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Major Rawne
06-03-2012, 21:59
Hello All

I have decided to get back into WFB haven't not really played since 6th edition. I did play alot in 6th ed but I never really got on with 7th so I stopped playing. Now I'm going to be doing this army more as a painting and modeling project, but the gamer inside of me always wants to have a good army for when I do get the toys on the table.

So I'm looking at a Strigoi theme, so lots of Ghouls and the like but anyway this is my 2400pts list (as I have been told thats what my friends play).

Ghoul King - Sword of Bloodshad - Dragonbane Gem - The other Trickster's Shad - Red Fury - Dreadknight

So 8 attacks at WS 8, re-rolling failed hits, each unsaved wound giving him an extra attack and any ward saves must be re-rolled if saved. On defence 5+ Reg and a 2+ ward against flaming attacks

Master Necro - The Crused Book

Necro - Level 2 - Dispell Scroll
Cairn Wraith

28 Ghouls - Ghast 10pts
38 Skeletons - Full Command - The Screaming Banner
30 Zombies

6 Crypt Horrors
6 Crypt Horrors
5 Hexwraiths
3 Fell Bats


Total 2399pts


I will say I because really didn't have a plan when I wrote the list bar thats cool or thats themed!So please please be brutal!

Thanks Ben

06-03-2012, 22:18
post the choice points. eg core - 672 pts, special - xxxpts

Major Rawne
06-03-2012, 22:28
Ok, the break down is

Lords:- 600pts - 25%
Heroes:- 275pts - 11.45%
Core:- 625pts - 26.05%
Special:- 674pts - 28.08%
Rare:- 225pts - 9.37%

06-03-2012, 23:07
Nice list mate, i try to take a mortis engine and corpse cart in my lists, with the buff to regen saves your lord will have a 4+ regen save making him slighlty more survivable. Corpse carts may seem pretty useless but giving asf can be great!!

07-03-2012, 19:59
I'd drop zombies to 20, give them a banner, and drop enough skellies to afford Master of the Dead on Necro and more ghouls. You need at least 35

Major Rawne
07-03-2012, 20:33
Why atleast 35 ghouls?

and wouldn't 20 Zombies with a banner be quick VP to give away?

07-03-2012, 23:26
Why atleast 35 ghouls?

and wouldn't 20 Zombies with a banner be quick VP to give away?

I was assuming you wanted to run your ghouls as a horde. If that's not the case, you can get away with a smaller unit. That being said, those ghouls are the closest thing you have to a 'hammer' and probably best used in horde formation.

I suppose 20 zombies could be killed to a man if your opponent got first turn and pummeled you with multiple templates and got lucky, but you're raising 2D6+wizard level per IoN, so that's plenty a turn.

08-03-2012, 00:11
definately try to squeeze in the a mortis engine. works really well with strigoi and crypt horrors, buffing their regenerative save.

08-03-2012, 13:07
Does it matter thatthe Mortis engine buffs their regen? Everyone gets a regen buff right? Even those without regen get 6+

Major Rawne
08-03-2012, 14:55
My problem with the Mortis Engine is I'm not a big fan of the model. There is just too much going on for my liking.

I hadn't thought about running th Ghouls as a horde if I'm honest. I still have a bit to much of a 6th edition thought process

08-03-2012, 20:14
The GK gets poisoned attacks. If you give him a magic weapon, you lose the poison as per the core rule book. I recommend dropping the sword, taking a potion of strength, Red Fury and leaving that as his offense. The point of GK is to have cost effective combat, otherwise you are better to get a Vampire Lord. If you want a character killer, get a Vampire with the Trickster's, Dreadknight, etc. Also, I would do the horde of ghouls and you are very close to a horde of crypt horrors... I would consider that as well. Remember, you lose when you give up points... It is less likely to happen with hordes, not to mention that hordes of Monstrous Infantry get 3 supporting attacks (so like 54 str 4 poison attacks with 6 s4 stomps... is practically impossible for anything to survive, even mournfangs will have a hard time (18 hits (half wound), 9 poisons, so 18 wounds, 5 wounds after saves).