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25-04-2006, 13:09
Ok so my brother is starting Tomb Kings and a quick glance through the list showed us that aside from some horrendously powerful magic doo-dads the prospect of fielding an effective all/mostly cavalry army is quite good.

We decided that fielding big blocks of 12 strong units of heavy cavalry and units of 3 chariots chariots would do it. With a tomb scorpion or two thrown in to sort out pesky warmachines.

The idea is that the big cavalry blocks will be able to tie up most units quickly whilst the chariots manauver into position to deliver the killing blow in a units flank.

Do able? he doesnt want to include much infantry as it would be wasted considering he wants to use the afformentioned tactic. Why waste points on a slow unit which will take ages to get into combat and wouldnt do much good if it got there.

Any thoughts?

25-04-2006, 13:28
Wow, when an idea hits the aether, it hits everybody at the same time (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33046). Seriously, one day everyone's starting a Dwarf army, the next you get multiple simultaneous questions about a rare sub-branch of a little-played army. :D

25-04-2006, 22:16
Oh my bloody chub-nuts :D

cheers for that :o

The Devil's Right Hand
25-04-2006, 23:48
i've heard it works. i prefer my TK infantry personally though, because you get outnumber with the fear causing auto runs.
if you are going to go for the all cav (or your brother is, whatev'), i'd suggust 3 chariots, a scorp, 4 carrion, 1 tomb swarm (if they're core... i can't remember... they dig they kill warmachines well, but thats it.). then as much magic and cavalry as you can.
i'd sugguest as well a litch preist with the staff of ravening cuz you wont have much shooting.

26-04-2006, 03:38
Any army with core calvary and chariots can do this. But neither are too powerful for tomb kings, especially calvary itself

26-04-2006, 03:41
i've heard it works. i prefer my TK infantry personally though, because you get outnumber with the fear causing auto runs.
Cavalry-based TK armies would be at least as effective at autobreaking things as infantry-based lists. Large units of heavy cavalry (ie 12-16) have a pretty high US (24-32) and so are very good at outnumbering things. They can get the same static combat res as a ranked unit (3 ranks, standard and outnumber), move twice as fast and pursue 3d6 rather than 2d6. The downsides are that they're a bit easier to shoot and the unit's physically bigger, but I can't see them having too many problems autobreaking things.