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Tanith Ghost
26-04-2006, 04:10
The low light of dusk bathed the landscape in a sickly redish glow. Captain Romulus flexed his sore arm. His armor was gone All the protection he had was his carpace. In his present state he looked more like a burly guardsman wearing a black vest and black fatuiges than the captain of a marine company.

"Men, night is falling. Once it does, the area will be pitch black for the next 2 months. We won't stand a chance against the eldar pirates then.
Imperial forces are forifying for the long night. The nearest regiment is in the fortress city, aproximately a hundred miles to the west. We have somewhere in the order of ten days to cover this distance." He looked over the assortment of marines in the crater. Some experienced fighters, some young recruits.

"I won't lie to you. The risk of capture is quite real. These aliens are depraved beasts. To be captured is far worse than death. If we stay together, we live. We go our seperate ways, we die or worse."
Romulus stood to his full 8' height. "As the highest ranking man here, I am taking command. Follow me if you want to survive, and fufil your oaths to your chapter and the Emperor. Fall in, we're leaving." WIth that, Romulus
strod over the top of the crater, scanned for hostiles by sight and sound, and began to march toward the setting sun.

New Cult King
26-04-2006, 05:36
Kultus flexed his fists inside his powerless lightning claws, and rolled his head, the familiar crackling sound heralding a release of tension in his neck.

All of his Scouts were gone - variously flayed, slashed, diced and otherwise eviscerated by the foul Xenos. He himself was scarred by the poisonous crystal ammo that these Eldar used in their weapons. The right side of his face, his "good" side was even more horrific to look at now, the flesh melted, twisted and stretched. Thankfully he still had use of his right eye. His power armour had been damaged beyond usefulness, so Malkus had discarded it with prayers to its spirit. Dressed now only in a pair of red and black camo fatigues, and retaining his claws, Kultus felt he was able to utilise his stealth skills to the maximum.

He had nothing to live for now except revenge, and he intended to make the Eldar pay.

Slipping silently into the shadows alongside Romulus, he followed his new leader out of the crater and into the night.

26-04-2006, 07:39
Brother Rhaegar nodded grimly at the Captain's words. There was no alternative; he served the Emperor best alive, and to strike out alone here was to invite death.

He'd taken stock of his gear after reaching the crater. His armor was in bad shape, but it still offered protection; he silently promised its machine spirit that he would restore it to wholeness by his own hand, once he returned to the chapter. He shouldered his meltagun, keeping his knife in hand instead; he didn't have many shots left, and couldn't afford to waste them.

He followed Captain Romulus, intent on avenging his fallen bretheren.

Spangley Special
26-04-2006, 10:51
Velts was sat on a rock loading shells into his battered shotgun, listening to the captains words.

He watched as the captain and some battle brothers left the crater, before jogging after them, he slowed to a walk once he was within a few metres.

How he a lowly scout had survived while many had died was a mystery.

26-04-2006, 11:13
Bardock sat up as the Captain finished speaking. He checked over his combat kit. His knife, Blunt. Bolt pistol, Empty. He sighed, hand to hand fighting would be the order of the day then.

He tucked his knife back into the boot sheath and jammed his pistol into his belt. He strode after Captain Romulus, keeping to the back of the group.

26-04-2006, 12:47
Kaimos checked his Plasma Gun, a measly three shots left, and his chainsword was running low on fuel. All the men he had travelled with had died.

Kaimos knew what his Chapter Master would say, 'It was a tactical trade of men and armour for tanks and Eldar', Gormag always tried to look at things logically, but when something threatened his homeworld, Gormag would send waves of men, Marines and Guard alike, to crush the threat and keep his homeworld safe.

Kaimos knew what Greig, Captain of the Second Company would say, 'They shall be avenged with flame and boltfire, their blood is on their heads', Greig was always very emotional and hated losing any men to the enemy and was famed for using advanced tactics, scouts, and more marines than the mission was worth just so he could do it with as few casualties as possible. Despite this, Greig was a master at working against the odds, it was said that, under his command, five scouts had once destroyed a huge Ork fortress containing around three hundred armed Orks and well over fifty vehicles. This was not true, there were at least four hundred Orks in that fortress, Kaimos should know, he was there.

Kaimos knew what Layne, Captain of the Eleventh Company would say, 'Bring me maps of the area and ten men, the Eldar shall pay', Layne always got to the point, no epic speeches, no incense, no rituals, just cold hard facts. If you were going to die, Layne would tell you, if you were going to fight against the odds, Layne would tell you, if you were going to be sent to destroy a huge Ork fortress with well over four hundred armed Orks inside on the orders of Captain Greig Varius, Layne would tell you.

Kaimos sighed as he ran his bionic hand across the left side of his helmet, shrpanel had torn huge gashes through it. He stood up and looked at his brethern,
"Let us go forth," he said, "and kill those who killed our fellows," and with that, he followed Captain Romulus out of the crater, and into the failing light of the day.

Grand Warlord
26-04-2006, 14:53
Liren nodded and checked over his gear, bleh his close combay knife probably wouldn t see too many more battles... His armor was ripped in many places and he was dreadfully low on ammo as were most of his battle brothers at the moment..

"Lead on Captain."

He drew his bolt pistol and checked his available shots ... 6 well that wouldn't last 10 days knowing the eldar. Oh well he shrugged and whispered some battle prayers.

26-04-2006, 15:03
Gabriel sat there, he heeded the captain's words and fell in with the others. Unlike them he had his entire suit of power armour. His suit was not just protection to be discarded for convenience, it was a work of art and a piece of history and it belonged to the chapter. He drew his great sword from it's scabbard and gave it a few practice swings, some of the joints in his armour were stiff but he would compensate when it mattered.

26-04-2006, 23:26
Sergeant Draken and Sergeant Gralamurus nodded encouraged to kill these filthy aliens.

"spose we will be off then" Gralamurus shouted to Draken. "Damn these Eldar" grumbled Draken "They will pay"gralamurus said under his breath. Walking after the Captian. "Dont worry we wont run off" with a little laugh Draken said.

"We will live men, We will survive even if we have to carry you, myself and Gralamurus will defend all of you even to the smallest to the biggest, If your in trouble we will be there to help" announced Draken.

New Cult King
27-04-2006, 02:58
Kultus paused and watched as the other Marines, all battered and torn, climbed out of the crater. Brave men, all of them, still ready to take the fight to the enemy, without their armour in a lot of cases, and without much of their blessed wargear. Yet their faith was both weapon and armour, deadly and impenetrable.

He watched Velts, the Scout, slow to a walk, and waited for the young Marine to catch up. Kultus fell into step beside the Scout with a nod, but no words. To have survived this far, Velts was obviously quite talented, and Kultus knew instinctively that his skills would complement his own.

27-04-2006, 06:32
Draken and Gralamurus ran up to Captian Romulus. "Captain what happens from here on just traveling i guess" Draken asked. Gralamurus turned around walking backwards "these are brave men, all of which are under your command what are you to do with them on the way just ignore them or make a conversation" said Gralamurus "leave the poor bloke alone Gralamurus" hissed Draken. "I didnt mean to sound mean just suggesting a few things to do as it will probably be borring on the way" replied Gralamurus. "If your worried about things to do why not think off all the Eldar we could encounter think of all those kills first in best served, might want to think about that" said Draken.

Tanith Ghost
27-04-2006, 06:44
"That's enough." Romulus said firmly. "Idle conversation should be kept to a minimum. Be mindful of our situation. This is not the place to tarry or boast."
He said reprimandingly to the two talkative marines. "Eyes open, mouth shut.
Keep your eyes peeled for the enemy. Ears too. We've all seen how fast their skimmers are. Every second counts here."

New Cult King
27-04-2006, 07:52
Kultus moved back up beside Romulus, and quietly said "Permission to take Velps and scout ahead sir?"

27-04-2006, 08:12
"Yes, Captian" said Draken

Draken and Gralamurus fell back into step with Bardock "you need some weapon to use for a while, take this plasma pistol i wont need it, thats if you can use it" said Draken

Tanith Ghost
27-04-2006, 08:20
"Granted, Kultus. You are however, not to engage the enemy if you see them.
Attacking in onnes and twos is a fast way to an early grave." Romulus instructed.

One mile ahead, an incubi was leading a search team. "Bring me that imperial zealot of the astartes alive." It hissed. "The Haemonculus wants a new prize to work on. Suceed, and perhaps he will forgive you letting that astartes captain escape in the first place" The eldar pirates nodded, and moved off in diferent directions. Fourtune was with the two marines, and they went un noticed.

ooc//Fifteen warriors, none of who have seen you yet, and one incubi angry at the loss of his prize slave.

