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General Samuel of the 101
25-04-2006, 22:43
now that i am finishing my I.G army,i would like to start a Tau Army
now i got some points:
-What is the Contents of the Battleforce?(Sprues and the like)
-What army list i would create with it?
i was thinking in this :
a 750 pts army list:
Shas'o with Plasma Rifle,Twin linked Missile Pod and Multi-Tracker
3 XV25 Stealth Suits one with Fusion Blaster
12 Fire Warriors,Shas'Ui,4 Carbines Mounted on Devilfish
12 Kroots with Shaper that has Pulse Carbine
-What Advice could you give to someone with no experience on Tau but some in Shooty Armies?(I.G to be Precise)

Colonial Rifle
26-04-2006, 10:32
Can't help on the battleforce contents, but I use both Tau and Guard and I think Tau are actually a good choice to move onto from guard.

Both (obviously) are shooty armies, but they function very differently. Guard have the edge in raw firepower - Tau lack the AP 3 ordinance and number of heavy weapons to compete with a Guard army at range. Tau have to rely on two things, mobility and small arms superiority. Hammerheads with multitrack & decoy launchers + suits will give the enemy fits.

You'll find that Tau firepower is very compartmentalized (i.e. your special weapons are all on your suits), so you have to keep an eye on them otherwise you could end up with having no weapons to deal with a certain situation. The Tau are now a genuine 'combined arms' army as a result - you need the markerlights working with your firewarriors + suits to get the best from it.

Tau are still a challenge to get right, but once it all clicks into place its beautiful to see :)

General Samuel of the 101
26-04-2006, 12:56
Thanks!,I was thinking is Tau is a Good chooice

26-04-2006, 13:35
Contents of the battle force are
12 fire warriors
16 kroot
1 devil fish
1 stealth suit
1 crisis suit
2 drones

Tau are not a static shooting army they need to be mobile as they lack numbers. Devil fish are very helpful for this

Battle suits are brilliant but expensive and they die easily if you are reckless with them (from heavy weapons, small arms they don't need to worry to much about) . They are able to tackle things that the fire warriors can't be do it over time whittling the enemy down. Flammers are pointless, fusion blasers are risky as they require being very close to the enemy.

Marker lights take as many as possible the tau army is built on these. The things that they can do are insane (negative modifiers to leadership, remove or lessen the effects of cover, bonuses to hit roles). Although it does mean that your army is more interdependant and that you need to chose your targets carefully.

Tau suck in close combat even your kroot aren't great, don't expect them to win combat they are there to hold up the enemy (I saw them hold up a khorne demon prince for 4 turns). As well as inflict some casulties on the enemies assault troops.

Make use of your pinning weapons.

Rail guns are your main anti tank weapon with out them you will be hard pressed to get of those pesky land raiders. Without them your next best thing is a fusion blaster and at 12 inch range and only really effective at 6 inchs it's not good for tau player

26-04-2006, 13:45
A couple of points on your army list:

Shas'o with Plasma Rifle,Twin linked Missile Pod and Multi-Tracker

There is no point in giving a Shas'o a twin-linked weapon. He already has BS5 so its really a waste of points.

12 Fire Warriors,Shas'Ui,4 Carbines Mounted on Devilfish

Think hard about what you want this squad to do. Specifically what is it that you want the carbines for?

If you are either planning to jump out of your Devilfish and rapid fire or if you play mostly against MArines or CSM then the carbines are not going to be a lot of use.

You get better short-range firepower out of rifles and IMHO its very rare to pin marines.

26-04-2006, 15:14
Buy a Shas'El add a targeting array. Instant BS 5 for less points. If you want to spend the points consider adding a third weapon and hard wire the multi tracker.

Don't put fusion on the stealths it causes role confusion, and you will try to get too close to the enemy. If you lack models give them targeting arrays, better use of points.

If you want to use carbines in your squad I would not use more than 3, they can sit at the back of the transport when you Fish of Fury ensuring that everyone is in range.

Upgrade the Fish with a targetting array, decoy launcher and multi tracker.

Drop the carbine off the Shaper. Waste of time and points.

26-04-2006, 15:21
Use the fish of fury! ( if you dont know what it is its when you zoom up to the enemy in a devilfish jump out and rapid fire them, but, here is the clever part.... get out of the fish on the opposite side to the enemy, as its a skimmer you can see them to shoot but if any survive they cant assault you!)
but be careful against other shooty armies as it doesnt work too well when they shoot back....

General Samuel of the 101
26-04-2006, 21:29
The Tracker is Hard-Wired
I Still dont have the codex so i dont have much

26-04-2006, 23:51
The Tau Battleforce contains: one (1) Tau Crisis XV8 Battlesuit, one (1) Devilfish APC, three (3) Tau XV25 Stealth Suits, one (1) Markerlight Drone, six (6) Gun Drones, twelve (12) Tau Fire Warriors, and twelve (12) Kroot Carnivores.

The Orange
27-04-2006, 05:14
12 Kroots with Shaper that has Pulse Carbine
Theres absoutley no reason to upgrade a shapers weapon. Leave him with a kroot rifle. Kroot are for assaults, so don't hinder him by taking away one of his attacks. Not to mention your actually paying to lose that attack. Getting another STR5 isent worth it since the rest of the army packing something similar if not more powerful. And depending on the enemy you might want to get some kroot hounds. I5 is awsome, and when in combat, take casulties first from the hounds (after they have made thier attacks), then let your regular kroot put in all of thier attacks.

-What Advice could you give to someone with no experience on Tau but some in Shooty Armies?(I.G to be Precise)

While not great in combat, Tau can last quite a while with thier 4+, but you want to spend your time shooting, not slapping, so keep them out of HTH. Kroot are good at delivering alot of attacks, but unlike the Tau, they drop like flies in HTH, so don't expect them to stick around (thier still one of my favorate untis though).
Battlesuits are fun, but expensive, try not to go overboard with thier options, and don't plan on using that many.
One thing Tau are good at is concentrated fire. Unloading 12 FWs from a DF to rapid fire and enemy unit is great.

27-04-2006, 21:00
Another thing to do if you have few models is to give the Fish the treatment.

Multitracker, decoy launchers, SMS system, target array. Will cost you 120 points and should help to fill up the gap.

The Orange
27-04-2006, 21:28
Multitracker, decoy launchers, SMS system, target array. Will cost you 120 points and should help to fill up the gap.

I for one now love to do this. Dropping 12 FWs, and then hitting them with another 7 shots as BS4, it just eats up light infintry.