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Bingo the Fun Monkey
26-04-2006, 08:45
What does your army have? If you have multiples, your biggest or main army? Finally, how much more do you have to add to "finish" it? Remember to include stuff loosely associated with the army. Just wanna see what everyone has and buying/keeping patterns.
I've hopped from army to army but I only possess one now: Waaagh! Morgit

25 Boyz w/ shd
25 Boyz w/ 2 hw
25 Boyz w/ spears
12 Arrer Boyz
2x30 Night Goblins with spears
2x5 Wolfboyz
1 base of snotlings
25 Savage Orcs
14 Boar Boyz
2 Wolf Chariots
Boar Chariot
Squiggoth (converted from a toy rhino) chariot
22 Black Orcs w/ GW
Rock Lobba
2xSpear Chukka
12 Ruglud's Armored Orcs
Doom Diver
Old School Wagon
Metal Giant

Morgit (heavily converted 40k warboss)
Imbad (mounted warboss+ greenstuff add ons)
Big Boss Bob (BSB converted from Borgut)
Zazuga Ud Urda Zububu (savage orc shaman)
Wizbang (orc shaman)
Naggrit (NG shaman)
Guzmo (made from grimgor, head swap, right arm swap)

Odds and Ends:
2 Forest Gobbo Shamans
Skarsnik and Gobbla
2 Forest Gobbo unit champions
6 Chaos Ogres
old school ogre w/ axe and spikefist
mordheim ogre
Common Goblin unit champ w/ mail and sword

What do I want to feel "complete"?
the old Marauder Giant
the new plastic giant
12 40k Grots (to count as DoW duelists w/ pistols)
Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz
8 more bases of snotlings
2 units of 20 common goblins

I don't know if I should feel pride or feel like a geek. This is the cumulation of being in the hobby 10 years.


26-04-2006, 09:13
Oh dear sweet crap.:eek: In the last 10+ years.....enough to field anything I want. All that above times two including the wish list (well, the 3K of Snotlings too:D) times maybe a dozen armies.:D

26-04-2006, 09:44
In ten years, I have gathered three large armies, Orcs, Empire and Dark Elves. I won't lists them all, but here is my Dark Elf collection

5 Dark Riders
5 Dark Riders
12 Crossbows
12 Crossbows
20 Spearelves
20 Spearelves
20 Corsairs

6 Shades
6 Harpies
15 Executioners
15 Witch Elves
5 Cold One Knights
2 Cold One Chariots

2 Bolt Throwers
My lovely game winning War Hydra

Tuellarn: Highborn on Dragon
Karhond: Noble in Chariot
Meg'rathen: High Sorceress on Pegasus
Brian the Manticore (DIIIVE!!!)
Deathbringer: Assassin
Sullari: Sorceress
Vorhil : BSB
Kurhin: Corsair Noble

I now hope to add a Dogs of War giant to use with my Orcs as well, plus some more COK's and Exec's. I also have 2 40k forces including a Guard army. This was done in ten years also, plus other specialist games.
I don't think your sad at all, as you have more orcs then me and thats always a good thing :p

26-04-2006, 11:59
lets see whats here...
this is my tomb king collection from over the course of 2 years now i think:


56 x Skeleton Warriors with spear and shield (cause it looks cooler)
32 x Skeleton Archers
9 x Chariots
16 x "Heavy" Horsemen
16 x light Horsemen

2 x Scorpions
32 x Tomb Guard
3 x Ushabti

Tomb Giant
2 x SS Catalpult

1x Tomb king in chariot "Stormcrow" (he even has a crow on his chariot, he kills everything and i love him)
2x Tomb Princes (as yet unnamed as they arent worthy of it)
3x Liches (and the casket liche too)

i want to eventually get about 100 warriors and 50 tomb guard, some more chariots would be nice too. i'm going for he whole dead legion look, going light on the constructs more so now than when i started...it looks more impressive on the battle field and performs admirably

Cpt. Drill
26-04-2006, 12:35
12x bulls
8x ironguts
8x gnoblar trappers

6x leadbelchers
1x WIP scraplauncher
4x WIP Yhetis

4x maneaters (heavily converted)
2x rhinox (heavily converted)
1x gorger.. (erm...)

2x butchers

Wish List:
Slave giant...
More ogres...

