View Full Version : 5k (2.5k HE + 2.5k DE vs 2.5k SK + 2.5K OnG)

15-02-2012, 12:52
Since this was a multi-post br I'll simply link to ulthuan: http://www.ulthuan.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=35318&p=750065#p750065

Enjoy :)

15-02-2012, 18:32
enjoyed! neat rep (and that alliance is not easy to explain ;) )

15-02-2012, 22:05
Very nice read. Looked like an intense game.

Quick question tho. In the O&G turn 5, you wrote "Combat luckily sees the Bell finally die and we're thus free to reform against the Savage Orcs!" Are you sure it works this way? It wasn't the turn they charged, so you get no reform do to overrun. I am pretty sure you can't reform upon just killing the enemy unit. If you wipe out the enemy on any turn after the initial charge, you are just kinda stuck in that facing.

15-02-2012, 23:06
See page 53 of the rulebook - section "Wipeout!"

15-02-2012, 23:10
Poor Skaven player couldn't hit double 6s for his life eh

15-02-2012, 23:24
IF on 6D6 is roughly a 25% chance, in other words not something to base your strategy on :)

16-02-2012, 00:19
Holy crap! I can't believe we have missed that over all this time. Thank you for pointing that out! +1 to you.

16-02-2012, 13:14
Yeah well it makes sense though, given the other mechanics in the game with regards to fighting and reforming!

16-02-2012, 17:45
I agree. It's just we have been playing it that way since around 6th ed. Must have been a case of alwaysdoneitthatway-itist.

Dark Reaper
16-02-2012, 18:10
We are definitely going to have another match in the not to far future. This was fun! :-)

18-02-2012, 14:07
Yowch that battle was quite bloody for the greenskins :p

29-02-2012, 06:56
The Greenskins overall did ok, I think. The Skaven fared way worse. The problem was when the White Lions were able to turn around and engage the middle with fairly good support from the Dragon + cavalry.

If the Orcs had managed to handle the frontage issues better (thus increasing movement speed, effectively) I think they would've been way harder to handle. Essentially, we had just the time we needed to take care of them.