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28-02-2012, 12:45
Just posted a new video battle report of a recent game. 2250 points of Beasts vs the new VC. I'm still really enjoying playing against the vamps. The Beasts list I'm playing was the first test of an MSU force I'm working on. We'll see how well it fares in 8th edition. It's still a ton of fun to play :)

Check it out here: Beastmen vs Vampire Counts (http://bit.ly/z5TfzL)


28-02-2012, 16:10
Need some close ups sir of combat- after a while it is hard to tell what is going on.

28-02-2012, 16:49
Thanks for the feedback - totally agree! I was trying to keep this short and sweet for folks, but I think we wargamers are a patient enough lot to extend the video out to 10 minutes or so and get some more detail in there :)

28-02-2012, 17:13
Just watching now -- my first thought is that the music in background is too loud, and makes it harder to hear your narrative. I personally watch these without video while working/reading, so clear audio really helps :)

29-02-2012, 03:43
I would agree that the video needs more details. It seemed to go from deployment to Turn 5 and then it was over. Especially with all the new stuff and experimental list (Beastmen) I would have liked some description of how things were going along.

I would like to say I loved both the lists. They seemed balanced and not too over the top. I really liked the models! It seemed like how 'real' armies are, with proxies and conversions. It felt like how my group plays, from the compositions to the terrain rules. I'll definitely check out the site more.

How did the Mortis engine die? Was it Ghorros or the centigors? I'm a big stat guy at heart. I like reading/hearing about numbers of attacks, rolls, wounds, what not. It may not be for everyone but I do think that most of us who frequent the batrep threads like the details. :)

29-02-2012, 12:23
Hey thanks again for all the feedback. I agree - it was a bit short and the music was too loud (but man I love that soundtrack). I'm working on a better solution for producing these videos than animated gifs captured in CamStudio and run through Windows Live Movie Maker :rolleyes:. The next video will go into more detail. I've some ideas to improve things and make it more clear. Attempts to make MSU successful deserve as much :)

Overall I was very happy with the way the Beasts performed here. Everything hits fairly hard. I think the trick will be to consistently coordinate charges against one unit. There were a few times in the game where I had a handful of units that could charge a handful of targets. My strategy was to always overload on one particular target, and for the most part, that seemed to work. Don't spread the charges out because you think "I have enough charging that unit". Instead, charge as much as you possibly can against one unit, break it as quickly as possible, and move on to the next target.

@Feefait - The Mortis Engine received a double charge from a razorgor chariot and Ghorros Warhoof. The chariot did one impact wound, but Ghorros did another six wounds! With S5 and D3 wounds per unsaved wound, he's a great monster killer. Anything with multiple wounds is at risk from his charge and he made very short work of the Mortis Engine. Unfortunately that did happen on turn 5, so the damage from the Mortis Engine's death was BRUTAL. It was ugly for both sides, but when you're running MSU, your opponent has an easier time collecting points from entirely killing one of your small units. It's a challenge that is fun to overcome though.

After this game, I'm convinced that MSU is a viable strategy in the game. Especially since most folks currently expect an "8e build" with lots of massed ranks.

29-02-2012, 19:01
Great report, Undead vs BM is usually a grisly affair as BM are pretty good at kicking around those low WS troops and reap the benefits of instability. Your list was cool and wacky, good to see that it worked out well. The soundtrack was cool, but agree just adjust the volume a little. Any effort made to produce a video report should be commended so I applaud you sir.