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03-03-2012, 16:13
After some time and the usual life juggling I'm verging on buying my first couple of core units for my first ever fantasy army(first ever table top gaming army in fact).

So.. I was wondering the best way to get my first game? Sure... going a long to a mid week gaming night seems okay but might be a bit fast paced and impersonal - depending on who I get against?

Would it be normal maybe to post on my local gw store FB page and ask if anyone fancied a game one afternoon (I'll take the afternoon off work!)?

Sounds a odd request but it is always difficult to jump into something with no friends to start with :P I don't want to relie completely on GW staff to finding me a game neither (especially when I'm maybe not buying from them...)

All help greatly appreciated :-)

03-03-2012, 16:25
I don't really know any players around Devon or I'd point you in their direction :( that said, I'll have a quick scout around and see if I can source any names/locations in the area.

Going into a GW on a Thursday afternoon or posting up on the FB page wouldn't be a bad idea. You do need to be a little bit careful who you play though, as UK GWs (can't speak for the rest of the world) do often have a habit of having a couple of players who think they're really good, in part because they use nasty lists against new opponents (my local one, for example, has a bad player who cheats). So, be sure to have a quick word with the staff as to who might be a good first opponent as they'll be able to warn you off someone or points you in the right direction. They'll also likely be able to give you a game if you go in at a quiet time, but again just be sure to ask in advance.

03-03-2012, 16:41
Thanks for the reply tmarichards.

Yeah I totally get that, I imagine there is always an element of over competitiveness in person, in open public events. I imagine it can also be a bit cliquey too?

Perhaps your right about dropping in on a Thursday early afternoon. I could get a game early in the day and I'll simply say its a fluff list, and thats how I intend to play! To give them the right idea, i'll also ask if they plan to play a fluff list too!

On a seperate note! For about 3 weeks I've been settled on Lizardmen and even have a paint scheme in mind.. however something has made me doubt that choice. Purely out of aesthetics, I don't care for playability :P Oh well, i'll have to review all the races... AGAIN!

The Low King
03-03-2012, 16:54
If you go into the store the staff can probably find you a game or give you a demo......

03-03-2012, 17:06
I know my local GW manager often will have time in the afternoon for an intro game (it's a one guy shop.) I'm guessing your Local GW guys will have an army of their own. Although be warned if they offer you tips on what you could've done I've known a few managers that will advise you to buy specific units. Ignore them and make your own mind up.

03-03-2012, 17:18
The GW staff would be happy to give you an introductory game and may even be able to supply the models, you will just have to go in and ask them, they tend to be good like that. They also wont mind if you ask on their facebook page, I've seen people do this before, but ask them in your post if the table is free too. State that your interested in a more fluffy game and you should be free of most powergamer types. I know what its like though to get a game in with out knowing many people in to it on a personal level, I often have the same problem.

Incidently any one from Coventry want a good thrashing from my Orcs and Goblins? I am still a bit rusty with the rules though but am learning fast. I'll even refuse to field a non painted unit/model if it will help with encouragement! :)

03-03-2012, 18:16
Sadly Devon is one of those counties where a 15 mile journey can take 45 mins, whereabouts in Devon are you? I may be able to help,

03-03-2012, 18:38
Oh I'm in Mid Devon but work in Exeter and lol your so right about the journey times.

The GW staff there are nice to be honest, well so far. I have had a 30 minute 'lunch time' game with a staffer but it went very fast (especially as I won)!

04-03-2012, 00:21
Hi again, I'm not sure whereabouts everything is in relation to each other around where you are but I did manage to find out about one place that might be of interest to you:

"It's The giants lair in Plymouth- amazing place. http://www.thegiantslair.co.uk/gl_forum/index.php Directions and info on their site. Hope this helps :)"

05-03-2012, 02:54
I'd always recommend a few demo games from staffers or your FLGS. They might lend you armies you haven't played yet and may like.

Next find your local games club. Ask for beginners or other players willing to take it easy on you for a few games. When you start getting a bigger army just play normal games. Even if you lose them, you'll likely learn fast and get better more quickly. Good luck with it!