New Cult King
27-04-2006, 08:53
OOC: Since I brought Velts along, should I wait for him before proceeding? I fully intend to return to Romulus and the gang and report the info before formulating a battle plan.

Kultus paused below the lip of a ridge, listening to the sibilant hissing of the alien leader before him. These ones were known as Incubi, and were quite formidable in combat - one had accounted for most of one of his Scout squads all by itself. Although anger and hatred seethed in his chest, Kultus was under strict instructions from his new leader, and instead of launching into the group of Eldar and rending them limb from limb, he calmly memorised numbers, equipment, and the directions the pirates headed in.

Silently, he slipped back from into the shadows, and headed back to the rest of the Marines.

Spangley Special
27-04-2006, 10:31
Velts lay on the ridge his shotgun trained on the incubi, he had orders not to engage but he wanted to be ready incase they were spotted.
He watched the incubi, its armour and equipment idenitcal to those who had slain his brethin, he started to whisper chants of vengence. before following Kultus back to the captain.

27-04-2006, 11:26
"Kultus, Velts what did you see how many, what equipment and what direction, we should prepare ourselves possible flank or other stratigies" said Draken "Captain with permission may I plan the attack of all the battles we can plan against for example this one with the proper information"said Draken

27-04-2006, 12:27
Bardock turned Draken. "I thank you, but I would prefer to fight the foe with the Emperor given weapons that I have remaining," He said as he pulled his blood soaked armoured gauntlets over his fists.

27-04-2006, 12:41
Kaimos walked alongside the marines, scanning the forests and shadows for Dark Eldar and daemons.

He stayed silent as he was somewhat disgusted at the other marines' relaxed nature and the way they seemed to attempt to undermine their leader.

In the Sons of Pain, you wait for your Commander to speak before saying anything, you stand still, you watch, you listen, you never interupt and you always do what your Commander tells you. It's one of the reasons the Sons of Pain had survived some of the massed Orks attacks on them in the past! Relying on your commanders, they always have better information than you.

Kaimos was especially disgusted by Draken's last statement, asking to plan ALL their battles? It was unheard of! Kaimos' mind told him to retaliate, in the Sons of Pain such insolence would merit half an hour of being roundly whipped! But Kaimos reminded himself he was not with other Sons of Pain, and decided not to have Draken whipped,
"Draken," said Kaimos, "why ask to plan every battle when a man with more experience, with more knowledge and all together better than you is here to do it instead?" the dark marine turned and continued to scan the shadows for the darkness of Xenos.

New Cult King
27-04-2006, 14:55
Kultus reported back, explaining to Romulus the numbers and directions the Eldar had headed. A ripple of anticipation spread throughout the group of Marines. Battle was at hand.

The raw, adrenaline-filled fury of death, the righteous destruction of the enemies of the Emperor. Every man felt it, and Kultus could smell their anticipation.

Along with the majority of geneseed, the Hellhounds had inherited from the Space Wolves their keen senses, especially smell. Not as feral in nature, the Hellhounds regardless followed a 'pack' structure and the power of Romulus' personality had established him subconsciously in Kultus' mind as the new Pack Leader.

Upstarts like Draken made Kultus' skin crawl, and as he listened to Kaimos' reasoned response, he couldn't help but tip a nod in the Son of Pain's direction. Kaimos' disdain radiated off him - the Hellhound didn't need enhanced senses to detect it. This group needed to fall in line behind their leader, or every man would die.

Grand Warlord
27-04-2006, 15:18
Liren smiled to himself holstering his bolt pistol, drawing a second combat knife.

"I thought this was starting to get too easy."

He looked around at the group and saw the battle readiness start to kick in ... maybe they would live afterall.

27-04-2006, 21:06
Stopping suddenly and crouching down to the ground Kjell tilted his head to one side and listened carefully to the sounds going on around him. There it was again.. He frowned slightly and sniffed at the air, he stood back up slowly as he recongnised the somewhat familiar scent. He Glanced down and saw Geki had copied his actions and was still lying on the ground, he had noticed the familiar smell and sounds aswell.

He glanced around and slowly started to move off in the direction the smell and sounds were coming from, Geki waited a few seconds then followed. They moved closer then stopped just up ahead was the source. He slowly picked his way forward and saw that they were marines, some still armoured some not and almost all looked like they had been through hell. He stayed still as two more arrived and spoke with what he now took to be the commander. He sighed slightly at this foolish act, then picked up on what they were saying and glanced off in the direction they had come.

27-04-2006, 22:42
"apoligies, Captain. I usually do the planning with most of the battles we have, not all of them my bad wording".

He pulled out his Knife and Pistol, moving to the back of the group. Gralamurus got both his weapons ready and went next to emrus for a second and said "Emrus when did you get here I saw all the other marines in the crater but you werent there where were you?"

Gralamurus then went back to Draken both waiting.

28-04-2006, 03:53
Sethos had taken up the rear guard for the group sese he had fought this foe before he knew most of there tricks. His reptielian like eyes started to glow as the sun set. He knew he would be able to see better then most of the party when it got dark so he quickened his pace to catch up with the others. "For now things look safe from behind us Brother Captain." He drew his sword as he walked. He couldnt shake the feeling that they where being watched even now.

28-04-2006, 04:08
"Sethos, you join us to protect the back of the group your help is welcome."said Draken

28-04-2006, 06:55
Rhaegar refused to participate in the bickering; the Captain had clearly earned his rank, and he would not dishonor his chapter by undermining it. Kaimos had the right of it.

He scanned his surroundings as the Captain had ordered, listening for the sounds of xenos skimmers; if they were attacked by armor, the duty of destroying it with cleansing fire would be his.

He tensed, hatred rekindling as the returning scouts reported Dark Eldar. Emperor willing, he could yet avenge his bretheren, and further prove his mettle in combat.

"Your orders, Captain?" He said quietly.

Tanith Ghost
28-04-2006, 08:56
"We eliminate the eldar scum. If the patrol reports our position, we're as good as dead." Romulus replied. "Kultus, take Velts with you to the northwest and try to flank the eldar. The two Dark angels, flank from the southwest." He instructed. "The rest of you follow me. We will attack once the flanking elements have begun to do so. The eldar must not be permited to betray our presence." Romulus' tone brokered no argument, and he expected none.
"Rhaegar, once the attack begins, seek the enemy transport skimmer.
If they do in fact have one with them, destroying it will strand them here."

New Cult King
28-04-2006, 09:06
OOC: Do we have a commlink to communicate with everyone else in the group?

Tanith Ghost
28-04-2006, 09:10
ooc//Yes, we do.

28-04-2006, 12:37
Kaimos nodded at the Captain's commands,
"The Emperor protects brothers," he said, which in the Sons of Pain chapter usually meant 'good luck'. Kaimos strode just to the side and a bit back from the captain, ready to throw himself in front of him in case of heavy fire, and ready to fire upon any Xenos that come near.

New Cult King
28-04-2006, 13:55
Kultus headed to the North-West, the stench of the Eldar pirates growing strong as he approached through the shadows. Crouching down silently behind a jadded outcropping of rock, Kultus watched as the first few Xenos came into sight.

"In position Captain, enemy sighted. Permission to engage?"

28-04-2006, 15:54
Rhaegar nodded. "It will be done, sir."

Hefting his meltagun, he moved into position and awaited the time.

28-04-2006, 16:05
Gabriel heard the captain's orders. He prepared with the rest of the group for the conflict to come. He moved to his flanking position trying to keep as low and as quietly as possible but the damage to his armour made it increasingly difficult. His thoughts came back to the preparation for battle. He drew his great sword and started reciting the litanies of battle in his head.

28-04-2006, 16:43
OOC/ do you people not read the ooc thread nor get the intention of my actions?

I am not beside you, I have not met you, I am still just watching you. This is how I have meant to play this character since I joined and have told tanith this, if he decides I should be going around with you then I will join with you then and there. I have been trying to keep OOC posts out of the IC thread but if you wont read the thread for them then I will start posting ooc in this thread.

Another thing, you wouldn't know who I was, you could tell I was a space wolf with rather odd armour, hell if you were a space wolf you would know I was of the 13th great company, but no normal marine would be able to tell im anything other than a very feral space wolf with some very odd armour. Hell in the time frame of the imperium hardly anyone knows the 13th company are even back, only the space wolves and the inquisition know this for sure.

OOC thread is here; http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32583 I sugest we use this for OOC posts and actually read it, rather than posting ooc posts in here and cluttering it up.

Tanith Ghost
28-04-2006, 20:14
"Stay your hand, Brother, the other flanking element must attack at the same time. Leiren, report! You should be ready now! Kultus, if I do not hear from the south element, proceede. Be certain none escape, or it won't matter if we win or loose."

