View Full Version : The most ridiculosly lucky/unlucky things that have happened in your games??

08-03-2012, 16:10
Well ive seen quite a few, including my regular opponents dice rolling which the other week included rolling double 6 on 4 different occasions!

However the luckiest thing to have happened to me recently was against an Eldar army with my CSM, i rolled up 2 Rhinos on his doorstep filled with zerks and plagues, he then flew up a wave serpent on the counter attack with TEN fire dragons including exarch with fire pike etc.

So anyways, he fires all his shots and about 7 of them miss which was incredible in itself, the remaining shots did no more than 2 glancing hits then rolled 1s on the damage chart and just stopped me from shooting. Which of course did not really worry my Berzerker unit who next turn merrily jumped out and turned them into mush.

Ten close range melta shots against a Rhino and all it did was a little bit of shaking, crazy!

08-03-2012, 16:16
Most recent one would be two deep strike mishap dead units in two consecutive games. One of them was coming in 10" from anything that could cause a mishap.

08-03-2012, 16:16
9 sixes when shooting tesla guns.

Killed all four guardsmen in the squad I was shooting at... :P

Formerly Wu
08-03-2012, 16:35
My Elysian Drop Troops vs. Tyranids. I was getting absolutely mauled, and my chance to tie came down to a squad of demolition meltavets hiding in a bunker. They were joined by a custom special character who sported a power fist and a 4+ invuln.

On Turn 5 they broke cover to make for the nearest objective, which was being held by an unwounded Hive Tyrant and Zoanthrope. I had to kill both in one turn. The meltas take off 3 of the Tyrant's wounds. The demo charge scatters but clips the Zoanthrope. It fails its 3+ and is vaporized. I assault, hoping to finish off the Tyrant with the power fist. The Tyrant goes first and directs two wounds to the character. No big, 4+ invuln.

I only make one of them. Power fist goes squish, and the rest of the vets just bounce off.

So close...

08-03-2012, 17:53
Back in 3rd I was playing an "apocalypse" game as imperial guards vs my friends tyranids. He had a 2000pt gargantuan creature he made from some creature creation template in white dwarf in addition to a 2000pt army. I had an imperial guard armoured company from white dwarf with a baneblade, shadowsword and lightning strike fighter.

Side by side with my shadowsword for close fire support, I go to fire my baneblade at some gribblies between my superheavies and the gargantuan. Demolisher cannon scatters max distance back and directly onto the shadowsword. roll for damage. weapon destroyed. There went my only titan killer weapon and therefore hope to stop the gargantuan creature from wrecking my tank company.

I sacrificed commisar yarrick and 2 infantry platoons to hold up the gargantuan creature for a turn. My tank company got mauled by the rest of the tyranid army, and with the uninjured gargantuan creature within charging distance of my tank lines I knew the game was over. So I tank schocked it with a chimera that had lost both of its weapons.

It failed to stop the chimera with any of its attacks, twice because I let him reroll all his attacks because of how unlikely it was, and was killed via death or glory turning the tide of the game.

Two highly unlikely events in a very interesting game.

08-03-2012, 18:02
Death leaped pops up in apoc gets 2 rending flesh hooks into the back of a reaver then rolls 2 six's then charged it next turn and wrecked it and survived the apoc explosion to boot. Then in another game 2 fire warriors killed 2 lictors(old book) in close combat over a few turns.

08-03-2012, 18:55
I was rolling to wound 5 necron destroyers. I got 7 hits and I need 2+ to wound...I rolled seven 1s. My friend took a pic to remind me of this day

Bubble Ghost
08-03-2012, 19:13
Just this week, my three surviving Striking Scorpions were playing roadblock in front of an objective, and were charged by five assault terminators. And the terminators had their asses handed back to them in a carnival of whiffed attacks and failed saves. That was very amusing.

08-03-2012, 22:18
Seeing a Daemon Prince getting turned into swiss cheese by mere Battle Sisters with Bolters in a single shooting phase was a pretty awesome moment. Those filthy heretics tend to underestimate the mighty boltgun. :D

08-03-2012, 22:56
In game game against CSM one of my sister rhinos got hit by one weapon on 3 rolls of 6's, when using shield of faith I rolled 6 1's

@_@, not crazy unlucky but the contrast was interesting

Against Dark Eldar my friend made an insane assault using Lilith against one of my wraithlord. Neither of them accomplished anything all game.

09-03-2012, 02:56
GK Dreadknight getting charged by a fresh Ork Stompa, then rolling nothing but 6s to cause it to explode, and walk out of the explosion unharmed.

09-03-2012, 03:09
Droppoding behind enemy lines, 5 combiplasma + plasmagun, all rapid fire. The gets hot killed all 6 of them, and managed to do 0 damage to the target.

