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17-02-2012, 23:12
Sorcerer Lord lvl 4 330 pts (General)
Sceptre of Stability
Third Eye of Tzeentch

Sorcerer Lvl 2
Dispel Scroll 165 pts

Exalted Hero 190 pts (BSB)
Mark of Tzeentch
Tailsman of Preservation

Chaos Warriors x 17 335pts (BSB goes here)
Mark of Tzeentch
Champion Standard Bearer
Magic Banner: Banner of Rage

Chaos Warriors x 15 303 pts
Mark of Khorne
Helberd, Shield

Chaos Marauders x 50 300 pts
Mark of Khorn
Chieftan, Musician, Standard Bearer

Chaos Marauders x 50 202 pts
Mark of Khorn
Chieftan, Musician, Standard Bearer

Warhounds x 5 30 pts
Warhounds x 5 30 pts

Chaos Knights x 7 340 pts
Mark of Tzeentch
Champion, Standard Bearer

HellCannon 205 pts

Total pts: 2499

Marauders to hold up whatever needs to be held up while the warriors kill. Knights and hounds to take out shooters and warmachines with supports from the hellcannon.
I don't know what unit to put the Sorc. Lord in or if I should at all. I really want him casting spells every turn and not be tied up in battle.
I want to know what you think I am doing right and wrong. I am new, and I am looking to get schooled by the pros :-D

17-02-2012, 23:21
First of all, you can only have a magic item once per army. So you can only have 1 unit with banner of Rage.

Second; Warhounds are just T3/S3 models, and they will die heavily by both shooting and in close combat. That means scaly skin and poison attacks are waste of points.
Also, when taking the game mechanics of warhammer into account it is much better for your 50 marauders to have mark of khorne, since that will give them an extra attack
which is totally devestating with their flails. :)

third; Your BSB wants some protection. He doesn't want a fancy sword, he wants anything that gives him 3+ or 4+ wardsave. His job is not to kill stuff, but to survive and make sure the rest
of your army will kill stuff.

fourth: Most of the time a sorcerer lord is more effective if it is upgraded to Lvl4 instead of lvl3.

fifth: I would suggest you find the points to add another sorcerer or two into the army.

17-02-2012, 23:42
TY for spotting rules that I neglected to follow and for the tips! Kept the magic banner and the warriors and changed the the Mark of the 50 marauders to Khorn. I forgot to post that the General is a lvl 4, sorry for the noob error.

18-02-2012, 00:32
Nemas problemas!

omg! :D I wrote a long post about the size of your knights... How 5 men are not enough, and now suddenly they are 7 strong ;D I got OP-ninja'd!

back to the army;

2 units of 50 marauders with MoK and Flails, personally I find units of that size to be of no use unless they are in hordeformation. And wielding two units which both are 10" wide is very difficult.
I would personally reduce one unit to be somewhere round 25-30, and rank them up 6 men wide. With the now free points I think your knights would greatly benefit from the blasted standard. :)
I like to have a large unit of marauders with Handweapon+shield and mark of tzeentch. That makes them 5+ wardsave in close combat. :)

edit: Now I read to fast... You only have 1 marauder unit with flails. A 50-man unit of maruaders without flail are bad. same unit with mark of khorne is also bad. Those 50 guys are better off being 25-30 with handweapon-shield, full command and either mark of Slaanesh or Tzeentch.

also; When a unit are having frenzy they are not able to benefit from the parry-rule, and that makes those shields on your frenzied warriors to be wasted points. Especially on your tzeentch-warriors, that is because the mark of Tzeentch increases the wardsave by one, so tzeentch-warriors with shields will have 5+ Wardsave in close combat. But since you are frenzied they will only have 6+, so I suggest to either get rid of the shields or the banner of rage.

When a unit is equipped with any weapon it must use it in close combat, and your khorne-warriors have both shield and halberd. That means that they can't use the shield in close combat because the halberd requires two hands. Again, personally, I find it waste of points to have shields on frenzied warriors, when they enter combat a shield is next to useless. But some people like to have shields so they have +1 armorsave against shooting attacks.

If you remove the shields, the frenzy banner and the before mentioned marauders, You will have around 100pts left to play with. :) And a warrior unit wants the rapturous standard. It doesn't really matter which one though :D
I believe a unit with marauder horsemen, flails, musician and Mark of slaanesh are something you'd want to add. Having a vanguard move are very good. And flail armed fast cavalry with Ws4 is really good at killing suportt units and warmachines.

And at last;
To any reader who disapprove my english.. I am not a native english speaker :p I challenge all disapprovers to a grammar contest in Swedish ;)

08-03-2012, 04:50
For a 2nd language your grammar is awesome. Your tips aren't bad either :)