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Hell Storm
01-03-2012, 18:42
I remember there being a rule that says you can't stand and shoot a unit that declare a charge against your flank or rear but I can't seem to find it right now. Am I making stuff up again or am I blind? (page # please)

01-03-2012, 19:00
It's not so much that you cannot at all, but rather that it's unlikely to happen.

First, there is no such restriction stated in Stand and Shoot (p17). Shooting can only be done to models in your front arc (p39 - Check That The Shooter Can See The Target), so a unit that is charging your flank might be in your front arc as well (consider the rightmost goblin unit on p21), allowing members of your unit to fire. However, if we look at p21, the two units that can charge the rear are out of the front arc entirely and cannot be shot, even if the one on the left ends up charging the flank

I don't see how you can possibly shoot a unit that is charging your rear. The unit would have to be really big and/or really close to have most of the front in the rear and still have visible models on the front.

01-03-2012, 19:07
There isn't a rule strictly prohibiting it.
See the stand and shoot rules on page 17 and then the shooting rules on page 39.

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Hell Storm
01-03-2012, 19:08
Ok thank you