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29-02-2012, 10:04
I keep coming back to the idea of online campaigns and the worldwide campaings GW have run, from the letter and store based Ichar IV, right up to the Nemesis Crown, but mainly about the Storm of Chaos.

I am wondering how easy it would be to run a simplified multiplayer campaign in a similar vein, through the forum. My idea was to present a map with key locations on it and one uber-location, so using the Storm of Chaos as an example, you could have the major cities and forts of Kislev and the northern Empire as key locations, and Middenheim would be the uber location.

Obviously, the idea would be for the winning side or faction in the campaign to be the one that controlled the most key locations at it's conclusion, with the uber location being of greater value. This could be by allocating a number of points to each location depending on it's value or some similar method.

Initially, I thought that the way to organise battles would be to fight the campaign in stages in a similar way to the Storm of Chaos online campaign, so the first stage of fighting would be in Kislev, then in the northernmost Empire provinces, then Middenland and Middenheim itself. To maintain a degree of control, I think it might be best if players registered prior to the start of the campaign, aligning themselves with a particular faction.

Next, I have thought of two ways of actually arranging the battles. If people who are registered are actually able to fight each other, then great. As this would be an 'online' or 'forum' campaign, then in most cases this probably wouldn't be possible, so, the next best thing is that you fight anyone local to you, whether part of the campaign or not, but using the army you have registered and playing the designated battle type if there is one, then just register the result on the forum. At the end of a stage, we simply count the number of wins for each faction as a percentage of their number of battles fought to get an idea of how they have done, then compare the percentages of the various factions at each location.

We wouldn’t be able to directly compare the number of wins and losses for each faction, unless each faction had the same number of players, as otherwise the side with the most players would have the potential to score more wins. One thing that could be done to make it more strategic and give more of a feeling of cooperation between the members of various factions would be for each faction to have a leader or council who would be responsible for allocating a portion of their available forces to each of the locations currently being fought over. They may choose to heavily contest more valuable locations, while leaving the less valuable ones, or target all locations sparsely and leave the juicy ones in the hope that easy points could be picked up uncontested. It’s up to them to agree.

The trick would be that when the percentage of each faction allocated to an area is decided, this would give bonus points to the side with more forces fighting there when choosing their armies. So, for example, a faction that sent 50% of their total forces to fight at Hergig would get a bonus number of points to spend over a faction that only sent 20% of their forces. The actual bonus could be worked out using a table, but generally I would say that a difference of 10% would equate to a 5% bonus on the points to spend on the army, so a faction that was 10% bigger, would have an extra 100 points to spend on their army.

Each battle stage would last say, a month, and battles would be reported during that time and added up at the end of the month to decide who controlled each location, which in turn would allow the points value of each location controlled to be added up, giving each faction a points total for that area and that stage.

There could be additional rules, like each faction would have to decide which location the various special characters are fighting at for that stage, and only players allocated to fight battles there could use them, meaning that you’d have to carefully choose where to send these special characters as they can’t be everywhere at once!

Ultimately, we spend a set amount of time on each stage of the conflict, and as each stage is completed, this gives a running total for each faction, which when fighting the last stage for the uber location would give certain bonuses.

Still with me? Does this make sense, has anyone done anything like this, and would anyone be interested in taking part in this kind of thing?

29-02-2012, 13:19
I've done it. When Warseer was Portent I ran two fantasy online multiplayer campaigns (I want to say 2002 and 2003). They are a lot of work but a lot of fun. The biggest thing I learned from all of that other than communication is key (and the organizers have to do a lot of it) is to keep the rules simple.

Good luck

The Low King
29-02-2012, 13:24
Like Animosity? a couple of race specific forums also have similar campaigns.