View Full Version : Doubles lists: Orcs vs Ogres

29-02-2012, 19:48
So Im going to a doubles tournament soon, with two 1000pt lists per side. Since there are huge upsides to taking the two armies from the same armybook we taking either a double ogre or double orc list. So we need to decide between the two lists.

Orcs and Gobbos:
Savage orc shaman lvl 3
-shrunken head, sword of striking
Savage orc bsb-extra hand weapon, standard of discipline

28 Savage orc big uns
-full command
27 squigs
-13 handlers

Wolf Chariot

Night goblin Shaman lvl 2
-dispel scroll
Night goblin bigboss
-tormentors sword, charmed shield
70 night goblins
-banner, msc, nets
5 spider riders
40 Black orcs
-banner, msc

Ogre lists:
-HA, enchanted shield, ASF sword, luckstone
Lvl 2 firebelly-sword of might, dispel scroll

11 ironguts-banner, msc, standard of discipline

Lvl 2 butcher
-great weapon, hellheart
8 ironguts
-banner, msc
3 mournfangs
3 mournfangs

Each list has its strengths and weakness, both are very combat oriented and have decent leadership. So which lists would you take?

Oogie boogie boss
01-03-2012, 10:37
I'd ditch the Black Orcs, and Either take two units on normal Orcs with add. hand wpn. or one really, really big unit. Go Green!