A little bit off topic, but it was ridiculous, and lucky at the same time. The game was almost over, i had to go for a crazy plan with my dark angels. Everyone charge, contest, ram againts the necrons, my only hope is to do maximum damage with minimal loss, and need turn 7. When i declare my chaplain leads the charge, we hear a choir from nearby. The next door catolic temple just had some guest choir, with 30 member, and they started to practice. It did bring the luck, i almost managed to turn the game back, but at turn 6 the monolith ported out from cc, the choir went to the climax, and my brave marines died with the chaplain standing last. It was like the Emperor watched the battle, couldn't ask for a more glorious defeat.

09-03-2012, 03:39
Was using my orks in a tourney a while back, playing against GK for the first time with their new dex. I charged two units of 20 boyz against two units of purifiers, needless to say I lost combat by alot, then I rolled snake-eyes for both of my LD tests. The game ended up a draw, but that was the high point of the game, we still laugh about it.

During a completely different game, I had one single wounded Ork nob holding an objective on turn 5 against 6-7 hundred points of Eldar, the game ended after that, granting victory to my nob bleeding out on the objective. To this day it has to be one of the best/funniest games I have played. My opponet that game still shakes his fist at my nob

Mad Dok Russnik
09-03-2012, 05:02
The first time I played my Space wolf army I failed 86% of the 3+ armor saves I had to make, securing my reputation at my FLGS as having the worst luck with dice.

and last week in a 1500 point game with a friend, My Blood Angels vrs his Chaos Daemons our armies started with 7 kill points each. at the bottom of turn 5 my army had 0 kill points in it and his had 9. :mad: (he turned a sanguinary priest and captain Tyco into chaos spawn with boon of mutation)

The Marshel
09-03-2012, 05:32
game against a good friends orks with my crimson fist. after luring the very dangerous truk nobs right away from my forces i was wearing down his ork hoarde and doing rather well, but with the nobs heading back over i needed to get things moving so i could gang up on them. Fortunately for me my landraider was ready carve them up when they finally arrived, or so i thought. turned my attention to a shokk attack gun big meq, both the multi melta and assualt cannons fail to kill him, then in his next turn, he actually kills the landraider! Proved the be the tipping point of the game! great fun though

09-03-2012, 05:36
Just because my friend does not let me forget it, ever. My Space Wolves against his Orks, I hop out of my rhino to shoot something after moving, so I am in a nice line. He pulls up next turn in with Burna Boyz in a trukk, 12 flamers covering my puppies, in the end causing 84 wounds. Not one Wolf died, was my best ever saving roll ever. This was 2 years ago and he still reminds me everytime we get together to play.

09-03-2012, 06:54
Back in 3rd, seeing an ethereal shot down first turn, and every single unit in the tau army running off the board.

09-03-2012, 11:38
I death or gloried with 2 carnifex and a trygon... against a rhino.... have a guess what happened to them all? The same rhino too....

09-03-2012, 12:14
Biker Warboss gets Paroxysm-ed and charged by a Hive Tyrant. The Tyrant inflicts 5 wounds, and I pass 3 out of 5 invun saves on a 5+. Warboss strikes back with 5 attacks, needing 5s to hit. 4 hits, all wound, dead Tyrant.

Later that same game, 8 Ymgarl Stealers pop up behind 10 Lootas in cover and charge them. The Stealers kill a single Loota, and lose 2 in return. They flee and are cut down.

09-03-2012, 12:35
Last X Legion tournament, fired a unit of War Walkers decked out with scatter lasers at a unit of 5 marines. Should kill most of them.

24 shots... 6 hits!..... 2 WOUNDS!!! both saved. WTF? :/

09-03-2012, 12:39
Just happened yesterday: My Archon took on a Tyrannofex and Tervigon in cc singlehandedly and won. Clone field panned off all the Tervigon's attacks while he killed the T-fex!

09-03-2012, 13:05
Back in 4th:
Space Marine Assault Spuad with 3 Plasmapistols shoots at Vindicator from the front.
3 hits-> 3 glancing -> 3 destroyed
enemy round: the whole army shoots at the squad -> only one guy dead

09-03-2012, 13:34
In early 3rd edition, anytime I tried to use an assault cannon, I would roll triple 1s. 1 in 128. While I say anytime, I'm sure there were times it did work, but I was certainly hanging out in the unlucky tail of a normal distribution curve.

During late 3rd edition, an IG Colonel with a power weapon ended up in combat with an Eldar Avatar that had 3 wounds left. The IG colonel walked away victorious after two rounds of combat.

