View Full Version : 500 Points Orcs & Goblins

King Thor
19-02-2012, 13:21
Hi all,

Just looking for a balanced list I can paint up to play with my young son.



21-02-2012, 22:02
Do you have the army book?
At 500 points it will be small, but try to include a hero level orc to be the general, a magic user and a BSB. Then get a unit of 19 orcs, and unit of 34 goblins, a unit of 30 night goblins with short bows and a fanatic, a chariot or a bolt thrower. That's about it. pick what you like and try it out.

23-02-2012, 19:59
I would go gobo bsb, REALLY Cheap, or a level 1 n gobo shamen. a really cheap orc hero as general. with the points left, i would add 20 n gobo archers and 19 cheap orcs ...200 points for orc unit and gobo unit, 125 points for characters, then you could add a unit of like 5 wolf riders with bows, for like 65 points and then add a lobba or doom diver, or two pump wagons for fun. thats a solid block of tough orcs led by hero, a unit of archers to bunker your shamen, a small fast cav. unit to warmachine/character hunt, then add some ranged artillery and some small units to cause problems. if you dont like the wagons, you could add some spear chuakkas or like two trolls to watch the orcs flank...thats a lot going on for 500 points...

24-02-2012, 10:33
hunting machines with short bows isn't the best idea. For 500 I'd run only gobbos ... but... it's me ;) apart from that - what he said ^