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28-02-2012, 19:17
Okay I have just finished reading Soul Hunter and it has re-kindled my long lasting love of the Night Lords, so I finally bit the bullet and started to build an army

But I have also been reading the Tempus Fugitives pack and really like the idea behind it (even though i have never played it!)

And when not using Tempus' rules, I will be using the basic Space Marine codex (until chaos legions comes out!! *drool*)

So my plan is to build a army which is compatible to both of these lists!

So first up is my "tester" marine which is infact one of my terminators, let me know what you think yeah!!





Apologize for the dark photos, will try and get better ones to show off the water on its base etc

But do let me know what you think as it urges me to paint more!

Thank you
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29-02-2012, 08:00
You are right, there are not enough Pre Heresy Night Lords about!! Well done for taking it on, and glad you like the Tempus Fugitives ideas for Heresy gaming rules :) Considert hsi subscribed so I can track the progress of this, and perhaps one day see it finished at a campaign event.

29-02-2012, 10:25
cheers for that, and yeah, hopefully one day i will get myself to one of those events, not before i have some test games though haha, must get people involved in this in my area

more terminators coming up soon and a WIP Night Haunter!

05-03-2012, 08:32
Well the next 'Age of the Emperor' weekend (30k gaming) will be in March/May 2013 at Maelstrom so would be great to see these done for then! Gives you about a year for the project which should be plenty :)

06-03-2012, 15:00
cool, urm, sounding like a total novice here, but, what are the stipulations for the Age of the Emperor? points, unit selections (e.g. time period - as the book thing i have got gives you different things for different parts of the Horus Heresy)

thank you

17-03-2012, 00:37
The points do tend to vary in games from anything from 750 to 4k (although you never tend to need more than 2000 so doubles games can be run).
For example the last weekend we had 3x2k doubles games (std force org) and 2x1k singles using a revised force org from the campaign pack).
The time period within the actual HEresy era only limits a very few things, like post Istvaan V for example, you cannot use Vulkcan, Corax, Ferrus Manus, Perturabo (not as a Primarch at least!) and so on for obvious reasons.
Keep a tab on the website as the details get fleshed out towards the event itself.

17-03-2012, 01:26
Just to echo HaywireGrenade's comments, it would be great to see more Night Lords at the tempus fugitives events, they are normaly one of the lesser represented legions.

With regards to making a force that is compatible with both the Age of the Emperor rules and Codex:Space Marine my biggest suggestion is magnets :) magnetising things like the arm's on terminators and back packs for veterans to swap with jump packs will help to let you field most of your models for both lists.

Looking forward to see what else you do :)