I still have about 16 ogres on sprues in my bits box :)

The boyz
26-04-2006, 13:41
For my Skaven I currently have:

1 Chieftan

25 Clanrats + command(armed with spears)

30 Plague monks + command

3 Giant rat packs

2 Rat ogres packs

6 stormvermin (only just started this regiment)

Wish/ still to get list
Still to get are some more Stormvermin, more clanrats (probably another 25 or so) some slaves and a ratling gun team. And maybe a slave giant. Oh and some more Rat Ogres.

26-04-2006, 13:51
Well lets see... for tomb kings:
1 scorpion
16 tomb guard
32 archers
16 spearmen
3 Ushabti (cause they just look so damn cool)
2 liche priests
1 tomb king
1 skull catapult
1 casket (i either use the catapult or the casket)

^^Love these guys...my first EVER army i completely finished from beginning to end, without mind-changes

For my wood elves:
16 glade guard (going to add another 16)
24 dryads
2 spellsingers
1 spellweaver
8 wardancers
6 waywatchers
10 wild riders
1 treeman

^^^the elves have done me proud in many battles

Hoping to get a daemonic legion or slayer army

26-04-2006, 14:08
My Wood elves are still countable:

72 Glade guard (archers, 32 new, 40 old)
29 dryads (13 old, 16 unassembled new)
8 glade riders (unassembled new)
5 wild riders
18 wardancers
7 warhawks (unassembled/disassembled)
1 Treeman
2 great eagles
6 waywatchers

Caelun, Maedin, Aeanar, and another, 4 mages/archmages
Daith, alter noble
Frecus, Bladeweaver highborn
Thaelmar, lord on dragon
Ilthur, battle standard
Ilthor & Aenon, nobles/highborns on foot & on steed respectively

Whoah! 11 character slots! I think I can make any highborn/noble in the book with my collection (except for the stag rider).

The glade wanderer

26-04-2006, 15:54
OK, let's see. I have...

1 Vermin Lord (which I've never actually used :( )
3 Grey Seers (including one on a Screaming Bell)
2 Assassins
2 Warlock Engineers
2 Plague Priests
1 Master Moulder

60 Clanrats
25 Stormvermin
30 Skavenslaves
5 Globadiers
12 Giant Rats
3 Rat Swarms
30 Plague Monks
5 Rat Ogres
4 Censer Bearers
5 Gutter Runners
5 Jezzails
2 Ratling Guns
1 Warpfire Thrower
1 Warp-Lightning Cannon
1 Doomwheel ( :D )

And a bunch of Night Runners I've never bothered painting because I don't use Eshin stuff and hate painting black.

Which comes to... quite a lot of rats. Apart from the Censer Bearers, I think this is everything I'm going to need, although I'm toying with the idea of doing a Lustria list, so it looks like one day I'll need more Plague Monks.

26-04-2006, 16:06
Here goes my Empire

In active use when I play:

State Troops:
25 Spearmen w/ command
28 Halberdiers w/ command
28 Swordsmen w/ command
25 Greatswordsmen w/ command
20 Handgunners + 2 longrifle marksmen and 2 rep handgun marksmen
5 Crossbowmen (for use as detachment)
2 Mortars w/ crew
2 Cannons w/ crew
1 Helblaster w/ crew (gun is as of yet unpainted though)

30 mixed Free Com Fighters
25 Halberdiers w/ command
50 Handweapon/Shield fighters w/ 2 sets of command
12 Crossbowmen
24 Archers
20 Huntsmen
12 Pistoliers
25 Flagelants

Elector Count w/ Sw+Sh
Elector Count w/ pistol
Captain w/ greatweapon
3x Captain w/ halberd
3 Warrior Priests of Sigmar - ahw, shield, gw
2 Engineers - repeater handgun, repeater pistol
5 Mages - Death, Beasts, Light, Fire, Shadow
4 Witch Hunter's (Militia army characters) - GW, pistol, shield, halberd

Not in use / on the painting pile:
12 militia archers
Captain on Pegasus
Elector Count on Griffin
Elector Count on horseback
Steam Tank w/ Fighting Platform
11 Knights of the White Wolf
Grandmaster of the WW
Metal-College Mage
Converted Warrior Priest of Ulric on foot
a second Helblaster
Few more artillery pieces (2 mortars 1 cannon, I think)
an unopened box of militia
several Dogs of War units, including Beorg's Bearman, 2 Galloper Guns, Vespero's Vendetta, and a collection of duelists.

12+ Knightly Orders
12+ Custom Knightly orders w/ different weapons (WD article on custom Orders)
some mounted characters

Plus whatever odds and ends I have laying about that I don't even think about. Plenty of old blisters to use as characters/champions.

