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22-02-2012, 20:27
Hey all,

Ebay and LotR SBG managed to get me back in the painting/gaming/toy soldier crack habit after many years of absence, well after a year or so of collecting the denizens of middle earth I had pretty much all the models i could feasibly require for a skirmish game like SBG (and to my surprise found that with increased maturity, i had found the patience and attention span to paint EVERYTHING!).

I said it wouldn't happen. I swore before my eternally understanding partner and by all that was holy.. I would not be sucked back into the GW money pit...


Well here I am now with 16,000 points of stalwart dwarfs and festering undead on the painting desk! I decided from the outset that I had little interest in keeping up with the times (i.e 8th ed), nor did i like the idea of armies familiar to me being split up into narrow army list.. nor did I.. actually never mind all the bitter moaning. I just straight up love 4th Ed.. good 'ol HeroHammer! its as close to (my personal notion of) GW's golden era as you can get without suffering the wonderful but ultimately convoluted 3rd Ed.

So having ebayed all the 4th ed army books, rulebooks and magic supplements (all those lovely cardstock spells and items woop woop!!) I now find myself in a rose tinted timeloop with no-one to discuss my love of all gaming things late 80s/early 90's.

So I guess this ramble is just a call out to see if anyone else is as unfashionable and stubborn as me.. and maybe also hoping that someone will be persuasive enough to convince me to risk the wrath of 'she who must be obeyed' and assault ebay for all the 40k: Rogue Trader goodies i can get my lead-greedy hands on! ;-)


23-02-2012, 14:05
I play since I'm a kid and a have lots of stuff, from Dark Future to Dreadfleet. So I've got old & new stuff, and play both old or new.
I play Warhammer 8th a lot, but also Netepic (the fan made sequel to the good old space marine II), and after seeing some very inspiring blog found here, ( like http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?314874-Orlygg-s-80s-Retro-Realm-of-Chaos-Project-Log ) I'm actually chasing ebay for old realm of chaos stuff and will soon play warbands skirmish with the old v3 rules.

I'm not a big nostalgic of Warhammer v4, as it has in my opinion some major drawbacks (way too powerful heroes, the flying creature vanishing in the air...), and I think the 8th is as cool (magic is back and damn powerful !), and with better rules, fast & brutal.
But I don't really like 40k since 3rd, 4th & 5 are a bit better each (yeah, now humans can RUN, wahoooo it is not a forgotten old alien race thing). So I play just big apocalypse games for fun, and will soon make some rogue trader chaos warband games using the realm of chaos rules (those books were the best).

So, yes, there is still old stuff players of almost every version (there is a known very little community in France playing only 40k v2 and making "v2 days" with all the player from France, same thing for Epic) and You'll find here some awesome retro painting blog with great stuff.

If there isn't any player in your town/region, well, you have to work for it: get the rules & the minis for a few army, and invite your friend playing. Or organize "oldschool warhammer evening" once per month in your club or something like that.
If you manage to make the games fun, some of the players will be back in oldschool games.

And remember to tell the new guys that you can play old rules with the new line of miniatures, even if the actual chaos line is too "clean", no problem with a lot of other army: recent orks & orcs are for example amazing and you can make almost all the v4 army book or v2 codex with it. It's cool to have an army with each generation of mini !

zhu bajie
23-02-2012, 20:07
Yeah. There's actually quite a lot of interest in earlier versions of Warhammer. My own interest is 2nd Edition with a smattering of 1st and 3rd (love the proper historical formations and manouvers), so sorry - I won't be discussing the finer points of 4e with you!

There is something incredibly rewarding/nostalgic about playing an old-school game with old school-minis (I managed a few games of WH40K:RT before selling off all my 40k minis), BUT using old rules with new minis - and not just GW minis, is just as fun.

I started a concept called Oldhammer which is a rekindling of the attitude of 1e/2e - which is really very different to the modern game, just posted about the Points System on my blog here: http://realmofzhu.blogspot.com/ feel free to have a look...

Also on the 3E RoC have a look around: http://warhammerforadults.blogspot.com/ who've been doing a bit alongside gathering a 3e Orc army and playing some 3e over the internet.

24-02-2012, 09:16
Thanks for the interesting links !

zhu bajie
24-02-2012, 23:10
Hey, no problem. Be sure to check the blogrolls because there is a lot of good stuff out there. I just found http://realmofchaos80s.blogspot.com/- which is all about 3E & Realm of Chaos warbands.

It'd be great to get some old-school threads going on Warseer. One thing I'd advocate is using 'edition tags' so if you wanted to discuss specifically 4the Edition, then the post title could be something like "[4E] High Elf Tactics" - so it would be easier to attract attention of like-minded players, and the more "public" discussion in places like forums (rather than "private" places like blogs) the more people might be attracted to the old games.

25-02-2012, 10:05
I would have been fully into playing with older rules, but my gaming mates from back then is not getting back in to the hobby. I've tried the local club's web, but nobody seem to be interested. I will think twice before getting started with another hobby like this, with rules etc get obsolete because the general herd use the latest edition exclusivly.

25-02-2012, 10:29
Sounds like fun mate. I know I'd be into playing 4th again, some things from it I still miss. I actually like the "flying high" rules, even if I was always on the receiving end. Made war machine crews look to the skies! (And ensure I always had a spare character at the back of the army to intercept).

I think the right attitude is the most important thing. Don't become a miserable "every new edition sucks, and so do the ****** who go along with it" type person. :) I play whichever edition of a game I prefer. My heart belongs to 8th ed. Fantasy, just because I enjoy it. Sadly its unbearable reading about past editions when all they do is complain about 8th. Heh, I prefer the 3rd edition of Epic which all but killed the game, so I certainly don't just follow the crowd, but trying to enjoy an article on 3rd ed. Fantasy, the author often assumes that I do.

25-02-2012, 15:02
In my local club in Bristol UK, I've been playing 5th ed fantasy with my old style Lizardman army and having a blast! It is where I started gaming many years ago now, and the game still stands up well today.