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24-02-2012, 19:57
Hello all

For a while now I've been a huge fan of the Mantic miniatures range. Both in cost and appearance. The sheer amount of miniatures you can get for 100.

So what Im starting with.

3 x Boxes of Fate of the Forgestar. Which is 3 x the amount below in red
10 x Plastic Forge Father Steel Warriors
5 x Plastic Resin Forge Fathers with Heavy Weapons
1 x Plastic Resin Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannons
30 x Plastic Marauder Grunts
10 x Plastic Marauder Rifle-Grunts with Heavy Weapons
1 x Plastic Resin Marauder Attacksters
5 x free extra Steel Warriors

1 x mail order for some individual pieces (yes you can order Bits!!!!!, What a fantastic company) which included some heads, torsos, Guns and Rocket launchers.

So the plan.....

This is two fold

First, to get a painted army ready for the Mantic Tournament.
Second, to get a 40k Space Marine army at a fraction of the cost!!!!!

The Story so far...........

26-02-2012, 08:06
What with all the rugby being on, I had little chance to do painting.

Ive now assembled, undecorated and inked my devastator squad. Using the plastic legs and the metal missile launcers. They seem to go together fine.

Once these are done I will be focusing on one of those Hailstorm Autocannon thingys...... Going to use it as a Tecmarine with thunder fire cannon....... I know its going to be a bit bigger than the actual model, but I can live with that for 1/3 of the cost.....

26-02-2012, 15:37
Looking good. I really like the colour scheme, nice and striking. Keep up the good work mate :)

26-02-2012, 16:12
Like it! I've always fancied getting a stormtrooper army myself.

21-10-2012, 16:46
155398155399155400155401New stuff to update as its been a while............

Very keen on hybrids at the moment....... However im not made of money so have decided to kitbash some mantic stuff to get some hybrids/brood brothers going!