Romulus led the main force forward to within sight of the Eldar patrol.
"When Kultus and Velts attack, so do we. Shoot down the enemy warriors if possible, and stay clear of that incubi. Rhaegar, gun him down if given the chance. I don't want casualties to that weapon of his."

28-04-2006, 20:22
Kjell waited till the main group had moved off then quickly followed after the flanking force of the two dark angels, he caught sight of them just upahead and moved round their side and forward putting himself well ahead of the groups flanking force. Just up ahead he could make out the movement of the eldar who seemed to be moving away from him. Following after them, just up ahead he could make out the outline of the skimmer and the Incubi standing near too it with some warriors standing beside him. Geki crouched beside him and looked up for direction.

29-04-2006, 03:25
As Sonnig Crossed the area in search of fellow survivors, so far he had seen nothing but the dead, blood fogged his view across his right lense and his auto senses were at best intermitent, but he dare not remove his helm while alone in a hostile zone, he mentally shrugged, before pausing as something blinked up on his display.

**Friendly IIF Detected**

A small cluster of green dots blinked into life on his vision. There! To the Southwest! He pulled himself in that direction as the Autosenses again failed and the dots vanished. But before they did, he noticed a small groups of them skirting out to flank something. Presumably an enemy!

He checked the feed on his salvaged heavy bolter, still damaged, he cursed inside and hoped it would still belch forth the Emperors wrath when called. Chanting the Litany of Destruction he moved in to support one of the flanking groups.

Double Tapping his Micro bead as he moved in, he hoped the Blips he was supporting knew the code meant support to their rear, indeed he hoped his pickup wasnt wrong about them being friendlies...

Late Entry, i guess whoever claims me first gets me behind em :)

29-04-2006, 08:43
Draken and Gralamurus followed the rest of the group

Draken aimed for the incubi's head he waited for the signal.

"Captain, i believe there is someone behinds us possible flank by the eldar. Would you like myself and Draken to find out what it is?" said Gralamurus

Spangley Special
29-04-2006, 12:41
Velts crawled up next to kultus as he radioed the captain. Velts was looking forward to spilling the blood of these Xenos. He checked his shotgun and awaited the comand to attack.

29-04-2006, 13:45
Kaimos waited by the captain, although it was not his captain, Kaimos always recognised a superior officer, someone who was in command. Be they Marine, be they Sister of Battle, be they a Guardsman, be they man, be they woman, as long as they fought for the Emperor, Kaimos would obey them, though not blindly, he would critise any flaws he saw in his superior's orders, but he would still obey them.

At the moment, the orders were to wait, Kaimos was used to waiting. Kaimos was sometimes known to go to Kraag, a death world where huge wild beasts roam across a barren landscape, and then cut all contact with his chapter and Imperial forces, only to return to them with the huge, dead bodies of Kraagan Behemoths, fit to be eaten, fit for their scales to be turned into armour. Kaimos was a great help to his Chapter and his homesystem, when they were starving, he would get them food, when they were dying, he would get them medicine, when they were being killed, he would protect them.

Though Kaimos often killed Kraagan Behemoths, he often tamed them. Tamed Behemoths could be sold by his Chapter for extra funds, the Behemoths could be a pet, a guard, a racer, or even a fighter, taking part in the huge colleseum fights that his Chapter holds. Sometimes they were even given to the local Guardsmen as mounts, it was true that Behemoths had scales strong as carapace, and a bite that could tear a tank to tatters.

Kaimos was made for waiting, sitting, and waiting for an oppourtunity, and that is what he was doing now.

Sitting and waiting.

29-04-2006, 18:19
Rhaegar waited for the order to attack. Mentally he replayed his training with melta weapons.

"Against a man-sized target, aim for the head. The cleansing fire of the melta will take a moment to fully destroy him; a head shot will slay him quickest."

He picked out the Incubi, the xenos heavy armor making him distinctive, and awaited the order to strike.

30-04-2006, 02:59
Moving Cautiously towards where he last saw the blips on his autosences Sonnig advanced through the pitch darkness, ahead amongst the scattered boulders he saw a pair of figures advancing, his image enchancement showed the green armour of what he assumed to be Salamanders.

Letting out a breath he didnt knwo he'd been holding Sonnig crept forwards to their position and as quietly as he could announced his presence, moving with enough stealth to let the marines hear him, yet not so much the vile aliens beyond would know he was there.

30-04-2006, 04:15
Sethos stabbed his sword into the ground infront of him and went to one knee. "From what I can see Brother Captain the Xenos have not detected us as of yet."

Tanith Ghost
30-04-2006, 05:06
"Negative Draken. Look to your duties." Romulus replied teresly. "Aye, brother, not yet. But soon. Our flankers should be in place now. Failing that Kultus and Velts will be carrying double weight. This is no cause for concern, as I have well placed confidence in both of them." He tciked his comm bead to Kultus. "5 standard minutes to contact. Stay sharp, and be aware your responsibilites may double. Velts too. When one is given a heavy load, they must carry it. Bring glory to the Emperor and your primarchs." Romulus turned to the others. "5 minutes. Strike when kultus does." He said. he thought on what Drakken had said though. Someone shadowing them. A mandrake? Or something else? No matter. Battle was at hand, and the lives of these marines were now in his hands.

30-04-2006, 05:22
It was a wonder the eldar hadn't seen this coming yet.. or maybe they had. It seemed very strange that the incubi was this blind or careless. From his position on the other side of the Incubi Kjell could make out the shapes of at least 3 marines and yet the Incubi had seen nothing?

30-04-2006, 05:54
"Sir, we found a marine we didnt go anywhere like u commanded but he just came out of the bush's, He can help us"

Draken crouched down again aiming once again at the Incubi's head.

"on your command sir"

Tanith Ghost
01-05-2006, 05:53
"Wings of Sanguinus, we can't wait any longer." Romulus said, shaking his head. He could only hope the sons of Lion responded to his order. "Flanking elements, go now!" He ordered. He was certain Kultus would do as commanded, as would Velts. "Forward, soldiers, for the Emperor!" he roared, causing a nearby warrior to start in alarm. The eldar had no time to react, as Romulus broke his neck with a punch to the neck. He used the eldar to sheild him from return fire. "Kill them all, cleanse and purge!"

01-05-2006, 06:08
Daken let all hell loose, Just missing the incubi's head and hitting another eldar killing him.

Draken and Gralamurus charged into the enemy lines killing 3 before the rest of the marines hit the enemy lines beside them

New Cult King
01-05-2006, 06:50
Kultus felt his body surge into action almost before his mind was aware of it. He leapt onto the rocks he had been hiding behind and launched himself at the nearly alien, arms spread, light glinting from the blade of his lightning claws. The claws may be unpowered now, but Kultus had kept their admantium blades razor sharp.

As he reached the peak of his leap, he drew his arms in and plunged them through the warrior's body, nearly slicing it into 3 pieces before his feet even touched the ground. The air around him started to hiss with return fire as the Eldar realised what was happening and opened up with their elongated weapons.

Kultus spun and crouched, looking for his next victim.

01-05-2006, 09:12
Bardock remained in cover a moment longer, while the others engaged. His lack of weapons meant he had to fight more with his head than his heart. He circled to the right, stepping out of cover behind one of the xenos filth who had backed towards the treeline, stunned by the ferocity of the marine onslaught.

He grabbed it from behind by the shoulder and the head and twisted. With a wet crack, the aliens neck snapped. Picking it up by one hand, he moved in towards the main group of eldar, using it as a shield against incoming fire.

01-05-2006, 12:22
The Litany of Vengence booming from his external speakers, Sonnig Swung the Heavy bolter to bear and unleashed a volley into the alien filth, his first target caught a round square in the gut, exploding in a shower of gore and spraying several of his comrades in his remains, a second lost his right arm and most of his shoulder and another toppled to the ground decapitated as a round grazed his elongated helmet with devastating results.

Backlit by the muzzle flash of his mighty weapon Sonnig's scorched golden helmet looked like a grim Eagle of Death come to punish the Xeno, an image he fully intended to live up to, as delusatory return fire patered off his armour he swiftly moved behind a rock, giving his new brothers room to advance.

Grand Warlord
01-05-2006, 13:30
Running along with his captain he jumped below a volley of death and met the pirate with a twin blade guard against a bladed rifle. He did all he could not to die the dark eldar was fast he gave him that. He ducked another set of attacks and bull rushed the eldar slashing his arm deep throwing him into a tree before another amvushed him and he was on the defensive.

Spangley Special
01-05-2006, 15:31
Velts broke cover.
And ran at the xenos, following kultus' lead.
He started fireing, furiously pumpinh his shotgun.

