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26-04-2006, 11:49
See, with my Tomb Kings, I've always played it like this;

Crew of 2, equipped with hand weapons, spears and bows.
Now I've always assumed that when my Chariots charge someone - one guy gets to attack using his spear at strength 4, since the other one's driving. Some logical part of my brain just couldn't see a skellie holding a spear aloft in one hand, and the reins in the other one. therefore I jumped to conclusions and was mildly surprised when one of my regular opponents this saturday charged me with his frenzied khornate chariot of doom (God, do I hate Chaos in WFB) and goes on to gut me like a little helpless piglet with his Str 5 attacks. The strength bonus being granted due to the halberds the chaos warriors in the chariot were equipped with. This now seems like the reasonable approach to me, but anyhow I just wanted a second opinion and verification.

Continuing - LoS. It stated that for a flyer to charge using its flight move, it needs to be able to see the target from the start. With me so far? Great.

Now, in a practical example for the same game, a daemon prince claimed he could charge my bone giant (standing behind and his base obscured by, a unit of skeletons) because the model was so big, and in effect a "large target". I Know we used the term "large target", or simply "Larg" very loosely here, but I can't find a passage in the rulebook which specifically states that you can charge a model, just because it's big or because the charger is so large that he can, in fact, see over interposing models (in the case of a flyer, who does get to ignore interposing models whilst charging) that he can spot a unit standing behind another one.

To summarize: Would the daemon prince (being represented by Be'lakor) be able to charge my bone giant, despite the fact that his base was entirely obscured by an interposing unit of skeletons, due to the sole fact that the model happens to be a bit big?

And what about the other way around, say, for example, a mage standing 1" behind the skeletons and in front of the skeletons we find a dragon. Would the dragon be able to completely ignore the skeletons and go for the mage instead? The obvious answer is, of course, "yes" but I'd like to hear your thoughts on this and what you would do in order to employ some form of counter-measures towards this.

A few may have a bit of problem following my train of thought here - I view this subject in the light of 40k rules, where it is in fact the base which is the more important feature of the model and not its size. Yes, I know I shouldn't be borrowing things completely at random like that, but I'm trying to make the point that perhaps we would be better off if it was the same...

...at least that way i wouldn't have to risk getting charged by Mr. nasty armed with the sword of ruin who then proceeded to cut down my giant and would probably have taken down just about every mage I was trying to shield if he hadn't gone for the Tomb King instead. God, I hate fliers, and I hate Chaos.

26-04-2006, 13:03
1) Khemri chariots have different equipment for the driver / warrior. Most other chariots do not and have all equipped equally.

2) Large targets can see / be seen over normal models, so all your examples are legal.

Counter-measures to being charged by the dragon would include being out of it's charge arc or inside a decently tough unit with a champion and then having the champion challenge the dragon rider, saving your wizard.

26-04-2006, 14:11
Note that if a flier cannot land in front of its target e.g. it is too close to a unit in front, the charge cannot be made.

27-04-2006, 06:24
Dragons can be very difficult to deal with.

27-04-2006, 06:31
And flying daemon princes of uber-doom even more so. :D

Ok, just now noticed the part where it says the driver is equipped with a hand weapon. Thanks for the input!