Although the most statistically improbably thing that happened was during early 4th, I had a squad of stormtroopers in the open get hit with a demolisher cannon. All 10 models were covered. 1 Died. If my math is right the odds of that many ones coming up on roll of 10 dice are 1 in 12,093,235. I told the guy firing the cannon he should've played the lottery, not 40K that day.

09-03-2012, 18:47
I had a single wych hold up over 400 points of tyranids in cc including warriors and hormagaunts for an entire game.

The French Guy
09-03-2012, 21:39
Got 7 saves on my terminators.
Rolled seven ones.
Double 6 for moral check for the three remaining termis.
Double 6 for flee move.

Perfectly balanced game... ^^

09-03-2012, 21:45
26 slugga orks + PK nob assaulting 3 space marines sitting in an objective. 104 S4 attacks caused 3 wounds, wich were saved. PK nob attacks, 0 wounds.

Try to calculate the odds of that happening.

EDIT: forgot to say it was last turn.

Phaeron Setek
09-03-2012, 22:04
Luckiest moment of my 40k career...

My Necrons vs. Tyranids (3rd Edition). My lord, with Resurrection Orb, Phylactery, and Warscythe, gets into CC with his Hive Tyrant. Every other model on the board was dead, so we decided to suspend turn limits until only one was left alive. My Lord died 7 times, each time coming back with either 2 or 3 wounds. After 17 rounds of CC, I eventually killed the Tyrant...

Lord Squidar
09-03-2012, 23:04
Last week a deathroller armed battlewagon tank shocked my wraithlord. I decided to go for death or glory for the hell of it. I survived and immobilized the tank! Now thats kung fu!

Bingo the Fun Monkey
10-03-2012, 08:29
I have only played 3 games of 40k since I got back into the game two weeks ago after 10+ years of not thinking about 40k. I played a game of extreme dice tonight, and it went both ways, although my opponent got the last laugh. Some highlights were: my Deff Dredd took two twin linked melta shots, two more melta shots and a plasma shot to the face and came out with nothing worse than a "Crew Shaken" result.

On the other hand, I combo-charged a unit of 7 Death Company with a Big Mek with Burna, Nob with PK, a couple boyz, and 6 Biker Nobz (3 with PK, Pain Boy, and 2 'Uge Choppas). He killed a couple Boyz, but of the 16 Power Klaw attacks coming in at the end of the combat, two hit, one wounded and was saved via FnP. Actually, the Orks dealt zero wounds, so I lost the combat by 2 and my Nob Bikers fled.

The Red Pilgrim
10-03-2012, 08:36
I've never experienced anything as crazy as some of the above posters, but I once rolled seven ones - out of eight dice total - when resolving wounds. But to be fair, I was using Games Workshop dice. :cries:

10-03-2012, 08:39
I have a few but the one that brings the biggest smile to my face was with my Daemons. Was playing against a Nid player in an objective game. 2 Trygons popped up by some Plaguebearers who were holding an objective. He unloads on them and I go to ground and make all the saves but one. Little did he notice that the Skulltaker and a squad of Crushers were just in charge range. So the Taker breaks off from the squad and charges one while the other 4 charge the other Trygon. The Skulltaker took one head and the Crushers killed the other. Both died before they swung. Also before the Necrons got their new Dex had the Skulltaker remove the Decievers head...that was hilarious.

10-03-2012, 08:55
Not ridiculously lucky, but my nob managed to head-shot a terminator with a slugga, when my rokkit launchers and twin-linked shootas failed to do anything. Rolled a 6 to hit, 6 to wound, and he rolled a 1 for the save.

He wasn't happy.

10-03-2012, 09:27
Oh, i forgot to talk about my luckiest moment.

A chaplain (when they had 3 attacks) with AHW assaults 3 Tau Combat drones. 5 attacks hitting on 3's and wounding on 3's. He makes 0 wounds. My 3 drones attack. Chaplain dead.

It was amazing.

10-03-2012, 11:19
The first time I fielded Sergeant Telion, first shot of the game at a Leman Russ tank, hit, penetrated (with rending) and blew it sky high. He's never survived a game since, my opponent always makes sure to kill him. Totally worth it :)

10-03-2012, 11:27
Back in 3rd edition my slugga boy mob was fighting a Hive Tyrant with only one wound left. The boyz lost the combat and fled but on the next turn, while still fleeing, one slugga was in firing range and popped one shot at the Tyrant. Rolled a 5 to hit, 6 to wound and the Tyrant failed his 2+ save. A glorious moment!

10-03-2012, 13:52
this is going back a bit but before the faq came out ork trukks used to be able to karreen off of the table, first turn, 4 trukks

10-03-2012, 14:10
one of the most lucky things was when I was playing my double wing in a multi player apoc game and the traitor guard player declared that he'd pie plate me of the table and not to bother supporting him to his team mates as 'how could under 20 mixed termies and bikes take out his 2 bane blades and mech guard', que 2 turns later me rolling up the opponents flank after melta'ing/ ass cannoning the cocky dudes tanks into slag then running rings round all the foot elements.

