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08-03-2012, 11:24
I have my revived my old interest in death guards and I have been working on the army since last year.

But I now have encountered trouble. I will be competetive among friends and small groups with this army. And so far I have bought:

20 plauge marines
1 land raider
5 Terminators
A lord in normal power armour.
A dreadnought
A rhino
A plauge hulk
A great unclean one.

I want to make it as fluffy as possible with the marines and divide them into groups of seven. And the lord will be in one group so I would have 3 groups but I want to make one group into something else.
Also what should I do with the other group without a rhino and you have any other tips what I could buy for the army. I can buy almost everything except titans. To pricy. But things from FW is fine.

I dont want an army list just some advices on these questions :P

08-03-2012, 12:52
For forgeworld stuff I'd definitely take a look at blight drones, they have some good uses in a plague marine army and they are fast attack (a slot which kind of sucks in the codex).

From the normal codex I'd recommend getting a daemon prince and a group of obliterators. Both are good choices especially if you ignore the silly warptime faq. You might want to pad your troop choices with some regular chaos marines as well, especially at lower point games.

08-03-2012, 15:05
FW Doors for your vehicles would be nice, though no effect on actual gameplay.

I'll second the blight drones though.

08-03-2012, 18:33
3rd the blight drones, also maybe another plague hulk (I love defilers). I would be tempted to say go for 4 troops squads, as 7 isn't that big, even if they are T5 FNP (20 orks will still make mincemeat of them), and get a couple more rhinos. You can't go wrong with Typhus and some Forgeworld terminator pads/torsos, vehicle doors, etc. Maybe hold off on plaguebearers until next codex, as the rumour is that plastics are on their way...

08-03-2012, 18:35
The forgeworld nurgle daemon prince and herald is pretty good value IMO, it's nice and big, the herald is a cool model and it's a blast to paint and use. Just looks so good. It's even big enough to use as a greater daemon, should your opponent not be anal about such things.

08-03-2012, 19:19
Already got doors :) Everything in the army is from FW.

How many blightdrones are we talking about to make it worth my money? And to get an effect.

I see a pattern with heavy hitting troops. What do you think about buying renegade nurgle ogryns and make them into oblies?

I think my next order will be blight drones, 10 more pads and torsos and a set of rhino doors for my next rhino.

Vlad Urkana
08-03-2012, 22:07
I say go for it with the Ogryn-oblits. For the guns on them you could do multiple plasticard tubes for barrels coming out of their arms like the FW Daemon Prince.

09-03-2012, 00:23
I dont do much plasticards. I cant get any good either. I usually use green stuff and already existing bits >.<

09-03-2012, 04:09
Death Guard, not guards.

Try my old list, most of it has been sold off now.




3 plague ogryns

3 plague ogryns

3 plague ogryns


1 blight drone

1 blight drone


8 plague marines
champion with power fist
2 melta guns

8 plague marines
champion with power fist
2 melta guns

7 plague marines
champion with power fist
2 melta guns


Plague Hulk

Plague Hulk

09-03-2012, 08:28
Cool list But I really want to use all my models. Dont like having so pricey models sitting around. But I'll buy 2 Blight drones. And I'll have 3 squads with Plauge marines. Is it worth it to change one rhino to a dreadclaw assault pod?

09-03-2012, 09:19
I see a pattern with heavy hitting troops. What do you think about buying renegade nurgle ogryns and make them into oblies?

Actually, a friend of mine used the plastic rivertroll kit and converted them into nurgle obliterators, I have to say they look very good, and it's a pretty cost effective method to boot since plastic trolls aren't that expensive compared to real oblies or fw plague ogres. The weapons that go on them I think we all have lying around in spades. Just an idea. Personally I'd say go for what you think looks awesome aswell. I find that with themed forces like a deathguard army (I have one myself aswell) sometimes sacrificing a bit of performance in favor of fun is worth it.

Oh, and get some blightdrones indeed, they look brilliant and are pretty ok, personally I'd include a plague hulk, but then again, that's because I have one aswell :P

09-03-2012, 13:20
2 Blight Drones should be enough, they are a effective nuisance unit for the enemy to deal with and can be incredibly effective for a BS2 units when shooting. For the Oblits, the Ogryn noes sound like a fun project, but if money is tight, it might be better to go for the Ogre Leadbelchers from the Fantasy range and use green stuff and other gubbins to Oblit them up ;)

As for the Dreadclaw, I am yet to see one really do anything except blow up on the first turn so I can't say how well they could perform in the table.

11-03-2012, 12:31
Alright so 2 blight drones. I think one plauge hulk is enough since I already got one. And oblies of some kind. And a bit more troops.

I will grab my vodka and start to count my money and see what I can come up with. Also call my friend and tell me I want my 170 back tomorrow.