01-05-2006, 16:13
Rhaegar broke cover with the others, charging alongside. He had his melta, waiting for an opportunity. As the marines met the enemy, he met the first xenos warrior he encountered with a shoulder ram, trying to knock it off balance. The Eldar stepped aside, fast as quicksilver, and struck back before he could recover.

He grunted in pain as the xeno's cruel blades found a gap in his chestplate, and the Eldar leapt away; he lunged after it. He forced himself to ignore the pain, and roared wordlessly as he swung with his free hand; somehow it found its mark, and he gripped the alien by the shoulder; the Eldar struggled as he pulled it closer to him. He pulled it close in, and switch his grip on the melta to the middle of the weapon's barrel and slammed it, butt-first, into the Eldar's chest, pushing with superhuman strength. The Eldar's chestbone gave with a crunch, and it gave a gurgled scream as it died. He threw the corpse aside and sought his next foe.

((Sorry guys, I've been having a hard time tracking what was going on))

01-05-2006, 19:46
OOC// Btw guys, potentially useful update to bear in mind, 12 out of 15 Eldar have been killed so far, and 2 more are fighting G.W's character. The Incubi is unengaged as yet

01-05-2006, 19:49
OOC/ Right, I dont mean to be picky about everything thats going on, but come on. Can we have a little more thought and depth to killing things than,

Draken and Gralamurus charged into the enemy lines killing 3 before the rest of the marines hit the enemy lines beside them

I also find it very strange that someone with a shotgun or for that matter a meltagun could 'sneak' close enough to an eldar, let alone an incubi without being noticed and have time to aim before being seen.

Like I said im not picking flaws in peoples posting style, but put some effort in and use common sense and read what you are being told to do by the one in charge, let alone the GM.

01-05-2006, 20:01
//OOC I feel a discussion on this subject coming, so shall we move to the OOC thread?

Because I can see yeah, these guys are wandering away from the plan and not RPing as well as we'd like, but to be fair I seem to recall they admitted to this being their first RP so maybe a little more constructive crit may be in order!

01-05-2006, 20:03
OOC/Im just stating my point of view, I have nothing further to say on the subject and tanith has seen my post.

01-05-2006, 20:15
Kjell watched the attack unfold, for a bunch of poorly armed marines it seemed to be going ok, seems all the training had actually done some good.

He caught scent of somthing strange in the wind seconds before he picked up the distinctive noise of a raiders engines, but this was louder, he strained his ears and suddenly realised there was 2 of them. He crawled forward slightly and noticed the first one coming, doing a quick head count he saw it was mostly just warriors and one on the nose armed with one of the eldar lance weapons. He was just about to move to take a shot at the warriors weilding it when he saw the second skimmer, this one was full of warriors aswell, but one stood out and certainly didn't appear to be an incubi, this must be on of the haemonculi or worse an Drachon.

All thoughts of the other skimmer left his head, they should be able to handle another few dark eldar, but if this second group made it to the group they would be over run. The skimmer looked like it was moving straight towards him, this was fine and suited his plan of action, crouching down he waited till the raider was only a few metres away then let out a ghostly howl that was returned by Geki. A few seconds later Kjell launched himself at the raider which was now swooping towards the ground, he landed akwardly on one of the side ramps and quickly dropped a krak gernade onto the ground near the front gunner, as the dark eldar realised what was going on he leapt off and landed flat and rolled back onto his feet and the front of the raider exploded in a fireball. It crashed into the ground and slid to a stop, a few of the dark eldar were crushed by the vehicles landing, the remainder landed softly enough facing towards him. The one that seemed to be the leader locked eyes with Kjell and smiled wickedly.

OOC/Ill let tanith decide what the rest are doing and just incase anyone is in any doubt about my post, 2 Raiders just arrived, full with 19 warriors and 1 'special' guy, now 2 just died when it crashed, so thats 1 raider and 17 warriors and 1 'special' guy. Please try and kill them in more detailed ways than "3 died cause I said so" :).

02-05-2006, 01:01
Bardock heard an explosion from behind him. He span around mid step to see a marine he didn't recognise from the start of the engagement in the distance, squaring off against a little less than 20 xenos warriors lit by the flames of their crashed raider. This mystery marine was clad in archaic power armour, with little distinguishable chapter affiliation. He recognised some subtle hints of 'Space Wolf' there, but there was different about this one. He flung his eldar corpse shield into one of the few standing members of the original patrol and broke into a run towards the mystery marine and his apponents.

New Cult King
02-05-2006, 02:42
As the warm shockwave of the exploding Raider washed over him, Kultus turned and watched a new figure shaping up to one of the Eldar leaders. This new combatant, a Marine of some kind judging by the bulk of his armour, had a huge wolf with him. Wolf? Space Wolf? Kutlus sniffed the air, and through the overwhelming scents of blood, smoke, burning armour and death, he could detect an unknown trace of... something. The new Marine smelled faintly like a Space Wolf, but there was something not right about him.

Kultus watched as combat was joined - the strange smelling Space Wolf was obviously just as intent on killing the Xenos as the rest of the Marines, so flicking the blood from his claws, Kultus sprinted towards the newly arrived aliens, ready to kill.

02-05-2006, 03:42
Hearing the patter of needles on his cover Sonnig paused for a second, waiting for the enemy to reload before emerging, there! A slight slackening in the fire let him know their magazines were emptying. A Half second later he swung around the rock and loosed another volley into the Eldar, noting that a bare dozen stood before him now and several were engaged in a melee with other marines.

He realised the return fire hadnt slackened due to a lack of ammunition, the remaining aliens were keen to engage their enemies hand to hand, a situation he couldnt risk firing into.

As this flicked through Sonnigs mind, his armour registered a severe pounding across his breastplate, and as a pipe ruptured in a hissing stream of spilled coolant he felt a stab of pain as one penetrated his side. Grimacing he swung left seeing a pair of the enemy toting larger Splinter weapons, one fired on him, whilst a second brought his gun to bear on the melee, seemingly uncaring of his comrades fate.

Sonnig knewe he had to stop the pair and returned fire his weapon being more effective on the raiders lightly armoured frames than theirs were on his he quickly blew the one firing on him to shreds, and sent the other scuttling into some bushes to the side.

As Sonnig cursed the fiends survival he caught a burst of flame in his peripheral vision, swinging about he saw with mounting concern the two swooping skimmers as they swung into the fray. A Quick burst from the heavy bolter caused one pilot to veer out and blasted a screaming warrior off the prow gun.

But as he saw another warrior dive for the controls, a renewed burst of Heavy Splinter fire knocked him sprawling, red runes flashed in his helmet as he rolled back behind the rock, the second Eldar was obviously gunning for him now...

"Damnable Eldar!" He voiced, as he slapped a repair patch on one of the breaches and planned his next move...

((Vehicle Shaken :evilgrin: Curses...))

02-05-2006, 07:38
Darken turned and threw his knife into an elder out numbering another marine and ran towards the same one punching it in the gut and grabbing the he threw knife out of his victims wound.

ran past Draken faster than most he duked under a swing from a blade and stabbed his lightning claw into the eldars shoulder. He kicked the elder to get the pair of blades out of his enemy's shoulder. the eldar next to him stabbed his knife missing Gralamurus by centimeters. ducking another stab and rolling to his side.

02-05-2006, 10:46
Kjell started walking slowly towards the dark eldar line, Geki had since disappeared back into the undergrowth too his right, as he neared the first of the marines hit them from behind sending most of the dark eldar into disarray, but not the 'special' one, he kept his gaze fixed on Kjell. Now no more than 5 yards apart Kjell stopped and locked eyes with him.

Spangley Special
02-05-2006, 13:10
Velts turned to follow kultus, who it seems he had adopted as his new "mentor".

Kultus sprinted towards a large group of the xenos, velts jogged after him loading a few fresh shells into his shot gun.

02-05-2006, 16:22
Gabriel roared raising his greatsword up in the air, a dark eldar warrior jamming a curved blade into a join in his armpit, he brought his arm down trapping the eldar there and spitting acid into his face. He heard the eldar scream as the acid slowly began to eat away it its flesh. He picked the eldar up and crushed its neck before pulling out the blade lodged in his armour. almost instantaniously the bleeding stopped. Hearing an explosion nearby he turned and faced the new dark eldar force. He breathed heavily. His armour had been penetrated several times and the combat was speeding the flow of the various toxins around his body, and even his enhanced immune system was straining. He turned and observed the scene briefly while slowing down his bloodflow, he had been in worse situations.

