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06-03-2012, 17:38
Howdy folks after I finish up my blood angels I want to get into fantasy I'm thinking to start with the following list but I'm not sure how it will stand up. Where I play I'll face Dark elves, Vamps, Skaven, BoC and sometimes Dwraves.

Prophetess of the lady lvl 4 life, warhorse not sure on items

Paladin BSB Grail vow, again not sure on banner or items

Core (I'll adjust these numbers to make up points on items for heroes and lords)
9 KoR full command banner of flame

7 KoR full command banner of chalons

20 Bowmen Braziers and a musician

4 Peasus Knights with musician


5 Grail knights banner of defense

Basic Idea the bowmen and treb soften up big targets. Use the pagasi to hunt warmachines. Try to get multi charges with the knighs and use the life prophetess to heal and buff.

Is this a good list to build on or am I out to lunch? This army plays close to my BA style of jump pack and priests.

Brother Malleus
06-03-2012, 19:53
You got a very good list there, although I may suggest a few alternatives, by no means is this the most competative list but it's what I'm running at the moment in a campaign currently I am 4th of 22.

Prophetess - 250
Level 3 Heavens, Crown of Command, Dispel Scroll, Horse

Paladin BSB - 124
Gromril Great Helm, Virtue of Purity

Damsel - 150
Level 2, Lore of Beasts, Silver Mirror, Potion of Fool..s

Peasant Bowmen - 90 (Level 2)
10 Bowmen, Skirmish, Braziers

KoTR - 231 (Level 3)
8 KoTR, Full Command, Standard of Discipline

KoTR - 226 (BSB)
same as above but with Banner of Chalons

Peg Knights - 165
3 PK

Mounted Yeoman - 82
5 MY, Mus

Treb - 90

Treb - 90

I skirmish my Bowmen and not too keen on the Grail Night models so don't use them. I have Questing Knights, Squires foot/mount instead. But as I say the main bulk of your list is very good. Knights of the Realm, maybe consider Knight Errants for a bit of a change/gamble I have seen some Bretonnian lists do some amazing things over the last year or so, so they're playable

You just got to think