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05-03-2012, 07:21
I'm thinking of some kind of all mounted 40k army , something on horses or bikes. Not sure what though. Any ideas ?

05-03-2012, 07:41
Saim-hann themed Eldar (or any craftworld really)

If Forgeworld is allowed, Eldar Corsairs would also be a good choice, with troop jetbikes and jetpacks galore.

Ravenwing Dark Angels (though pure Ravenwing is probably better served by Vanilla marines, as you pay points for teleport homers only used by the deathwing... unless you want to be cool and use AN IMPERIAL JETBIKE)

Vanilla marines bikers

Orks, though I'm not sure how they would work/how good they are.

05-03-2012, 09:59
Blood angels do a decent Fast N Fast list - 20 bikers and 30 jumpers with FNP everywhere.

but it sounds like you're looking at pure biker:
Eldar - Saim hann craftworld; jetbike seer council, jetbike troops, lots of vypers for fire support. suffers when you hit psychic hoods as the council (which the army tends to revolve around) runs out of steam fast.
Ravenwing - kewlness of an imperial jetbike. No close combat ability at all. none. whatsoever. combat is not your friend. Unless you include some deathwing, but they are neither on horsies or bikes.
Codex Marines - the codex marine biker list is pretty nasty and has a different playstyle to other marine armies. Tooled up command squads are your CC hammer, while the rest of your bikes are tank hunters and stay the hell out of the way.
Space Wolves - hear me out. Canis. 2 wolf lords. 2 packs of fenrisian wolves. 15 thunderwolf cavalry with storm shields and power weapons out the wazoo. hits around 2000 points. you'll never win an objective game unless you table the guy, but it's a hell of a lot of fun.

05-03-2012, 10:06
Orks can take Wazdakka Gutzmek, who allows bikers to be taken as troops choices. You could supplement a core of bikes with Deffkoptaz, Buggies or any of the other Ork vehicles that take your fancy.

Alternatively, you could take a pair of Warbosses, allowing Nobs to be taken as troops, and mount them on bikes.

05-03-2012, 10:21
red uns go fasta! take wazdakka and you can field almost everything on a bike! spice it up with some deffkoptas also maybe. not sure how competetive it is, but if you are taking it for the themed feel you cant go wrong with ork bike army

05-03-2012, 10:26
If you don't mind skyboards as mounts dark eldar can do it.

The baron make hellions troops, plus reaver jetbikes and whatever other flying things you fancy. The whole army would be on flight bases.


Easy E
05-03-2012, 15:23
I have always wanted to make a Rough Rider Company.

Of course, there is no "legal" list for it.

05-03-2012, 15:31
I have always wanted to make a Rough Rider Company.

Of course, there is no "legal" list for it.

Didnt FW release a all Rough Compnay list, or was that for Apocalypse?

05-03-2012, 16:19
The Ork bike list works well enough, provided you supplement it and 'break theme' to cover your bases. Ork bikes are amazingly resilient to typical 'anti-mech meta weapons' (i.e. Melta), but have issues with mass-fire weaponry like heavy-bolter spam. The only flame weaponry you should seriously watch out for, is things like the Hellhound with it's ability to lob the template into you. So long as you know your distances, you will always be able to avoid the threat range of even a Baal pred, and charge it from outside it's range.

Otherwise the Ork bikes work out to each effectively be a T5 'Ard Boy with 2 CCWs, supplemented with a sawn-off Twin-Linked Big Shoota. This means they provide a stupid amount of anti-infantry support fire, with above par combat potential. They do however lack the numbers to effectively bring down big things by relying on the PK while the boys take the casualties. For this among other reasons, the problems the Ork bike army has is:

-Monsters. Espcially 2+ save monsters with a Toughness of 6 or greater. You just can't do much to them, and even T6 3+ save ones will shrug off the majority of your firepower.
-Tanks. Oh sure your PK can rip apart anything short of a Land Raider (and you WILL take a PK on ever mob...), but it just isn't enough at times. Especially when they're moving and you need a 6 to hit them. There's also the problem of charging a chimea/rhino/raider, tearing it apart, and then being open to a counter-strike from whatever was inside...
-Things faster than you. This said, the only units in the game that can outpace bikes, are cavalry. As fubar as that is. Bikes have a 12" move + 6" assault. However cavalry/beast units (such as Thunderwolves) outpace you for some bizarro-40k-physics reason, with a 6" move +d6" fleet + 12" charge. Go figure. Bottom line things like Thunderwolves will make quick work of your army, and there's not a lot you can do about it.
-Wazzdakka. He sucks. As far as required named-HQs go, he takes the cake as probably being one of the most questionably-worthwhile characters in the game. His combat ability is sub-par due to no Cybork body and a Str 4 base (compared to a better-equipped Warboss for less), and his shooting potential is laughable and rarely effective. If IA8 is being allowed, the FW Biker Boss is far better, and cheaper to boot! If not, I found people still panic at the thought of a Special Character racing to their front line. For that, Wazzdakka has proven more valuable as a 180pt distraction.

That said, a good idea is to invest in things outside of the army's theme. Deathkoptas help out, but you really only need 3 of them (if that). Deathkoptas are expensive, and ultimately reduce your model count considerably for what really amounts to a more fragile version of your Warbikes, but with a Twin-Linked Rokkit. Warbuggies with Rokkits are just as useful, but neither will do much against the thicker targets you have to worry about. But probably some better options would be to take a Battlewagon (or two) and load them full of shootas or 'Ard Boyz. And make sure the Wagon's got a DeffRolla, KillKannon, or is a Rokkit Turret. If IA8 is being allowed, give it a freaking Soopa-Kannon and call it gold (no passengers needed at that point). Another option if IA8 is open for grabs, are Big-Trakks. Either with Deathrollas or Soopa-Kannons, or as just a way to cart around some infantry. And lastly Grot Tanks are another fine addition, for the potential firepower they can yield.

Nob bikes are a given for your elite (or spare Troop) slots, but expensive. Each stock non-upgraded Nob bike amounts to what could potentially be 2 Warbikes, meaning you won't get *quite* as much firepower out of the Nob Bikes. You will however get Nob Bikes, which pick up a lot of the warbike's slack for combat. A unit of 5 or so also makes for a great secondary bullet-magnet, right after Wazzdakka. And as far as HQs go... Wazzdakka (or the IA8 Bike Boss) are mandatory, with a 2nd Warboss on a Bike being a solid addition. If you're going with Vehicular support (which you probably should), then a Big Mek with a KFF would be your other 2nd HQ option.

When all's said and done, you'll find that some armies will get utterly steamrolled by a warbike list. While at the same time your list will be horribly outclassed by others. A lot of this is due to the lack of options, but what you field in terms of vehicular support will help to even that out. Just keep in mind that a list of all warbikes/deathkoptas WILL have severe issues against some opponents. But that said, IG weren't one of them for me.

05-03-2012, 16:57
Khan and buddies Vanilla SM bike list
Ravenwing DA list
hellions and Reaver jetbikes Dark Eldar
Saim Hain Eldar bikers
Nob Bikers Ork list
Thunderwolf heavy Space Wolves

05-03-2012, 21:04
Didnt FW release a all Rough Compnay list, or was that for Apocalypse?

They released a Apoc Datasheet aswell as a Dkok List which allows you to take a rough rider HQ. Normal RR squads are still fast attack though :(

Tom j