02-05-2006, 18:03
Rhaegar heard the tell-tale sounds of Eldar skimmers as he fought yet another Eldar warrior; the warrior's last strike had earned it a nasty cut to the lower abdomen. Rhaegar lunged forward, catching the alien offguard and knocking it sprawling. Its wound obviously pained it, it struggled to stand; Rhaegar kicked it in its side, hard, before bringing his boot down on its head. The alien's skull gave with a satisfying crunch.

He knew immediately what had to be done. Rhaegar sprinted towards the Raider that was still flying; he heard splinter fire whistle through the air all around him. A sharp pain registered in his leg, and he stumbled for a moment before regaining his pace.

He dove behind a rock outcropping and took stock of the situation. The splinter had lodged in his legplate; even in its sorry state, his blessed armor had done its best to stop it. He pulled the splinter out, and slapped a patch onto the gap. His injury seen to, he cautiously glanced at the battle outside. The Raider's passengers were firing from the decks, but the majority of the Raider's heavy weapon fire seemed to be directed against another of the marines. There was a chance.

Trying not to be seen, he crept closer to the skimmer, silently thanking the Emperor for whatever reason it had for staying put. It's heavy splinter weapons sprayed another outcropping of rock.

Rhaegar managed to reach another large rock outcropping; there was no more cover between him and the skimmer. He had to be closer to use the melta properly. There was nothing else to do.

He broke cover and charged. Splinters whistled past him, he felt a few strike his breastplate and greaves and glance harmlessly off. The xenos seemed to guess his intent, and he heard the raider's engines prime; he knew he had seconds at best.

"Fire cleanses," he recited as he slowed his pace enough to fire his meltagun, aiming the beam of energy at the engines. It hit squarely and the engines began to melt and deform; he held the beam as steady as he could, keeping in pointed at that spot. The hum of the raider's engine became an unstable-sounding whine as it plowed into the ground.

((Vehicle Immobilized; it didn't move far enough to crash, but it's not going anywhere))

Rhaegar shouldered the melta and glance around, looking for his allies. Brave as he was, he didn't think much of his chances of taking an entire raider's worth of xenos.

Tanith Ghost
02-05-2006, 18:17
The haemonculus sneered, as well as one with a stapled on face could anyway. "So you wish to fight me, wolf? Perhaps I will humor you- fenriasian astartes hide is rahter difficult to obtain." The eldar produced a small box from his belt. "Do as you are commanded, my misguided brother. Reduce this ape to compliance." He spoke to the box. Imediately, the ghostly form of a warlock appeared, shreiking is a terrifying manner.

The remaining warrios cowered back from their leader, afraid of the cricuble's captive, and none to keen to fight a space marine either.

Captain Romulus vengefully ripped the arm off an eldar warrior breaking the foe's neck seconds later. The urge to kill was getting strong. He knew he could not afford a bout of rage now, with so many of his brethren depending on him. "Let none escape! These xenos have seen their last day!" He roared, both into the comm link and out loud for all in earshot. This goaded the eldar-both arrogant and hateful, they would not call for aid now and share the kill with others.

Grand Warlord
02-05-2006, 18:45
"Ah hell."

Drawing his bolt pistol stepping next to Gabriel.

"How you doing?"

Of course he knew the answer but well he was worried about this brethren. Aiming at a Dark Eldar warrior who was cowering near his master. War is hell he smiled before clipping the dark eldar warrior in the leg charging at him looking around for any potnential ambushes.

02-05-2006, 21:48
Bardock felt an impact on his left shoulder, splintering his left shoulderpad and knocking him to the floor. He rolled with the impact and rose, turning to face the origin of the attack. The incubi stood, two halves of Bardocks last victim at its feet, a trickle of blood dripping from its crackling blade. Even though its face was concealed by the ornate helmet, he could tell it was staring intently at him. It was a hunter, he was its prey. He looked down at his blood crusted gauntlets, then looked up at the Incubi. He knew that he faced death. Brother Captain Romulous had ordered them not to engage it, but Bardock suspected it wasn't going to let him go. The pride inherant in all Sons of Saiyan swelled in his chest. He would not turn away from this foe. He would meet it eye to eye, and Emperor willing take it to hell with him.

03-05-2006, 00:05
Rhaegar cursed his overzealousness; the skimmer needed to be destroyed, but not to exclusion of his other given target. It was too late now, and one of the Emperor's Finest might pay for his mistake.

He pushed his doubts out of mind; doubt did not become a warrior, so the Codex read. He turned and dashed towards Bardock and his opponent; he would see the xenos destroyed or die trying.

"Bardock! You do not stand alone!" Armed with his knife, he charged in, trying to take the Incubi by surprise.

It didn't work; the alien whirled around with frightening speed and knocked Rhaegar sprawling with the butt of it's glaive; it was far stronger than it looked.

Rhaegar struggled to his feet, intent on seeing this fight through to whatever end.

03-05-2006, 00:39
Using the time gained by Rhaegar's charge, Bardock closed the distance between him and his opponent. His eyes locked on his opponent, watching for the slightest movement. He indicated his gratitude for the assistance from Rhaegar without taking his eyes away from his target. He would not underestimate this Xenos. It was a deadly foe, and it could well cost him his life.

With a blur of motion it swung it's crackling halberd up in a decapitating strike. Bardock blocked the swing and gripped the shaft with his left hand, pushing forward to force his foe off balance. It shifted its grib and swung the butt into his chest. He grunted with the impact, feeling armour and possibly rib crack. Rhagar had been caught off guard by the speed and strength of this Xeno. His sacrifice had allowed Bardock a measure of knowledge on it's fighting ability.

He grabbed it's left arm with his free hand and smashed his head into it's faceless helm, cracking it. It wrenched its shoulder free, spinning away forcing Bardock to release his grip from its shaft. It dropped and swung a low blow aimed for his legs. He leapt to avoid the swing but mistimed the jump. The glaive shaft smashed into his shins causing him to fall flat on his face.. He instinctively rolled as to stay still with a foe to your back would be suicide.

The blade ploughed into the ground where his neck had been a moment before. He flipped backwards to avoid another blow, and leapt to his feet. He drew his blunt combat knife with his left hand and took a wild swing. The Incubi lazily parried it with its own weapon, pivoting only to see Bardocks grinning face and right fist which smashed into its helmet, breaking it in half. It roared in rage, spinning its glaive in an arc forcing Bardock to stumble backwards. It shifted its grip, and stabbed straight for his chest. He twisted to avoid the blow, but it ws too fast. It sheared through his armour, punching into the mass of his ribcage and knocked him sprawling five feet along the clearing.

03-05-2006, 01:40
The Splinter fire again slackened upon Sonnigs cover, glancing up, he saw a Marine tear his adversary's arm off before smashing him flat, whilst sporadic gunfire still echoed around the area from the skimmers.

Then he noticed the Incubi smash the brave scout flying to a position not twenty feet away, the boy seemed stunned and the alien warrior pulled its glaive up high for a finishing blow...

Sonnig Had to act, leaping towards the foe he squeezed off a short burst, the Incubi's armour buckled under the impact, sending him spinning away from his victim. Then Sonnig heard an ominous grunt from the gun, its spirit had clearly been insulted and it had clogged a round in the chamber.

Cursing, Sonnig dropped the gun onto its harness and swung a vicious haymaker into the reeling Xenos, breaking its left arm and forcing it to a knee. As he dropped the Eldar let out a scream of rage and swung its glaive one handed into Sonnigs Leg, shearing through his greave and calving through the meat of his calf muscles, a volley from the strange device mounted on its helmet impacted on his chest and punctured another coolant pipe, in a spray of escaping gasses Sonnig dropped backwards as his armour attempted to go into emergency shutdown.

Bringing its Glaive into a harpoon like position, the Incubi prepared to finish its helpless foes...

03-05-2006, 02:06
Bardock lay on the floor, his face in the dirt. The arcane field generated by the Xenos weapon had cauterised the wounds as it dealt them, however every movement cracked the charred flesh, so blood dripped slowly from his ruined chest plate. His vision flickered in and out. He saw Sonnig brave assault on the Incubus. He had been the first to wound it. As Sonnig fell, he blacked out. His head swam in the blackness, shapes flickered. He could hear a distant drone of voices. One voice rose out of crushing blackness, as the shadow coalesced into the shape of a marine apparently stripped of his armour Shorter than average, there was an undeniable nobility about this warrior.

"Rise Bardock. How lay you there while foes remain and your battle brothers lives are in danger"

Bardock stared as the vision swam into focus. It was the spirit of the first chapter master. How was this possible. He had been dead for millenia.

"Lord, I am spent. I have no strength left. The foes is too strong."

The ancient laughed at him.

"You may not be a true Son of Saiyan yet, but somewhere in the blood that pumps through your veins lies the spirit of a thousand great warriors."

