View Full Version : Battle foam dark eldar raider

29-02-2012, 05:20
I was looking at the dark eldar raider battlefoam. It dosent look like it fits well. I have spears on the raider so I am not sure if it will fit in. Any one have any experience with it

29-02-2012, 19:18
I don't have experience with the dark eldar foam, but I did buy their set of chaos daemon foam trays and if that's anything to go by they do not take spikey bits into account at all... my bloodletters and soul grinders are always tangled up in the foam when I go to take them out.

29-02-2012, 19:27
Try the KR multicase one. It is deliberately spacious in those regions to allow for crazy spikes and chains hanging off, while having wedges inserted to hold the vehicle in place.