Yikes! Thats a lot of stuff! And to think, I also have Vampire Counts and Ogre Kingdoms armies as well.

Dodgy Ed
26-04-2006, 16:59
ok then, from memory, (and only fully painted stuff) I have and use

80 warriors with Hand weapon and shield
20 warriors with Gt weapons
20 crossbow dwarves
20 Thunderers
20 Miners
15 very oop longbeads

30 Ironbreakers
30 Hammerers
25 Slayers
10 (yes 10) Bolt throwers
1 dwarf cannon
3 empire cannnons doing double duty
1 stone thrower

2 organ guns
1 flame cannon
1 Gyrocopter (pending)

Lots should cover it including 5 ltd edition BSB's

ok thats it for dwarfs up next we have

High Elves

80 plastic spear elves from various editions
10 oop metal spear elves
20 Silver helms(10 old school metals) and another 30 unpainted

12 Dragon princes and another 24 unpainted
30 Swordmasters
2 Chariots

6 repeater bolt throwers
4 phoenix guard from somewhere

load of mages couple of mtd commanders and both versions of Imerik

yep thats another army down and now we have


So very many skinks. Over 150 although ownership of 60 of those maybe disbuted by Gortex Gunnerson (who really needs to post here, it'll make everyone feel better about their expenditure on plastic&metal crack :p )
60 Saurus
30 Temple Guard

5 kroxigor

6 Salamanders, again ownership maybe disputed
1 triceratops thing whose name escapes me currently
Ample skink preists and saurus chieftans and 2 slann

OK just one more painted fantasy army to go

Vampire counts
80 skellies
40 zombies

30 Grave guard
12 Black knights

1 banshee

enough for almost any bloodline up to 3K

And thats the extent of my painted and useable fanatsy collection. What makes this even more distubing is I have never worked for GW, so no staff discount (for most of it):cries: Although the majority was not bought retail thankfully

26-04-2006, 17:34
Currently, I have:

60 boyz with a mix of 2hw and choppa/shield
60 night gobbos with spear and shield
20 black orcs with gw
10 wolf boyz
4 herders
6 squigs
1 rock lobba
1 spear chukka
3 fanatics
1 orc chariot

1 orc boss
1 orc shaman
1 gobbo shaman
1 night gobbo shaman

Wish list:
Boar boy unit
BSB (although I have the parts required already. Just haven't got around to making him)
Doom diver
Killer Kan (it's worth a try ;) )
Regular gobbo units
More of what I've already got

26-04-2006, 18:59
This is from memory for my Demon army:

32 Plaguebearers
10 Nurglings
8 Plagueriders
50 Bloodletters
29 Flesh Hounds
3 Bloodcrushers
1 Khorne Demon Chariot pulled by 2 Juggernaughts (haven't assembled it though)
40 Demonettes
24 Mounted Demonettes (six are old school, 18 are new style)
3 Pleasureseekers
50 Horrors
18 or 20 Flamers
5 Screamers
3 Changebringers
5 or 6 Demon Princes/Exalted Demons
5 or 6 Demon Heralds
Keeper of Secrets
2 Lords of Change (one is GW, the other is a conversion I've been working on that is way bigger based on a Reaper Collosal Bone Giant)

As far as Dark Elves go:
44 Executioners
38 Witch Elves
28 Corsairs
15 Dark Riders
21 Shades
10 Mengil's Manflayers
12-14 Crossbowmen (that sit in a box since they rarely fit with my battleplan)
Around 20-30 Spearmen (I bought them with a few other figures off of someone and I've never used them since they are defensive instead of offensive so I don't know how many there are)
Around 10 Black Guard (got them with the spearmen above, have never used them)
The Cauldron of Blood (old school model, new crew, actually I have three sets of crew for some reason, two new and one old)
4 Reaper Bolt Throwers
5 Assassins (including Shadowblade)
4 or 5 Nobles (two on Dark Pegasi)
3 Wizards (one on horseback)

Those are my two biggest armies. For the Demons, I want to get some more bloodletters and flesh hounds and need to finish converting my own screamers (I have parts to make 10, which will make my old ones obsolete). For the Dark Elves, I want to get more Corsairs and Dark Riders and another two Nobles on Dark Pegasi.

