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22-02-2012, 14:29
So I have the following starter Empire Army
Captian, Full Plate, Halbard-62pts
20 Halberdiers, Full Command-120pts
10 Swordsmen-60pts
9 Archers-72pts
10 Crossbowmen-80pts
10 Greatswords, Musician-106pts
Now I want to come up with another 500pt army that would be fun to play aginst, and that I could use to help teach people how to play the game. Iím reluctant on using a lot of magic at this point level cause itís hard to get more the one spell most of the time, and that just make you throw lots of dice at that spell=not as fun/ tactical.
I was thinking of using the new wolves to make a gnoblar/goblin army, with the thunder wolves as chariots and mangler squigs. So I came up with this
Goblin Big Boss, Light Armour, Shield, Spear, Wolf Chariot-91pts
28 Night Goblins, Full Command, 2 Fanatics-164pts
5 Wolf Riders, Spears, Musician-65pts
5 Wolf Riders, Spears, Musician-65pts
Wolf Chariot-50pts
Mangler Squig-65pts
-500pts(doing from memory so maybe wrong)
Do you think that list is a good match for the empire or should I try something else? Any other good 500pts lists out there?

23-02-2012, 19:37
drop the 10 crossbow men and add more greatswords or a mortar or cannon

23-02-2012, 21:10
Crossbowmen versus Mortar, no competition take the Mortars they create a mess against horde/steadfast armies

23-02-2012, 21:26
Mortar are great, depends on wether your playing competitivley or not though. you opponents may not appreciate you taking one if your all gaming for fun...

if you dont take more great swords, there awesome, if you can find the points take handgunners to replace archers, the extra S and AP = winning

23-02-2012, 21:27
I like a small screen of archers, quite useful in low points games