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25-04-2006, 14:32
Got a tournament coming up. The restrictions are 2000p, no allies, all printed books allowed (even SoC). Points are awarded for painting, converting and army selection (core is good, maxed out magic is bad, apparently).

Here is what i had in mind:

Chaos Lord (barded steed, hellfire sword, helm of many eyes)
Exalted Daemon (spellbreaker)
Chaos Sorcerer (2 x dispel scroll)

5 Chaos Knights (standard, champion)
2 Chaos Chariot
5 Marauder Horsemen (musician, throwing axes)
16 Chaos Warriors (full command, war banner)
3 Dragon Ogres (great weapon, light armor)
1 Chaos Giant

What do you think?

25-04-2006, 14:44
Your warriors are going to be all lonesome i fear.... maybe and all cavalry approach is needed............. maybe a tad to small also?
Have you thought about an exalted champ istead of your lord...... that should free up 100 points or so along with 200-300 (not sure exactly) for your warriors, perhaps you could include some tuskgor chariots and/or some mounted daemonettes??

25-04-2006, 17:58
the giant is a massive point sink get rid of it freeing up 205Pts

Then get rid of the lord and put it to exalted getting you 100 more points

Then get a shaggoth with light armour and great weapon and charge him in near the knights wiping out alot of stuff very quickly or something like that or even near its fellow dragon ogres

25-04-2006, 18:11
You've put a lot of points in characters there...


- Drop all current characters. (the lord is too expensive, the exalted daemon isn't worth it without more daemonic gifts, and I have a little idea for your scroll caddy sorcerer below)

- Add a block of 16-20 Marauders (full command, armor and shields) or a Beastherd.

- Add a group of 3-5 Screamers for war machine/mage hunting purposes

- Add an exalted or aspiring champion with the Mark of Tzeentch (allowed thanks to the screamers) to get a scroll caddy that can actually hit things!

- Add one or two exalted champs instead of a lord. More than enough to deal with most characters, and way less expensive. A champ in a chariot with the helm of many eyes and the berserker blade can wreak a lot of havoc on the enemy.

- Give the Knights a musician. If they do run, you don't want your expensive unit to run off the board because you didn't spend a few points on a minor upgrade...

- Give the Warriors either Halberds or additional handweapons, or they'll never get enough hits in.

- Throwing axes are absolute pants. You're better off giving the horsemen Flails and using them as flankers.

- Giants tend to get shot. A lot. Either get him the mutant monstrosity upgrade, or drop him for one or two spawn and use the rest of the points to flesh out your army a bit more.

Just my two cents...

26-04-2006, 14:45
Thanks for the replies, ive decided to go for a cheaper exalted with rending sword and enchanted shield. Leftover points will be spent on a unit of 3 chaos trolls.

der_lex: Please take this the right way. Im not playing theoryhammer, nor do i have an unlimited budget and all the time in the world to paint. The changes you suggest suggests I go buy a new army, which is not doable at the moment.