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Mr. Shadowsun
25-04-2006, 20:24
with a khorne army having no magic, is their increased dispel pool sufficient to ensure the opponent doesn't have a magic phase as well, or do they take a pounding in this phase.

25-04-2006, 20:42
I would think so, since a Khorne army is pretty popular. I play Slaanesh and for 2000 points I have 4-5 dispel dice with 2 scrolls, which is pretty good for most armies. I say most b/c High Elves are just sick wi power dice. But in general I do alright. I would compare what you can generate for dispel dice with the above info. It's at least a decent start. ;)

25-04-2006, 20:43
Well, in 2K points you will get a dispel dice per character and one more for every unit of Warriors, Knights or Chariot you take.

Working from that then, it's very possible to shut down all but the most powerful magic phases without even going out of your way to do so.

EDIT: One downside is that you won't have any dispel scrolls unless you take a Daemonic Character.. bear that in mind.

25-04-2006, 21:50
Erm, why canīt you take a wizard? Not because of the fluff.

Yeah, flame me! I say that you can take a wizard in a khorne horde :eek:

After all, every tribe has itīs shaman- be it a witch, sorcerer, prophet or warrior priest type. They use them as a way to communicate with their gods and demons. Or do you think Khorne yells "OmFG go to Kislev already!" from the sky. ;) And while they might not be the greatest wizards alive if they worship Khorne directly or one of his other forms as some kind of lesser god, theyīre still invaluable advisors to the chieftains and can take care of wounded etc.

And it would rock to see a giant muscled old man with a big stick of doom...

And your opponents face :P

But on topic, Khorne armies should be quiet good at blocking the opponents magic off, even though I personally think that armies without magic on their own should suffer a bit in the magic phase.

25-04-2006, 23:23
Well, I guess you could if you really wanted to, but your offensive capabilities would be almost nil and you'd be better off taking another Khorne marked hero if you just wanted the Dispel die.. it's not worth it just for the scrolls.

As for fluff, Khorne followers despise those they suspect of meddling in magic in even the slightest way - they don't need shamans and would probably butcher any they did have in short order, and instead Khorne might directly grant them visions in their sleep or something..

Gazak Blacktoof
25-04-2006, 23:26
Chaos champions commune with the gods, you don't need a shaman specifically and it is indeed entirely out of character with a strictly Khornate army to include a wizard.

Champions of Khorne probably use drugs and go into a trance before a battle letting the power of khorne enter their bodies and going berzerk.

26-04-2006, 04:19
Most people I play don't even bother taking a wizard when they face my khorne army. :(

But yeah in general you will probally have a couple more dispel dice than your usual army.

Mr. Shadowsun
26-04-2006, 04:58
you know what, it doesn't say anywhere that you can't take a sorceror in a khorne army. if your general is marked by one of the gods specifically, other characters and units may have the mark of undivided. Khorne armies can have mages. Khorne, the ultimate spokesman against sorcery, will hapily employ a sorceror if he is at least partially dedicated to him. very wierd, but very true.

(hordes of chaos, p.55; first collumn, last paragraph.)

26-04-2006, 05:08
No I'm sorry a Khorne sorcerer is a complete oxymoron. An undivided sorcerer in a Khorne army, that is a bit ropey but allow able, because Khorne does know that magic has it's place, dispite personally not liking it.

While having 8+ dispel dice in 2000pts was usually enough to stop magic there were always occations where I wished I had a scroll just to make sure that really important spell was stopped. Now this isn't a problem with the Khorne rules but rather a problem with dispel scrolls and parts of the magic system in general. Now for the next edition an overhaul of those are on the cards, but until then I'd say make do with just your dispel dice.

However there is one other option, you take a sorcerer, give him mark of undivided, a scroll or two, and never ever try to cast his 1 spell, whatever it is. Just have him as a true Khornate scroll caddy cause if any army would have one it would be Khorne (in all other circumstances I think scroll caddies are totaly out of character). An undivided sorcerer captured and pressed into service by the Khorne forces as more anti-magic defence? There are a lot of really characterful ways to explain it, just so long as you never cast that spell he gets as a lvl 1 mage.

26-04-2006, 05:26
I have no objections at all to taking three L2 Undivided Sorcerers in a Khorne-led army - and hey, that's a respectable amount of magic.

...But that's got a lot to do with my undying contempt for Warhammer storylines. I say if you can't come up with a compelling backstory explaining a handful of Shamen in your Khornate army then you're as incompetent as the GW writers are. :evilgrin:

Meanwhile it's not something that wrecks game balance, and it's fully supported by the rules. That's enough for my full seal of approval.

26-04-2006, 08:53
When it comes to anti-magic Khorne forces are just fine.

In fact, I would rate them higher then armies relying on mages and dispel scrolls when it comes to efficiency. I never have to waste points on mages that might end up unable to do anything when facing off against a magical superior foe ... and I'm never stuck with scrolls and other magical defence against a foe who doesn't use magic at all.


I pay my points for excellent combat characters and excellent combat units, the dispel dice I receive are a nice bonus ... those points never end up wasted. In 1000 pts battles I usually have about 5 dispel dice which is most of the time enough to shut down anything but the strongest magical powerhouses ... and even against those it's easy to block the important game-winner spells. In 2000 pts battles I go with about 9 dispel dice ... again this is enough to make armies with medium magic cry and armies with strong magic complain. :evilgrin:

Since your elite-units are both heavilly armoured and immune to psychology, there's a whole range of spells you don't have to worry about anyway. Let them blast your cheap screens if they want to, protect your elite-units against no-save and movement-control spells and you'll be just fine.