View Full Version : 2400 point ETC lizardmen army

04-03-2012, 18:52
Right so after using my dark elves for soo long,and having my lizardmen in a case and not using them..
I've decided that I'm gonna start to use them and go to a few tournaments with them this year.
Right so I'll give you guys something to pick apart then thanks C+C is more than welcome.

BSB,general,dispel scroll,mystery,rumination,soul stone,standard of discipline lore of light.

Skink priest:145pts
Level 2,cube of darkness

Scar vet:160pts
Maiming shield,burning blade,light armour,cold one.

Scar vet:161pts
Dawnstone,dragonhelm,firefly venom,light armour,cold one,great weapon.

32xsaurus warriors:362pts
Full command

10xskink skirmishers:70pts
10xskink skirmishers:70pts
10xskink skirmishers:70pts
10xskink skirmishers:70pts

20xTemple guard:360pts
Full command,iron curse icon

5xcamo skinks:60pts
5xcamo skinks:60pts

6xcold ones:285pts
Full command,haunchi's blessed totem.

Extra handler.

Right so that's it,lots of chaff and then hard hitters in the saurus and cold ones for flanking.
I know there's only 1 salamader but you can only take 2 anyway under ETC comp so I only had one and thought I'd use it for extra chaff.
Well there you go now be gentle,thanks.

04-03-2012, 19:00
I'd rejig the kit on the Scar-Vets slightly- give the Dawnstone to the first one, and swap the Maiming Shield for the Charmed Shield. That way, he can survive the first cannonball by which time he should be half way across the table.

Then, give the other one the Amulet of Itzl, so that he can also survive the first cannonball. Your can-opener S7 Vet will still hit like a truck and is fairly hard to bring down, and your other one is more survivable.

285pts for 6 models is just too many in my opinion- a hero level Fire/Metal mage, which are very common, will knock chunks out of that unit. I'd drop all their kit other than the musician, and get some more bodies in the before adding in more magic kit. As it stands, they just don't have the model count to benefit from the upgrades.

05-03-2012, 06:25
I do agree with you Tom,the charmed shield would work better for cannon balls,I'm gonna swap that in,the amulet of itzl I'm not too keen on for 30 points for a one use trick..
I wanted to take the cold ones to be a bit different,knowone really takes them in a competitive list,so I thought I'd try and make them work as a flanking unit.
Other than that is there anything else I should change?