View Full Version : Mounted Deamonettes...where?

Reign in Blood
25-04-2006, 06:50
I just came accross a copy of Hordes of Chaos and I am very interested in collecting a Slaanesh army but the rules for the mounted deamonettes aren't in there. Where are they...are they in a supplement, a White Dwarf, what?

Also, just while I am here, would I be right to assume that the specific special rule for being deamonic would be in the Fantasy rulebook?

(these are probably stupid questions but I have no one else to ask, so you are stuck with it)

25-04-2006, 07:51
yep its in a white dwarf
dont have it with me now but
they are an amazing unit movement 10 poison attacks and strike first

25-04-2006, 07:58
http://uk.games-workshop.com/hordesofchaos/mtd-daemonettes/1/. (It's listed in the FAQ at the top of this subforum.:) )

The daemonic rules are on page 29 of the Hordes of Chaos book.

I hope these answered the questions you were asking.

Reign in Blood
25-04-2006, 08:04
Thanks you two...I cannot believe that I missed those rules!!?? So stupid.