He paused. His voice turned from scorn to encouragement. His voice rising with each word.

"When your body is broken and strength fails you. When your spirit breaks and hope fails, there is one thing that can never be lost."

He roared the final words,

"Your Pride!"

His voice lowered again.

"Now rise. There is still breath in your body and you still have your pride. Now serve the Emperor, serve your brethren. Slay the foe."

The battlefield suddenly returned to focus with a rushing of air. The chatter of weapons fire, the battlecries all returned as though from a great distance. Bardock had no idea how long he had been out, though the battle clearly wasn't over yet. He pushed himself up onto his knees with both hands. He coughed violently, a spray of blood spattering across the dirt. He rose off his hands. He looked around just as the Incubi lunged with its weapon at Sonnig.

He felt like he had blacked out for hours. It turned out it had only been for mere moments. With renewed determination and a cry of denial, rage and agression, he hurled himself at the battered Incubi, it's weapon spinning out of reach. They both scrambled to their feet. The Incui backed away, his eyes flickering back and forth between his weapon and Bardock, who stood, feet planted firmly over Sonnig.

"I thank you brother. I shall finish this now."

He scowled at the Incubi as he dug his fingers into his battered and melted chest plate. He ripped it off and flung it to the ground. A trickle of blood ran down his chest as the flesh that had been fused to the melted ceramite was torn away. As he did this, the Incubi launched itself grasping for it's weapon. But Bardock was quicker. He stamped his heavy boot down on the Xeno's remaining good arm, crushing armour and bone beneath his weight. He bent down and picked up its filthy weapon himself. As the creature looked up, maybe it was a trick of the light, but this warrior seemed somehow different to that whose body it had pierced only minutes ago. Bardock raised the glaive to deliver the killing blow. In a last desparate attempt to protect itself, the Incubi's helmet spat its shards, punching into Barcdocks chest. With a cry, Bardock Plunged the Xeno weapon into its chest and twisted. He stamped on its head, ceasing its spitting. He collapsed from exhaustion from injury and from relief and slumped across the corpse of the Incubi.

New Cult King
03-05-2006, 02:28
//OOC: that was awesome, Gribbly :D

03-05-2006, 02:34
//OOC: Glad to hear it! I was all braced to be torn apart with complaints about how an unarmed scout would get screwed by a fully kitted out Incubi. It's a real compliment to my writing that all you can say is that it was awesome and didn't hit me with the the 'RL' Police!

New Cult King
03-05-2006, 03:51
//OOC: well, if you'd just gone "Scout for teh W!N!! Inkubus PWNT!!!" I woulda taken a shot, but it was very dramatic and cool :D

03-05-2006, 07:37
as Draken turned to see the incubi get nailed from the scout. He laughed at the incubi inside and turned to the remaining enemy

Gralamurus ran out of there sight into the jungle

Draken looked around clueless of what was happening. he ran after Gralamurus into the jungle.

03-05-2006, 15:10
//OOC: Thanks man I do try! Now I'm just waiting to see how the others take it. Maybe it'll inspire some major awesome work from them too!

03-05-2006, 19:53
Kjell smirked at the eldars taunting, "It is difficult to obtain for a reason scum, you have to kill one of us to obtain it, somthing your kind seem to have a problem doing." He watched the eldar speaking to the box he held in his hand and felt a chill in his soul as the spirit form of another eldar appeared, it obviously had some kind of effect on the other eldar aswell, they had all taken a step away from it. The spirit moved towards Kjell who showed his fangs at it and walked towards it, the two met and the spirit passed right through him, instinctivley Kjell clutched onto the numerous talismans he carried about his person and though he felt his soul being ravaged by this entity it was nothing compared to what he had experienced on a daily basis inside the eye. After a few seconds the spirit passed out the other side and vanished, the haemonculus' smirk drained from his face and he hastily reach for his weapons.

Kjell quickly recovered from the ordeal and started to move closer to the haemonculus, who had similar ideas and started charging towards the Space Wolf. With practiced ease Kjell waited for the haemonculus to make his first strike and leapt forward catching the haemonculus slightly off guard and sending him sprawling back. While the haemonculus quickly picked himself back up Kjell drew his weapons and thumbed the activation rune on the chainsword, he let out a low growl as the haemonculus aproached again.

The two clashed again but this time the haemonculus used its strange sissor like hands to slash at Kjells face, though the blow was turned aside a small part of the blade still scratched his face letting the poison into his system. It was quickly neutralised but in that time the pain had been horrendous even to his enhanced immune system. He never faltered and swung the chainsword in a fast arc towards the haemonculus' head, who ducked aside and lashed out again with his sissor hands, this time however Kjell was ready and quickly reveresed his grip on the chainsword swinging down as he stepped back, the sissor hand narrowly missed his mid section while the chainsword came down and severed his arm at the elbow. The haemonculus darted back in pain while a few of the other Eldar moved up to cover him. Kjell quickly swung his bolter up and aimed it at the head of the closest one, holding his finger on the trigger he smiled at the eldar before firing, the eldas head exploded in a fine red mist.

OOC/Over to you tanith. Assuming your ok with what the crucible did. I didn't actually understand what you intended it too do to a non psyker.

03-05-2006, 23:26
Sonnigs view went black as his armour shutdown, plunging him into slent darkness inside its still embrace. He felt the great weight of his amour pulling him down into the mud.

At any momment he expected the Incubi to plunge his vile weapon into his prone form, to finish him, but he would not just lie there and accept it! With a roar muffled by his helmet he pulled himself onto one elbow, even his enhanced muscles screaming with the effort. Whilst his other hand fumbled for his helmet seals, they released in a hiss of atmosphere and suddenly sound returned to his world, the sound of a man screaming in triumph!

Tossing his helmet aside Sonnig Saw Bardock standing over the defeated Incubi, he looked the worse for wear, but still alive. Revealed Sonnigs heavily scarred face glistened with sweat and the cluster of studs adorning his forehead. What remained of a Tattoo must once have covered most of his face, but now only flecks of orange and yellow stood out amongst the scars.

"Good work brother! I see the kill is yours!" He slapped another repair patch over the still leaking coolant pipes and attempted to re-boot his armour's systems.

"Dont worry about me! Go help the others, and take this, you may need it..." he said as he tossed his still Sharp blade handle first to to Bardock, a sunburst decorated the heavy serrated blade and its handle was wrapped in the hide of some strange beast.

04-05-2006, 01:55
Rhaegar struggled to his feet. His injuries were slowing him down more than they should; some foul and cowardly xenos poison no doubt.

He forced himself to stand, but his armor and body seemed insumountably heavy. He felt his blood pumping frantically as his augmented physiology cleansed the toxin from his system.

Bardock fought alone; Rhaegar roared his frustration as he tried again to stand. It wasn't until the scout, seemingly fighting with the strength of a dozen men, struck down the incubi that the slowness was burned from Rhaegar's veins; it was a good feeling as the poison subsided and he stood.

"Well fought!" He offered a hand, intending to help Bardock to his feet. If he could stand, he could fight. If not, Rhaegar would protect him here; such a brave warrior deserved that much.

04-05-2006, 02:05
Bardock took Rhaegars hand. With a grunt he rose to one knee. He was exhausted, his body battered and torn. But the fight was not over yet. He picked up Sonnig's offered weapon. With Rhaegars help, he rose to his feet. He nodded his thanks.

"Go, help the others. I will tend to Sonnig as best I can and join you shortly."

Tanith Ghost
04-05-2006, 07:19
OOC/Over to you tanith. Assuming your ok with what the crucible did. I didn't actually understand what you intended it too do to a non psyker

OOC//It was basicly a big spook show for the hell of it. The cowardly dark eldar is fleeing in terror of the justice about to be done on his for the vast number of evils he's commited. Of course, there can only be one fate for his brand of filth.;)


Captain Romulus withdrew his sword from the corpse of an eldar warrior. Splinters stung in his chest, where they had partly penetrated the carapace.
Eldar screamed in their death throes and howled with rage as they clashed with the astartes. heir vehicles were gone, and their leader facing an irate space wolf. Against all odds, it seemed that this encounter would belong to the astartes. Romulus repeated hism issive to his brothers. "Cleanse this place! Kill them all!" It was not as order anymore, but encouragement.
Brethren from all chapters working together as one. He gave thanks to the Emperor and Sanguinus for their victory as he gutted an eldar intent on stabbing him in the eye.

OOC//Fine work, gents. The battle will wind down now, and on friday, we're on to the next stage of the run for survival.

New Cult King
04-05-2006, 07:43
"Cleanse this place! Kill them all!"

Kultus heeded Romulus' command well; whirling on the spot with arms outstretched, he decapitated two of the Xenos, their foul blood spattering his face.

