.

If you want to run 10 Waywatchers, there's really no reason not to run them in 2 units. That way, you won't lose all the points to a flukey magic missile or a single failed panic test, and it also gives you double the flexibility.

15-02-2012, 11:23
Thanks for experienced advice, there is absolute point in dividing waywatchers. Looking at other things, I made the list from my own experience that no matter how many x8 dryads I have, they'll do nothing to death stars (like Grave Guards, Warriors of Chaos, Temple Guards and all this S4 T4 elite infantry with great wepons), while weak unarmored units can be just destroyed by SnS or shooting. These Nobles can do pretty flank-charges and don't give enemy CR points by dying that easily as dryads do, also Nobles march like hell (18 for Alter and 20 for Eagle-mounted) and by that can choose CC what THEY wish. Scouts are mainly for Beastweaver bunker than firing force (and they help to fit 45 GG in army) - to march and shoot. Speaking of x10 GG units this is reasonable, but there is almost no space to move in the 2400 points game anyway. Mostly they go forth 1st turn and after go back or retreat.
2nd Treekin unit will never be bad, but the alternative is dropping waywatchers (who are good against artillery and heavy cav) and one noble (with the same goals), which means the army will give initiative to enemy cavalry and artillery, whereas it's the most expected units in every Army that may allow them in ETC.

15-02-2012, 12:40
You make a good points about the characters being able to pick and choose what combats they go into, but unfortunately they'll largely be suicide runs because they won't like getting hit back in return.

15-02-2012, 16:58
Let's hope 3+AS, 3+WS, 3 wounds for eagle-mounted and 5+AS,2+WS will be enough for flank attacks, where enemy won't have many models touching. Hitting heavy cavalry in the flank will be the best, without their lance attacks they won't be able to make strong answer, finishing artillery or shooters (95% of them) is without question.

15-02-2012, 22:36
to be honest you are not gonna stop a deathstar with WE anyway, just kill the rest of the army and avoid the deathstar while whittling it down with shooting, certainly dont take the wrong army in an attempt to combat a deathstar when the units you have chosen to do that will loose anyway.