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08-03-2012, 08:32
2500 Points - Empire

Objective: To have a rock solid army that can hold it's own but not be classed as too cheesy


Arch Lector - Mace of Helstrum, armour of metoric Iron (goes with Halberdiers to give them hatred)
Wizard Lord - Level 4 (Always lore of fire as I love that model/lore)


Captain BSB, plate armour, enchanted shield (Goes with Great Swords)

Captain, Imperial Pegasus, plate armour, shield, sword of fate (Monster killer)

Warrior Priest, barded warhorse, heavy armour, great weapon (goes with Knights to give them hatred)

Warrior Priest, heavy armour (Goes with Great Swords to give them hatred)


20 Flagellants, prophet of doom

49 Halberdiers, full command
- 15 Swordsmen detachment

10 Crossbows, standard
- 5 handgunner detachment
- 5 handgunner detachment

10 Hunstmen


19 Greatswords, fc (7 wide, 3 deep)
5 Outriders, musician, champion
Great Cannon


Helstrom Rocket battery

Battle plan

Fairly simple - use the crossbows/handgunners/outriders and warmachines to soften up enemy units before I engage in melee! Captain on Imperial Pegasus will either scare an enemy monster (maybe even damage it!) or just annoy the enemy - perhaps even flank charging a unit I do a frontal charge on to rack up combat res.

The infantry will advance - the Flagellents used to hold a vital flank, the Great Swords the other.

The Knights are there with the Warrior priest - 3 wide - and they are there to do suicidal charges into enemy units with key characters that NEED to be taken down hard - i.e. BSBs, casters, etc - as they will throw 2 str 6 hatred and 5 str 5 hatred attacks at the enemy!! I might even invest some points from somewhere to make them Inner Circle!!!


1) Magic defence - the nature of the army means it'll be VERY GOOD - which isn't good as no one wants to see their magic shut down - so this will take careful gameplay to ensure the game doesn't get boring for me or my opponent.

2) Is it too much shooting? I don't want a boring gunline list - hence no Stank or repeat warmachine selections - but is this enough???

Thoughts and views!!!

Please & thanks!

Jind Singh

08-03-2012, 08:43
I like it, personally i think its fine and wouldnt have an issue playing against it. Yes you anti magic is going to be very strong, yet atleast your not fielding repeat cannon mortar plus wp spam.

08-03-2012, 09:00
I agree with the warmachines - one of each was ok I thought, but I do have Arch Lector and 2 priests - it wasn't for their magic defence, I wanted hatred for 3 key combat units!

Awilla the Hun
12-03-2012, 12:18
You seem to have forgotten the Knights on the list. How many are there?