Major Defense
26-04-2006, 19:30
Imrik (classic model modified for Null Stone dragon)
blind Eltharion
boxed set Battle Standard Bearer
hero on eagle
3x hero on foot
3x mage on foot
2x hero on horse
3x mage on horse

24 Spearelves w/2 commands (need another box of 16)
30+ Archers (3 units of 10)
3 units of 5 Silver Helms with full commands

10 Ellyrian Reavers, 2 musicians
8 Dragon Princes with command
32+ Swordmasters w/3 command units (for Eltharion)
30+ Shadow Warriors
4 Tiranoc Chariots

4 Eagle Claw Repeater Bolt Throwers
25 White Lions w/command
6 Great Eagles
10 Handmaidens w/command

26-04-2006, 19:39
Wow, this thread scares me.

Despite playing Fantasy for a good 4 years now, I still only have a tiny force, much of which is still unpainted - my High Elves are

Converted Hero on foot
Mounted hero
2 plastic converted Magi

18 Spearelves
15 Archers
8 Silver Helms

2 Great Eagles

Meaning I can just about field 1000 pts and pick which of the Eagles and RBTs I want :(

Just ordered 500 pts of Chaos Mortals too..

Brush your teeth
26-04-2006, 20:20
Core (empire)
30+ spearmen
19 halberdeirs
16 swordsmen
30+ handgunners
20 militia
10 archers
10 crossbowmen
8 reiksguard
8 white wolf

15 greatswords
5 pistoleirs
great cannon

hellblaster volley gun

3 wizards (1 mounted)
karl frank
2 captains on foot, one on horse
3 warrior preists (1 on horse)

what i still want
more knights
more greatswords
another cannon

vampire counts


40 skeletons
40 zombies
10 wolves
4 bat swarms

3 spirot host bases
6 fell bats

black coach

4 vampires (3 mounted)
2 necromancers
1 wraith

what i still want
black knights
grave guard
more skelletons
more zombies
few more heros

Morathi's Darkest Sin
26-04-2006, 23:53
I only really have one Warhammer army atm which is quite wierd for me, in the past I had up to five large armies at once. Okay I can field a half dozen 500pt forces , and even 2000pts of Ogres, plus a truck load of Goblins but I don't see them as unified armies as they where mainly brought to be used in Warhammer quest.

My warhammer army is Druchii... and is made up of the following.

Lords and Heroes
Sorceress Lord on a Manticore (both converted)
Highorn on Chariot (actually Malus on foot figure)
Sorceress on Cold One
Three Sorceress on foot
Malus darkblade
Female Hero on foot (converted from Dark eldar Wych cult leader)
Beastmaster on manticore
Beastmaster on foot

6x Dark riders
6x dark Riders
10x Corsairs
20x Spearmen
10x Rxb
10x rxb
10x rxb

24x Witch Elves
10x Shades
10x Harpies
10x Cold One Knights
20x Executioners
2x Cold One chariots
15x Mengils Manflayers

20x Black Guard
2x Repear Bolt throwers
3x Maneaters (will be four if my wife ever gets round to doing me a female one dressed up as a Witch Elf. :D )

3 units of corsairs
anything new plastic I'd expect
plus any new heroes :)

27-04-2006, 02:15
I started collecting my High Elves in 95 and I have never really moved away from them, so needless to say I have alot.

Tyrion (5th and 6th edition)
Teclis (5th and 6th edition)
Everqueen and 14 Maiden Guard
Eltharion on Foot
Eltharion on Stormwing
3 Lords on Dragons
Mage in Chariot
Limited edition BSB
Hero on Pegasus
20 other character models (from 4th, 5th, and 6th edition)

20 Archers
20 Archers
20 Archers
20 Archers
10 Archers
10 Archers
10 Archers
20 Spearmen
20 Spearmen
20 Spearmen
26 Archers
20 Ship's Company
20 Ship's Company
24 Seaguard
10 Silver Helms
10 Silver Helms
10 Silver Helms
10 Silver Helms

Special Units:
5 Ellyrian Reavers
5 Ellyrian Reavers
12 Dragon Princes
24 Swordmasters
20 Swordmasters
10 Shadow Warriors
10 Shadow Warriors
10 Shadow Warriors
7 Shadow Warriors
4 Tiranoc Chariots

Rare Units:
20 Phoenix Guard
20 White Lions
4 War Eagles
10 Bolt Throwers

Last time I checked, this was about 17000 points legally and equipped with full commands and Magic Items. Of course this is on top of Brets, Orcs, Ogres, Tomb Kings, and Dwarfs.