Seeing the Space Wolf being surrounded by the Eldar leader's bodyguard, Kultus sprinted across the battlefield, and crouched in battle-readiness by the Wolf's side. The two Marines exchanged a glance, before battle was joined once again.

04-05-2006, 10:31
Gabriel acknowledged the scout with a nod, it had been some time since he had spoken to a scout, he was going to chastise him for a lack of battle discipline but it would not have helped,

"I've been through worse, but I'm far from done yet. You stay near me, you look like you might need the protection..."

A splinter shard whizzed across Gabriel face opening a deep cut above his eye.. blood trickeled into his eye for a second until the wound closed itself up..

"Bet you can't do that yet.."

04-05-2006, 12:04
OOC// erm, I'm not totally sure how many scouts are in the group, but which one are you talking to nikolai? Please tell me it's not me lol, I kill an Incubi and all of a sudden fully fledged marines from other chapters are falling over themselves to help me out (btw, I'm gonna go back and scratch all the OoC stuff I put which is now Irrelevant, clean my posts up a bit!)

04-05-2006, 12:13
Kjell saw the haemonculus starting to slip away into the undergrowth, his arm bleeding quite badly, he moved to try and follow but found his path blocked by more of the eldar, he snarled at the closest one and let out a long howl, that was copied by someone off too hise side. A few moments later Geki returned it. Once he heard the answering call Kjell spun round and saw and smelt the same familiar scent he had smelled earlier.The warriors started to circle round the pair and Kjell let the pack instinct take over.

The two figures stood back to back as the eldar closed in on them, as they moved towards the two Kjell leapt forward knocking into the closest one and swung his chainsword across the chest of another, he glanced across and saw his plan being mimiced by the other Wolf.

There was a few eldar left as Kjell moved away into the undergrowth, he followed the scent trail of Geki and found him standing over the fallen haemonculus, his jaws clenched tightly around the eldar's throat. Kjell walked over and smashed his fist into the eldars face as gently as was needed not to kill. Geki released his grip and Kjell grabbed the eldar and started dragging him back towards the remaining marines.

Grand Warlord
04-05-2006, 16:55
"No sir I Don't think I can ... and I don't think I want to find out unless its necessary."

Offering a short bow

"I am Liren sir."

05-05-2006, 02:12
With Bardocks help, Sonnig quickly repaired the breaches in his suit and got his armour's systems running again, its machine spirit protesting the beating it had recived in the crash and combat with the Eldar, but it accepted it would have to wait to be brought back to full operating capacity.

Looking up he saw that the remaining Eldar were being slaughtered by others of their band and saw he wasnt needed just yet, so he went to work clearing the jam in the heavy bolter.

Noticing Bardock looking at the knife he had given him, Sonnig felt perhaps the Scout needed an explanation.
"Keep ahold of it lad, yours looks useless and in my old age, i prefer to feel an enemy crushed in my paws than cut by a blade... Though Ill need it back later, otherwise the master of armouries will have my hide!"

Chuckling inside his helmet, he racked the slide of the Heavy bolter and looked to see who was in charge around here...

05-05-2006, 08:59
"Well Liren, Im Gabriel, you've done well to make it thus far. Many battle brothers have fallen, either you are exceptionally skilled or the Emperor himself is looking out for you and you should prey it is the latter, you can learn skill but not faith."

05-05-2006, 23:25
Bardock slumped and sat down on the Incubi's corpse. He still hadn't fully recovered from the exertions of the duel. It was a little known trait of the Sons of Saiyan as a chapter, their regenerative healing capabilities were much slower than that of other chapters, however tissue regenerated stronger than the damaged original. The sounds of battle were fading anyway. The others could cope well enough without him.

He nodded in gratitude to Sonnig. He took a few practice swipes with the knife. The weight and balance was unusual, and he spent several moments 'playing' with the knife to become accustomed to it.

06-05-2006, 20:17
Sethos finnished off the last of his enemies and pulled his blade out of the dark eldar's chest. He sheathed his sword but as he turned he saw one of the wounded eldar sneeking away. he drew his bolt pistol and took careful aim. His finger softly pulled back the trigger and soon a large hole appeared in the eldars back. "All xenos have been eleminated Brother Chaptain."

07-05-2006, 02:58
Rhaegar surveyed the field; Sethos seemed to have the right of it, the xenos had been slain to the last.

The fierceness of battle faded from him; he knew it would take a moment to recover his stores of adrenaline and energy. It wasn't enough to slow him down.

"He have prevailed, brothers! For Terra!"

Tanith Ghost
08-05-2006, 02:04
Romulus look around. Every eldar was dead. "Imperia victa!" He roared, raising his powersword on high. THey had been hurt, no doubt there. But they had overcome terrible odds. They had proven their ledgendary capability to be true. This cabal had learned to fear the wrath of the astartes. "Men, rally up. Gather your wargear, tend your wounds, and prepare to move. We must make haste to reach the ctiy before the lockdown." He ordered.
"You have ten minutes to prepare to go again, and an additional five of lesuire time. Those who make ready before the ten expire may use the remaining time as they see fit. That is all." Romulus concluded. The men had their orders.

He tended his own weapons. Then he scoured the battlefeild
for the trophy he wanted. He found it at last in the wreck of a raider.
A red shroud to replace his cape. Soaked in the blood of the enemy, and red as the one that adorned his armor. Now this bloody shroud became his cape.
"Men, prepare to move out." He said, when the time had passed.

Scarab Swarm
08-05-2006, 09:49
"Leave me, sir! The men back at the outpost need you!" pleaded a badly injured Space Marine from the Ultramarines Chapter. His right arm was missing, and several blades from splinter rifles were stuck in the side of his belly, through the area not protected by armoured plating right belong the chest area. He was being dragged by the leg by another Space Marine wearing pitch black armour. This marine had a fierce and determined look in his eyes, and the revered Crozius Arcanum in his hand.

"The ambush had sidetracked us too far. Brother Captain Luke would've lead the group to another location by now. We must find a place away from the open, and wait for other survivors to come by" he replied with a hoarse tone, his voice coarse from the numerous battlecries used throughout the day. The day... had been bloody.

"I will not live for long, Brother Chaplain. I thank you, but you hold the sacred duty, not me. Leave me here and save yourself!"

At this, the Chaplain turned around and stared straight at the wounded Ultramarine.

"My duties are important, yes. But so are yours, Brother Marine, and all the marines that had fallen today, and those that are alive, and every man, woman, and child that makes up our Imperium. Stand together, and the Emperor will guide us."

At the Chaplain's stern words, the Ultramarine calmed down, and did not protest again. Finally, the Chaplain spotted Brother Captain Romulus' group. Before Romulus can greet him, the Chaplain got straight to the point.

"Apothecary! In the name of our Holy Emperor, I demand to have an Apothecary now!"

Then, the Ultramarine let out a painful cry. The Chaplain stopped and turned to kneel by the dying marine's side. His two hearts were about to give out, and was ready to return to the Emperor's light.

"Bro.. Brother Chaplain.. Raynor... Have I... have I failed the Emperor?"

"You fought with much honour and ferocity. You have fulfilled your oath to the Emperor."

The dying marine smiled. "Pl.. please give me the passing ceremony... so I can rest..."

The Chaplain opened his mouth, but no words came out. He looked at the Ultramarine again. He was desperate for the Emperor's love.

"... in our great crusade, our Brother has fallen. Our Immortal Emperor, guide Brother Anakin's soul to your light as he lay to rest, with his oath to Mankind fulfilled. Lead him not astray, for the Emperor protects..."

Before Raynor had finished the rites, the Ultramarine had passed away.

OOC: Romulus knows full well those are NOT the proper rites for a dying marine, but no one else knows about this. I'll leave Tanith to either keep this knowledge a secret, or expose him.

09-05-2006, 15:01
Gabriel sheathed his weapon. He tried to remove his shoulder plate and saw what had been causing the stiffness in his arm. Shrapnel was embedded deep in his shoulder pinning the armour to his flesh. He looked and spotted Liren. "You couldn't help me with this could you?"

09-05-2006, 17:58
Bardock reached out and picked up his armour. It was tattered melted and ruined. It was of no use. He would have to continue with his chest exposed. He tossed it aside. Using the Incubi's Polearm to support his weight he pushed himself to his feet and limped towards the Captain and the main group of Marines. He winced at the pain in his side. The adrenaline of combat was fading and the pain was setting in.

Grand Warlord
10-05-2006, 18:51
Nodding at Gabriel he cleaned off his combat knife a couple of times burning the tip of it to cleanse it, using it to dig out the shrapnel currently stuck in his battle brother.

"So, where are you from sir?"

