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23-02-2012, 22:32
Hey I have some questions regarding template weapons and in particular an example from my own warplightning cannon.

Picture a group of 9 Empire Knights with a Warpriest on a horse with the unit, and I hit it with a warplightning cannon like in the image.


How do I determine what order to do the hits? If I do war priest first then he would get a LoS correct? But if I were to do the hits on the knights first and potentially if i were to kill all 5 that were hit the warpriest would not get a LoS. Additionally if the priest gets a LoS and passes it, the hit goes to one of the knights? Can that hit be assigned to one of the knights that are already being hit by the cannon? For instance if my opponent goes. Warpriest LoS and removes the model in the top right of the unit then one less model is being hit by the cannon. Or would I say: Warpriest and 5 knights are being hit by the cannon shot. Then roll for each of them, 5 knights and the warpriest, and if the warpriest passes his LoS then 6 knights are hit.

Let me know what you think.

23-02-2012, 22:43
Based on your template and my memory of cannon template hits, in your example you cause as many hits as the number of ranks/ files if passes through - 5 in this case.
As the unit had 5+ RnF members when the template hit, the priest gets LoS do you roll to wound against 5 Knights.
In the case of the WLC as outlined above you wound add the number of knights affected by the explosion to your wound rolls, but the priest would be safe if he passed his LoS regardless of how many knights died.

Long story short, eligibility for LoS is determined when the template hits and provided its passed then the character is safe regardless if damage to the unit.

23-02-2012, 22:45
The WLC is a little bit different than normal cannon templates. It says all models hit by the template take a hit so in this case it would be 5 knights and the warpriest. My question of order of wounding still stands and if a LoS can effectively "save" a knight by making him take the hit early.

23-02-2012, 23:01
Right, now I think I get you.
Either: You will face 6 wound rolls and as you are eligible for LoS (from my interpretation) you MUST take the LoS so he can't "save" a knight or all hits from a template attack occur simultaneously so killing the priest will not save a knight.
Sorry if I've misunderstood again, it's the best I can do at midnight.

23-02-2012, 23:06
Ok so once the template is set you record everyone hit. For this example: 5 Knights 1 Warpriest. LoS passed by the Warpriest means another Knight will take a hit so now you will roll to wound on 6 Knights.

Thanks for clarifying.

23-02-2012, 23:11
Glad to help...hope I have it right now :)

24-02-2012, 06:58
Here's another example for you:

A unit of 10 models that includes a character and a champion is targeted by a template attack that affects every model in the unit. Both the champion and the character make their Look Out Sir! rolls and thus all ten hits are resolved against the rank-and-file models. When damage is resolved each hit causes an unsaved wound, 10 wounds in total. This kills off the 8 rank-and-file models. One excess wound carries over and kills the champion. The last wound in excess of this cannot be applied to the character and is effectively wasted.


24-02-2012, 09:30
*Checks thread*

Glad to know I've been playing it correctly! :)

24-02-2012, 18:04
We always do LoS first and then just roll all hits against the unit. It's just easier.