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25-04-2006, 16:08
It's an idea - hardly an original one - I've had been thinking about for months (during the 6 months I haven't been painting or anything!) and have finally decided to make a start on.

Even if it never gets finished, I aim to make an armoured detachment for the summer campaign to compliment my main Ork warband. To keep with the theme of the blood axe clan I'm mainly going to use 1:35 scale WWI/II/present APCs, trucks and light tanks, and (of course) imperial vehicles. I've started on two, which I'll take pics of later once the camera's charged, but any ideas in the meantime are most welcome.

Going through the stash, I've got a chimera (which I was going to turn into an armoured-topped guntrukk), an Italeri 1:35 truck of some sort (can't think what it is), 10 warbikes (with the old skool drivers which I'll be taking off), and a few trukks, buggies and traks that I could use for spares.

Would this (http://www.hannants.co.uk/search/?FULL=IT6271) make a good base for a couple of trukks? Looks fairly big in the box but I wouldn't be too sure...

Again, ideas welcome. :)

25-04-2006, 16:13
Should be fine.

Italeri is the way to go with conversions. The kits might be crap, but they're nice and cheap :)

25-04-2006, 16:21
...and because it's orks, we likes cheap and crap! :p

I'm going to try and use as little actual orks as possible, so most of the vehicles are going to be armoured-topped. Although it means slower vehicles, it's all in character of having something of an orkish armoured company rather than a normal speed freek army focusing soley on high-speed raids (although I will probably include a couple of jeeps as buggies)...

25-04-2006, 16:47
I thought it was the force fields that made the vehicles slower?

25-04-2006, 17:14
Sorry, my bad. It was that they were more expensive than the fields, that's what I was getting wrong... :p

Anyway, cameras charged, time for some piccies!

The workbench (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y192/Thoume/workbench.jpg)

The stash... (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y192/Thoume/stash.jpg)

Italeri 'trukk' front (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y192/Thoume/italitrukkfront.jpg) and back (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y192/Thoume/italitrukkback.jpg)

Former Hellhound now Guntrukk front (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y192/Thoume/guntrukk1front.jpg) and back (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y192/Thoume/guntrukk1back.jpg)


edit: I wasn't sure whether to turn the Italeri trukk into either a trak or a trukk... thoughts?

25-04-2006, 17:18
The trukk shud be fine, but I think http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/index.php?option=Prod_detail&product_id=329571

would be good too.

PS, how do you do the named links?

25-04-2006, 17:32
Type the following:

link title (http://www.link address.com)

Thanks for the suggestion btw. I'll see if theres something similar on Hannants, if not I might go for this site... :)