View Full Version : Rules for LatD

25-04-2006, 07:34
Where can I find the rules for the Lost and the Damned list?

Is it in the Eye of Terror book or a white dwarf or can you find it on the webpage?

Dawn of the Dogs
25-04-2006, 07:54
its all in Codex: Eye of Terror.

25-04-2006, 12:59
Well, it is _principally_ in Codex: Eye of Terror. There are a goodly few rules and units and upgrades that you'll want access to from Codex: Chaos Space Marines, and a few that you _may_ want access to from Codex: Imperial Guard ['though those are optional choices, and distinctly optional - your core choices will however _require_ access to C:CSM].


25-04-2006, 13:05
demonette cavalry are also on the UK website.

25-04-2006, 13:46
blood pact death brigades are in a white dwarf (has a sob immiolator on the cover), plus if your after something different imperial armour update 2006, form forgeworld has giant spawns, spined beasts and angrath the unbounds rules.