View Full Version : 1st time vs Ogres 2500pts

Evil Hypnotist
22-02-2012, 10:46
Hi all, playing my first game vs Ogres on the weekend. I wasn't sure what to take so I just went quite beardy.

Sorcerer Lord, Lvl 4 (Death or Shadow), Chaos Steed (in with Knights)

Festus the Leechlord (in with Nurgle Warriors)

Kasykk the Befouled (in with Knights)

23 Warriors, MoN, Shields, FC

18 Warriors, MoK, Halberds & Shields, FC

40 Marauders, MoK, GW, FC

5 Knights, MoN, FC, Banner of Rage


Giant, MoS

My opponent usually uses 2 phalanxes of Ogres so I thought I could use Festus and the Nurgle Warriors to hold up one, while the Khorne warriors and knights team up on the other before helping out Festus. The marauders can fill in for either unit if required. The Giant's job is to take out Hunters/Sabretusk units or support Festus.

I know, I know, the Sorcerer Lord has nothing to protect him. I'm toying with dropping him to a 3 and giving him Talisman of Endurance or Enchanted Shield and Spell Familiar if the points add up.

Let me know what you think anyway, advice is welcome and nothing on this list is set in stone.


22-02-2012, 22:37
Have you considered getting dropping one of the heroes for BSB? Chaos warriors are great, but against ogres they die too fast, and you could use the re-rolls to stay longer in the fight. Two small units of hounds as redirectors could be a good idea too. They cost next to nothing 30 points for 5, and sacrificing the hounds can save you from the ogre impact hits.

Evil Hypnotist
23-02-2012, 08:26
The hounds are a great idea, I can drop 6 warriors from the Nurgle unit to fund them.

I did think about getting a BSB in but I thought Festus would be really useful with giving his unit poisonous attacks, and Kasykk is so incredibly tough I thought he would keep going and going. I also was tempted by an Iron Daemon instead of the Hellcannon, although I don't think I can legally fit it in with the giant.