Twisted Ferret
05-03-2012, 15:11
On a seperate note! For about 3 weeks I've been settled on Lizardmen and even have a paint scheme in mind.. however something has made me doubt that choice. Purely out of aesthetics, I don't care for playability :P Oh well, i'll have to review all the races... AGAIN!
Oh man, the same thing happened to me. Fluff: cool. They're really the only remaining loyal servants of the beings who sculpted (although not created) the Warhammer world and, created many of the species in it. The Slann looked like bloated toads but are the most powerful and advanced spellcasters of all. They are constantly calculating ways to put the world back like the Old Ones had desired, which - as that includes humans, elves, and dwarves at least, and not world-devouring Chaos incursions - is not such a bad goal, from a certain perspective.

Gameplay: also just fine. Dominate in the magic phase if you so desire; harass your opponent with the small, mobile skink or close in with the (ideally) fearsome CC monster Saurus. It's just... the models. They're not bad; I just don't want to build and then paint a bunch of lizards. I want war machines, weapons, armor, metal - the less organic my army is, the better, and Lizardmen are about as all-natural as they come! So I have to find a second choice too. Well, third; Hordes of Chaos was my choice when they could also dominate in the magic phase, but now they can't, I think.

05-03-2012, 16:11
Thanks for the suggestions. Giants Lair looks a great place. It would unforunately have to be one of those infrequent visits I think, prob an hour drive from Exeter!

I am thinking about asking for another demo game. It was only High elves vs Skaven(me) and mage tower / artifact scenario -I reckon was only about 400-500 point game. I just feel bad. One staff member at my store takes an interest in me but after a little while is still encouraging me to buy something (well fair enough - it has to be made worth his while?). Whilst other staff seem more relaxed about the business side and more talking about why I am interested in Warhammer etc.

I suppose I should just pop in again and ask if I can have another game at some point.

Twisted Ferret - LOL yeah.. see I like Lizardmen because I think there are a variety of 'simple' color schemes that wouldn't be hard to pull off well. Or atleast so I think. Have to say you are right about the war machine side of things. I've read a lot about Skaven being unpopular but that doesn't stop them being lovable for the fact their devastating weaponry can backfire - really makes them interesting and fun to play against I guess. Though seems a lot of people dislike the whole zerg/swarm race that offers up a lot of leadership tests(am I making sense?)

I get the impression that Lizardmen they can be simple to play and powerful when used well but from reading it seems they have a reliance on their magic and their core units just being meatshields (low initiative and reasonably high strength?) possibly losing ranks quickly over turns. The skinks I bet offer up a slight difference I guess. Being able to march and shoot(right?) - annoying little SOB's ?! Hehe.

Again I can imagine it being a fun race. I just dont find their Kroxigors very interesting, which is a shame.

I started liking Bretonnia again but otherthan a single purpose of cavalry, i dont know much about them.

I'm trying to keep an open mind to races like Beastmen and even VC and even Empire but find them a bit ugly (Ogres included) for my first race :)

Anyway, thanks again for the posts. Maybe I'll find time to paint my night goblins I got in my starter paint set :P

05-03-2012, 16:37
The GW staff at my local store weren't that helpful tbh. I had just returned to the game after 10 years and found my 1000 point fluffy dark elves tabled on the first introductory game by a nasty Skaven list complete with Hellpit, Doom Rocket and Grey Seer with the Dreaded 13th spell. Needless to say I think it was all over in about 3 turns after I had killed a couple of slaves :S .

My second introductory game was against a different member of staff at the same store where my same Dark Elves got tabled by the 4th turn this time by the old Ogres complete with every nasty trick in the book.

To be honest it was very disheartening, fortunately a there was a nice guy (non member of staff) there who I played a few more real friendly games with where he wasn't too hard on me.

So don't get disappointed if you lose hard on a couple of games try to play someone else who is more friendly and willing to take you through the rules rather than just thrash you.

I live in Dorset so not quite close enough to be honest otherwise I would be happy to take you through a few games.