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25-04-2006, 13:21
Lately my gaming friend and I have decided to get into fantasy, and I am at a loss. I've purchased the dwarf, Hordes of Chaos, and finally Wood Elves codex trying to figure out which army to do. My friend instantly picked up Ogre Kingdoms and knew that was the army for him. I think I've settled on Wood elves, but am I seeing this right?? Does most of the army NOT get a save??? How in the world does this work??? I know there are modifiers from shooting and such, but NO save??? Please tell me I'm looking at this wrong, if not, I may go back to dwarves.

25-04-2006, 13:31
Dryads, Treekin and Treemen have a (heavy armour) ward save and often a scaly skin save too - these are your tough combat units.

Glade guard don't, but there archers so you wouldn't expect them to.

Glade riders and warhawks are mounted and get a 6+ save

Wild riders are forest spirits and get a ward save, and a save for being mounted wearing armour

Wardancers are naked, but will kill anything they want anyway - and have a ward save that changes on their dance.

Most of the army gets a save, but you should really read over the rules before looking at the army books. Save Modifiers are a big thing in WFP, there is no 40K AP system - for each point of Strength over 3 you lose one point of save. The wood elves are lighter armoured than most but make up for it in other ways, for example Skirmish will usually half the number of shots coming in at you, as will hiding in woods.

But yeah, wood elves are generally fragile, be careful with them

25-04-2006, 13:38
Just because they have no armour doesn't mean they're bad...

The lack of armour is accounted for in their cost. They are supposed to have rubbish armour saves, it's not a mistake in the book or something... :p

If you're referring to the "Sv" stat like in 40K, it doesn't exist in fantasy. Models have armour listed in their equipment, and you have to wor out their save (it varies according to the strength of the attacks, and whether you are in combat or not, and which weapons you are using).

For example, Dwarf Warriors have heavy armour (5+) and may have shields and great weapons. If they have shields, they get a 4_ save against shooting (shields add 1 to the save) or 3+ in close combat if they use a hand weapon and shield (HW+S adds 2 to the save). If they use great weapons in combat, then their combat save is 5+ because they can't use the shields.

Finally, I think one question mark is enough, really... ;)

Brother Benius
25-04-2006, 13:52
Woodelves skip around their opponents and therefore armour saves are not so important, there should be less times in whihc they are visible (because they can deploy a forest) and becuase of their mobility. Therefore they will be damaged less than otehr armies, keeping their balance.

Warhammer Fantasy units are more brittle than 40k, they tend to be won or lost in a single turn and therefore Saves become slightly less important.

25-04-2006, 15:14
Another case of 40K-itis successfully cured... :D

Bingo the Fun Monkey
25-04-2006, 17:10
Another case of 40K-itis successfully cured... :D

We won't know until the fat canoness sings:o

25-04-2006, 18:27
Yeah, going from 40K to fantasy is, well, a little strange. Definetly going to take some getting used to, but hopefully people here can help out every now and then.

25-04-2006, 18:35
I think their high movement and shooting ability generally makes up for it. This may sound a little convoluded, but don't get hit and you'll do just fine. Don't let your units sit in one place unless you're really positive you know what the outcome will be. Otherwise constantly out-move your opponents and you will never have to worry about the army save part of it.

Crazy Harborc
25-04-2006, 18:53
As soon as you've got enough Dryad minies use units of them at least 12 strong, more/larger is even better.;) That 5+ ward save is good.......IF you have some 5 and 6s on your dice.

Playing Woodies does mean becoming a treehugger.:D

Lord Brrrp
25-04-2006, 20:52
If you like guerilla warfare, wood elves are perfect for you. But like any hit-and-run army you trade armor for speed and manueverability. You have lots of potential defense, including moving forrests on the board! You don't want to be in prolonged fights. That is where the lower armor comes to bite you!

26-04-2006, 03:45
The best save they can get is pretty much a 3+ ward save, the best Armor save is a 3+ by a highborne, Wood elfs are fragile

27-04-2006, 03:46
Wood Elves are a hit and run army.
Guerilla warfare and all that, look at all those bonuses concerning moving in terrain and shooting on the move.
If you think about accepting charges as a matter of honour, then this is not your army. You need to flee and rally and flee and counter charge, (and then you'll probably flee some more.)
Your opponent will scream cheese and cowardice but that's the way this army works.

29-04-2006, 08:29
When played correctly the woodies are nigh unbeatable. The same cannot be said of dwarves, who have a book of grudges documenting their defeats for a reason.

29-04-2006, 10:52
Wood elves are a brilliant army although they require alot of finesse and skill to use, not really a good army to start with espically if your only new to warhammer. Having said that all the warhammer armies require a certain degree of skill to play with since it is a more complex system. Wood elves have a high learning curve so don't expect to instantly master them. Although there are some great things about playing wood elves:
The look on your oppenents face when you tell him that your waywatchers have killing blow with bows
Forcing half your oppenents army to flee with a single arrow (starfire arrow plus skaven :D)
Getting 18 shots with the hail of doom arrow.
All the rear and flank charges you get.
Moving a forest in front of chaos choosen knights just before they charge.
Using the moonstone of the hidden ways on your eternal guard to get them behind the enemy :D.
Fighting a challenge with a tree man that can only be hit on sixs.
The kindred rules. Having a movement 9 Highborn with a five shot bow of loren with magic arrows is fun.
Being able to pick characters of units with shooting attacks.
Having possibly the best skirmishers and fast cavalry in the game (wild riders are sick the amount of abilities they get only problem is they can't flee as a charge reaction).

Of course if you want an army that is just so much fun to play with collect the orcs. You also have the added bonus of having their army book being re-released soon. They're still green but not pouncy like those pointy ears

29-04-2006, 13:32
On the topic of Wood Elves missing something, i would like to say RIP to my Treeman....having been killed for the first time ever last night :cries:
He furkled up to a giant (not a "new" giant so i figured i hd even more chance!! :p ), i did a few wounds but then....swing with club toppled me with 10 wounds!!!! Oh well, i got revenge by peppering the giant with lots of arrows, only to have him topple onto a load of Dryads!!! RIP wooden folk!!