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23-02-2012, 23:57
Greetings all

I have entered a new expansion tournament with a new army that I personally hope to be able to turn it into a competitive (although that's not the most important) force that I will be able to bring to grand and indy competitions in the future.

Orc Big Boss - 97 (General)
Shield, Warrior Bane, Armour of Fortune

Night Goblin Big Boss - 69 (BSB)
Light Armour, Shield, Banner of Eternal Flame

Night Goblins - 92 (BSB Here)
24 Night Goblins, Short Bows, Musician & Standard

Orc Big 'Uns - 275 (General Here)
24 Orc Boyz, Big 'Uns, Spear, Shields, Musician, Standard & Standard of Discipline

Spear Chukka - 35

River Trolls - 180
4 River Trolls

Total Points 748

Ok so tactics the Big 'Uns advance up the centre with the Trolls holding one flank and the Night Goblins with flaming attacks taking up the other flank, pumping out up to 24 flaming attacks a phase. The Trolls make a solid block of 12 wounds that the enemy will have to shift (hopefully for me that these can get in a flank charge.)

The spear chukka either protects one flank or takes pop shots at anything until its out of targets

24-02-2012, 10:47

I don't know what your opponents are, but at such small points I'd take a unit of common gobbos with NS instead of NG bowmen. Empire and elf players will probably field wizards and you'll hardly find a better wiz hunter than NS. Also - Big'Uns with spears? Orcs are an agressive army, and spears give you benefits only in a defend stance while you have to charge. Give them hw and shields, and for the saved points buy more of them :) Drop "river" from trolls, you don't need that in small games. One spear chukka hitting mostly at 5+ isn't the best flank protector...drop it or buy more with savings generated from trolls. 24 NG with BOEF and a NG BSB - you'll loose that very quickly and you need it desperately (BSB, not the gobbos).
Generally the strong center with B'U and troll hitters is a good concept. I'd make it only more reliable. 24 NG with BSB and BOEF is pure madness. Don't boost they numbers though if planning to make them shooty - they have short bows. One spear chukka is worthless.

Oogie boogie boss
24-02-2012, 12:10
I like the list, but i agree with Glemigobles; ditch the spears on the Orcs, especially if they're Big Un's. The extra attacks from additional choppas will be more useful as they will be the body of your attack. I do find River Trolls handy, but at this level it might be better to go with more common Trolls.
As for the gobbos, i think NG could be a good idea, as the threat of a fanatic or two at a low point level could be enough to inhibit your opponents strategy and movement.
And defo squeeze another Chukka in. If you want to take one, take two. Or squeeze some more points and take a Rock Lobba.

24-02-2012, 12:21
"NG could be a good idea" - yup, but not with a BSB and BOEF! Naked 20 stickas with 2 fanatics - thumbs up even for 2000pts (make it 3 fanatics then ;) )

24-02-2012, 15:51
Ok had a little play around and come up with this

Orc Big Boss (General) - 65
Warrior Bane, Enchanted Shield

Orc Big Boss (BSB) - 117
Shield, Armour of Fortune

Orc Boyz (BSB & GEN) - 260
25 Big 'Uns, Additional Hand Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Discipline

Night Goblins - 130
20 Night Goblins, Short Bows, Musican, Standard, 2 Fanatics

Trolls - 175
5 Trolls

Total 747

Having read your comments I have removed the spears from the Big 'Uns and given them additional hand weapons to pour out the pain, although I think that I will trial out the hand weapon and shields option for a few games to see whether more attacks or to look at trying to stop a few casualties. I have dropped the speak chukka as one Warmachine doesn't seem to be the best bet really, I have kept the Night Goblin Archers and added a fanatic for a bit of wackiness and hoping for a 2D6 hit or two to make the best use of the upgrade.

Ok Common Trolls it is because they're cheaper and I can get more wounds into the unit easier

24-02-2012, 16:04
Protected flanks and hard hitters, all with 9LD. That's good stuff :)

24-02-2012, 17:43
Thanks, for the next 250 points thinking about adding a Rock Lobba, NG Shaman, Some Wolf Riders and more NG's and another Fanatic

25-02-2012, 11:56
The beauty of O&G is the fact that you can go with anything you like :) This is also a curse - it's hard to build a tourney, stiff roster. We have counters to everything opponents might throw at us, yet we can't make a single, perfect, ftw combat force. Returning to your idea: More gobbos in that same regiment? Go up to 30. They have short bows so 18" and 9" in short range and all those guys from the back ranks will have a problem in reaching that number. 30 should be enough to restrain panic at that pts level. Ditch the standard of them and you have +3 gobbs for free. Rock lobba is always cool, but at such small points me thinks that your fellow gamers would like to include some elite forces. Take a doom diver and elite armor is gone and so are elite troops. Magic user - it's good for you, but you are more combat oriented so take an orc as big waaagh! is more killy. Wolf boyz...I don't know. They come in pretty handy if deployed in big numbers (min.10) and in that numbers they loose some of their mobility. Buy antother troll and you have a sweet regiment of 6. Take 12 supporting savage orcs with AHW to counter charge and your off! So how much is that? troll 35, doom diver 80, 12xSO with AHW 96...and it's 211...so, no SO then, and a level 2 orc shaman :)