27-04-2006, 04:19
I am not even going to attempt this. I have easily 5000 miniatures for every army with a book going back to 2nd edition models as well as several armies without a book. For example, my smallest army:


2 mounted boyars
3 foot boyars
ice queen
Boris on bear
mounted ice mage (old amber)
foot ice mage (old amber)

2x20 kossars w/full command
3x10 winged lancers w/full command
3x6 horse archers w/mus, champ

1x10 gryphon legion w/full command

war wagon

those are all metal of course, over 100 figs.

Someday I'll catalog all my minis, but it'll have to be a summer break project. Right now I'm taking a break from grading research papers on Eugenics:eek:

The most staggering point about my miniatures is that I'm a bit of a metal snob, I have no plastic (excluding steeds and shields) in eleven of my armies including my Orcs and Goblins which tops out over 700 models. By today's retail prices, that army alone would total somewhere in the neighborhood of $4500!

Somebody should design a smily handing over money to GW.

27-04-2006, 04:46
For orcs,
75 orc boyz with Choppas, 25 Bigun's with spear and shield, 30 generic Gobilins,
4 squig herders, 6 squigs, 2 orc chariots, 4 DOW ogres,5 wolf riders, the majority of which are riding lizardish squigs, and a spear chukka converted from the high elf plastic repeater bolt thower. for characters, 1 shaman, converted from a arrer boy( using, among other things, the cow skull from the plastic kit for multipart orcs.) a standard bearer, from a normal boy, ,and a Black Orc warboss with a custom great weapon, arms bufed out with green stuff.


20 swordsmen, 20 hand gunners, 9 Reiksguard nights, a cannon, a mortar, and a hellblaster volley gun. Also present is a DOW unit of dwarves bought on a whim. The elector count is a unholy combination of the torso of a spearman, legs and arms from a generic command sprue, and a bearded head and a fur cape from the knight sprue. Nice and angry looking.

The rest of my stuff is for roleplaying, mostly, including four or five motley looking peasants for Wfrp characters, a waywatcher or two, and a generic looking priest from reaper. My favorites aside from my orcs are the first two minis that I recieved with a starter box for AD&D, a pair of unidentifable Rackham figures that are either some form of hobgoblin, or possibly drow or some other form of elf.

27-04-2006, 13:21
2-Demon slayers and/or Dragon slayers
1-runelord with anvil

20-Warriors with hand weapon and shield
20-warriors with great weapons
12-Crossbow men
25-Long beards

12-Bolt throwers
4-stone throwers (One converted into a gob lobber)
12-Iron beards

1-Orgun gun

All made and in various stages of painting and basing.


6-Iron guts


Slave giant

All made but no painting started yet.

Raza Decon
27-04-2006, 19:47
5 Heroes on foot
3 mounted Heroes
5 mounted Wizards
3 Wizards on foot
one Hero on Pegisus (with on foot version of the hero)
One Wizard on Wind Elemental (Pegisus) With on foot version of the wizard)
Dark Emissary
Amazon Preistess
Borgio the Besieger
Lorenzo Lupo
Ghazak Khan
Mydas the Mean
Marco Colombo
Arsnal the Dragon Lord

7 units of Duallist (15 Vendetta, 1 unit of 10 w/sheilds, 2 unit of 15 w/ two weapons, 1 unit of 10 w/2 hand weapons, 3 units w/ pistols (2 unit of 10, one unit of 12)
4 units of Pikes (2 units of 30, 1 unit of 40 [this unit can be split into 20 units] one unit of twenty)
4 units of Crossbowmen (20 Marksmen, one unit of 12, one unit of 10, 14 Besiegers)
Heavy Cav (10 Venators)
3 units of Light Cav (12 Deasert Dogs, 10 Light Cav w/ bow, 10 w/ Spear & Sheilds)

4 units of Ogres (5 Golfags, 5 orges, 3 ogres, 10 Zoats)
1 Unit of OK Bulls (6 w/ Fists)
1 unit of OK Ironguts (unit of 4)
1 unit of OK Leadblechers (unit of 4)
4 OK Maneaters (+ 1 Thrudd the Barbarian used as a Maneater)
1 unit of bodyguard (Unit of 35)
3 units of Norse (20 w/ Great Weapons, 30 w/ sheilds, 20 w/ flails, 15 w/ 2 hand weapons)
2 unit of Halflings (20 Spears, or 12 archers + 20 Fighting Cocks)
4 units of Dwarfs (18 w/ h armor and sheilds, 20 Bugmans, 20 w/ Crossbows, 20 dwarfs)
20 Slayer Pirates
10 Olga Khan's Wolf boyz
25 Curse Company
20 Ruglugs boys
10 Manflayers
20 Bearmen
25 Zombie Pirates

2 cannons (+1 Nippon Rocket Launcher that i use as a cannon from time to time)
2 Hot Pots
3 Fenbeasts
8 Tichi-Hichi Raiders
1 Giant
10 Birdmen
2 Gallaper Guns
Giants of Albion
Felix and Gotrek
Goblin Hewer

Tzar Boris
The Ice Queen
2 Boyars
2 units of 20 Kossars
2 units of 10 Mounted archers
2 units of 10 winded lancers
Unit of 10 Griffin Leigon

27-04-2006, 20:02
let see....