Tanith Ghost
10-05-2006, 19:33
Romulus looked on grimly at the 'last rites.' The chaplain would be called to account for this later. To do so now would damag morale unaceptably.
The sun was about a third of the way bellow the horizon now, and the landscape was bathed in a sickly red glow, like the inside of a furnace, or a city in the grip of a firestorm. "Not much time brothers. We still have a lot of ground to cover. Move out, double time." Romulus ordered, breaking into a jog.

ooc//Follow quickly, for evil things watch with ill intent even now.Though unwilling to come out into the twilight, glimpses of mandrakes will be visible in the shadows. DO NOT waste your time firing on them, you won't hit anything yet. Just post how you can tell you're being watched, and can see something out of the corner of your eye. Above all, keep moving.

This basicly boild down to the 'Bridge of Khazad Dum' scene- we're running, with the hordes of goblins in hot pursuit.

10-05-2006, 21:44
Bardock groaned. The pain in his side was growing, and now they had to move with haste. Lesser warriors may have lay down and accepted their fate. But his newly forged pride would not permit such an ignominus end for him. He tightened his grip on his improvised crutch and followed after the others as fast as he could, though he quickly began to fall behind. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth against the pain.

When he opened them again, shadows flickered at the edge of his vision. He wondered whether he was about to black out again. But no, that wasn't it. The sight puzzled him, but he quickly dismissed it and forced himself to concentrate on keeping with the others.

Scarab Swarm
11-05-2006, 00:35
Catching up to Romulus, Raynor gave him a short greeting.

"I am Raynor Spartanus," he said, holding up his Crozius to denote his rank instead of speaking of it outright. "To what location do we head, good Captain? There is a --"

Raynor was interrupted momentarily by some quiet rustling. Not from Marines, no. Not even a Scout makes this subtle a movement. As he peered ahead, flickers of memories began filling his mind.

Raynor was staring straight ahead, seemingly on a run. No, not a run, he was travelling very fast. He heard sounds of engines all around him. Then, a voice filled his head.

"Auspex says we're clear. However, we shall stay alert, squadron. Our destination is near."

Raynor found himself saying "Yes Sergeant" along with other voices.

Then, he heard a quiet rustling...

Raynor regained focus just in time to avoid colliding into Romulus.

11-05-2006, 03:01
Kjell dropped the haemonculus with a shrug, it seemed as if his prize was unwanted after all, after a quick glance to confirm his acumption he lowered his bolter and fired a shot into the haemonculus's skull. Before moving off swiftly after the rest. Geki ran on ahead and stopped occasionally to look around, Kjell felt it too and could smell the vile eldar on the wind.

11-05-2006, 06:15
Sethos once again took the rear guard position as he was one of the lesser wounded of the group. his enhanced night vision getting better with ever moment that the sunn set he could see shadowy figures here and there but still could not see exatly what was out there. He placed a hand on the back of Bardock's right shoulder. "To day is not your day to die brother I will see to it you make it back alive." He fell back just behind Bardock and kept a close eye on the horizons

11-05-2006, 06:27
Rhaegar nodded at the captain's order to prepare to move. He checked his melta; he had two charges left, and a fusion pack with an additional eight. His blessed armor had picked up a few new punctures, but it was still whole; it's machine spirit seemed willing to carry on.

Rhaegar fell in beside the others, his strength recovering after the battle. At the captain's order, he matched the others' speed; a man would have found their pace impossibly difficult to match, but he knew full well he could keep this up for hours.

A shadow out of the corner of his eye seemed to whisper something, so faint he couldn't be sure he heard anything at all, as it slipped out of view. He shook his head and looked long at that spot as the group passed it by. He had seen something, he knew it.

He moved along with the others, trying to take in every detail of his surroundings.

11-05-2006, 10:22
Gabriel rotated his shoulder, it was still quite stiff but he had full movement now the shrapnel had been removed. "Thank you Liren..My planet of birth was called Severchal II.. but my home is now the Strike Cruiser Divine Fury. Tell me, is this your first action?"

13-05-2006, 22:50
Bardock nodded to Sethos.
"I thank you brother. But do not endanger yourself unnecessarily on my account".
His attention was drawn to the 'Chaplain' followng the Captain. Chaplains were a rare sight within the Sons of Saiyan, as excess religous fervour was seen as an impairment to good fighting sense. And as such were viewed with distrust. In fact the chapter only maintained a cadre of Chaplains to appease the careful eye of the Inquisition or Imperial authority. Despite his natural distrust of Chaplains, there was something especially strange about this one.

He jerked his head to the right. He would swear he had seen a humanoid shadow deep in the forest. But now it was gone.

14-05-2006, 01:02
Draken and gralamurus walked slowly out of the bush

all attetion turned to them and they just stood stearing back

all went back to what it had been before they showed

New Cult King
14-05-2006, 15:50
Kultus sniffed the air as he walked with the rest of the Marines. Everyone was spooked, eyeing the shadows. They were definitely being followed. He exchanged a look with the Wolf, and saw all the confirmation he needed.

This new Chaplain was a strange one...

Grand Warlord
14-05-2006, 19:41
Trying not to show his nervousness, Gabriel cleaned off his blades, he could guess they were being watched so he figured stealth was useless he was trying to sharpen his blades making sure to keep an eye on the flanks as they walked.

Tanith Ghost
15-05-2006, 00:20
Romulus' keen ears picked up foot steps. The number was only growing. And some were coming from ahead of them on the sides. They'd be surrounded soon. "Full pace run men! Run!" Romulus bellowed, and broke into a run. The eldar predators in the shadows were moving to surround them. The shadows were gowing longer and deeper. If they did not move quickly, they would be doomed.

15-05-2006, 00:22
Sonnig scanned the field before moving on, sighting a discarded Bolt pistol, he hooked it onto his utility belt, the Heavy bolter was increasingly unreliable, and he wanted something else to fall back on, in this case his chapters slightly unorthodox scout training.

His Autosenses scanned the valley around them as they moved, blips ghosted around the column of marines...

They were still far from home.

15-05-2006, 00:25
Hearing Romulus' shout, Sonnig Paused a momment and let off a burst of heavy bolter fire into the rocks sheltering the enemy, they moved back, but he saw no blood.

Turning to face backwards, he jogged back, firing supressive bursts into the cover of the valleys edge to cover his new brothers escape. With a sickening feeling his Autosenses pulsed and revealed the enemy had surrounded them.

They needed to break this trap, and fast!

15-05-2006, 01:11
Sethos could see more solid forms as they made there way and looked to Bardock. "No one will be left behind brother for any reason. now you must find more strength however as these xenos as gathering closer." He nodded to Sonnig as he peppered the area with heavy bolter fire. "Come now brother we can not take the time for this any longer!"

15-05-2006, 04:09
"I agree"
Bardock muttered through gritted teeth.
"There is no honour in dying in shadow. A warrior should meet his end bathed in the glorius light of the Emperor and the blood of his foe!"
He beat his bare chest with his right fist in in a warriors salute.
"Let us see if a wounded Marine is slow enough for these Xeno to manage to catch"
He grinned through the pain as he broke into a hobbling run.

16-05-2006, 01:56
Hearing Sethos' shout, Sonnig Fired a last blast into the rocks, and seeing that the rest of the makeshift company had moved past him, turned and broke into a cautious run, aware that rough terrain could spawn an ignominious end for any warrior.

17-05-2006, 14:33
Gabriel didn't like the idea of running away. He would rather die on the spot. But if he died the deaths of his brothers were for nothing and he would have failed the chapter master and the mission assigned to him. He drew his sword and kept pace with the others his damaged armour making it much harder than it should have been.

18-05-2006, 06:12
Rhaegar broke into a run with the others. It frustrated him that they were being ordered to retreat; better to meet the enemy head-on, to conquer or perish. But the Romulus had led them well thus far, and he was the ranking officer.

He ran with the others, keeping an eye out for skimmers; at this pace, they'd have little warning if the treacherous aliens were plotting an ambush.

Grand Warlord
19-05-2006, 04:54
Following close behind Gabriel he checked his ammo and grimaced holstering his gun and drawing his blades... hopefully they would continue to last him.

Scarab Swarm
24-05-2006, 19:53
Raynor picked up the pace like the rest of the Space Marines, refusing to fall behind despite wearing full Space Marine armour with a failing power pack. Nevertheless, the power that came in the power pack is nothing compared to the power of faith. Faith in the Immortal Emperor. He glanced at the Crozius in his hand. Raynor began questioning himself.

Why do we run away instead of taking the fight to the foul Xenos? Do I not have enough faith in Him to turn and face our enemies? Should I turn and fight?

Raynor held up his Crozius above his head, as if he was going to lead a charge very soon.