1 grey seer
3 warlock enginer (old one)
2 assasins (old one)
1plague priest (converted muajajaja)
1Screaming bell (in convertion stage)

90 clanrats (or 40 slavesand 50 clanrats xD)
25 stormvermin
3 plague swarm
20 night runers
2 ratin gun
2 warp fire trower

4 rat ogres
25 plague monk
9 jezzail
8 guter runers

7 cencer bearer

and a unpainted and unused vermin lord :P

27-04-2006, 21:41
In a previous battle in 2002 I fielded 45,000 points of warhammer ina mega battle for me and a few mates, I had spares and my collection has grown. Although the onset of 6th Edition cut a lot of my models from legal play. My Dragon mounted Dwaf Lord still aches to play.


50 Clansmen
90 Ironbreakers (3 *30)
40 Thunderers
30 Crossbowmen
50 Hammerers
20 Long beard
60 Slayers
10 Doom seekers
25 Rangers
35 Miners
Anvil, throne of power
5 Flame cannons
3 Stone throwers
4 Bolt throwers
7 Cannons
4 Organ guns
3 Gyros
~20 characters

All lead except 30 models

High Elves

160 Archers
180 Spearmen
40 Swordmaster
25 Silver Helms
15 Dragon princes
4 Eagles
10 Bolt throwers
20 Shadow Warriors
20 Phoniex guard


400 Skeletons
40 Black knights
65 Dire Wolves
Loads and Loads of characters
30 Grave Guards
30 Drankenhoff Guard
5 Bases of spirit host
4 Banshees
40 Zombies

Orc and Goblin

~200 Goblins
~100 Boys
~30 Fanatics
30 Squigs
50 Wolf riders
32 Boar boys
Pump wagon
2 * boar boys chariot
10 Bolt throwers
Loads of chariacters and stuff

I think those are my more large model wise armies in summary also have

Wood Elves

2 Treemen
2 Eagles
16 Glade Riders
Unicorn Mounted General
Unicorn Mounted Wizard
20 Dryads
12 Waywatchers
15 Scouts
30 Archers
20 Glade Guard
20 Wardancers


Karl franz on griffon
Steam Tank
2 Engineers
5 Priests
1 Elector Count
6 Wizards
Mounted heros of the empire (for those that know your 4th Edition)
6 Great cannon
4 Mortors
1 Steam Tank
60 Handgunners
20 Free copy
60 Swordmen
80 Spearmen
10 Huntmen
15 Acrchers
30 Knights
10 crossbowmen

Tomb kings

Settra in Chariot
8 Chariots
5 Ushabti
3 Carrion
2 Tomb scorpions
4 Tomb swarms
8 Light Horsemen
15 Archers
3 Liche Priest

Dark Elves

Beast Lord Rateth (sp)
Morathi on pegasis
Lord on Coldone
BsB onCold one
18 Cold one knights
20 Corsairs
20 Black Guard
20 Spearmen
60 Old plastic hand weapons
70 Witch Elves (painted as devoteed)
10 Bolt throwers
30 Repeater Crossbows
10 Harpies

Choas Dwarf

Lord on Foot
40 Warriors
25 Blunderbuses
5 Bull centaurs
3 Death Rockets
Hobgoblin character on wolf back
Bull cnetaur BsB
10 Hobgoblins
10 Hobgoblin Wolf riders

(Really want some more Choas Dwarfs if any one has any blundererbuses or earthshakers they dont want pm for trade or sale)


Sold most of :) :) :) I actually took the plunge and got rid of some models
Now just have a large number of charcters and knights ranging frm 2 - 5th editions all troops gone!!!


40 Saurus
60 Skinks of debatable ownership (As per Dodgy_ed's post)
6 Slamaners
Scar Vetern
Skink Priest
Skink Chief

And then a splattering of most other things! I now actually have a warhammer room in my flat for pure storage purpose :) lol