10-03-2012, 16:24
I once played a game where every penetrating hit on a Tank, by either player, resulted in and Explosion. I'm not sure if that was weirder then the game where nearly every leadership test cause by shooting, by both sides again, was failed.

Born Again
10-03-2012, 16:42
Having nothing else left to do with my ork trukk with reinforced ram and wanting to get in to the proper orky spirit, I tank shock it right in to a pack of grey hunters. The sergeant steps up and death or glories it with his powerfist, destroying it and sending it kareening in to a nearby squad of blood claws where it exploded and took out the majority of the squad.

11-03-2012, 22:19
Ive just remembered one of my finest moments in 40k

Im Guard v Orks and half my army has been eaten up by infiltrating kommandos and stromboyz etc, i lost a massive blob of 30 guys plus command section a bassilisk a chimera and a vet squad, my command squad was slighty away from the section where all this carnage had taken place and made a run for it over to my other platoon and 2 vet squads were holding out on the far right, they run as fast as they can but next turn the storm boyz sweep away and managed to charge my guys, 7 remaining storm boyz and nob charge my commander and 4 normal guardsmen.

So the orks attack and manage to miss almost all of their attacks, and only cause one would which is saved! My guardsmen and captain then attack back (only have CCWs no fists) and hit with every single attack would with all of them as well and manage to kill all 7 orks in a single comat!!! Huzzah!

12-03-2012, 04:22
Lost my fortuned Avatar (who was already reduced to one wound) to a single multilaser.

Chance of all 3 shots hitting:- 1 in 8
Chance of all 3 shots wounding:- 1 in 8
Chance of failing all 3 saves:- 1 in 64

Overall odds of 1 in 4,096.

Another unlikely one is a full squad of bladestorming Dire Avengers scoring 7 hits from a total of 32 shots.

Although the most statistically improbably thing that happened was during early 4th, I had a squad of stormtroopers in the open get hit with a demolisher cannon. All 10 models were covered. 1 Died. If my math is right the odds of that many ones coming up on roll of 10 dice are 1 in 12,093,235. I told the guy firing the cannon he should've played the lottery, not 40K that day.

Wow! I think this is the clear winner.

Friedrich von Offenbach
12-03-2012, 07:48
3 guardsmen killing a necron lord on full wounds

12-03-2012, 08:12
Whenever I run my Archon with a Shadowfield, the field fails (and thus dissappears) within the first 3 attacks allocated at him. While my Shadowfield Archons are unlucky, the first time I ran one with Clonefield and Ghostplate instead, his retinue died in a single shooting phase, after which he withstood well over hits in subsequent phases before dying himself. You can guess which build I use nowadays. ;)

In my last game with my Daemons I first rolled to have the wrong wave arrive first, after which I deepstriked most of my army into a position where the unit couldn't enter for some reason, thus having several units delayed. My Bloodcrushers, who were in the first wave, didn't manage to hit the table before turn 4. When they finally decided to enter, they scattered max distance straight into an impassable terrain and were destroyed. Similar deepstrike mishaps caused two minor units to be destroyed as well.

12-03-2012, 08:58
Whenever I run my Archon with a Shadowfield, the field fails (and thus dissappears) within the first 3 attacks allocated at him. While my Shadowfield Archons are unlucky, the first time I ran one with Clonefield and Ghostplate instead, his retinue died in a single shooting phase, after which he withstood well over hits in subsequent phases before dying himself. You can guess which build I use nowadays. ;).

You know this isnt actually that uncommen? theres a 42% chance that a shadow field fails after 3 throws.

Ivan Zhuk
12-03-2012, 09:41
Both of these happened in the last game I played with my guard. Luckiest: Round 1 my manticore gets 3 shots and scatters perfectly to kill 3 marines, 1 lascannoned predator, and 1 whirlwind. Unlucky. Round 3 my whirlwind gets one shot and somehow kills my 2 basilisks =(.

12-03-2012, 09:49
Excuse me for my bad English, I'm Spanish.
We were playing to the 3 edition, Imperial Guard Vs Eldars, was the last turn and I lost. I had a heavy bolter in overwatch, two vipers of its hiding place came out, one had a heavy plasma cannon and the other one a shuriken cannon. I decide shoot the heavy bolter to the viper with the shuriken cannon, but I don't damage it, I still have left the heavy bolter's crew that shoots his lasgun. I need a 6 to hit (BS 3, -1 enemy appears, -1 speed), obtain a 6, I need a 5-6 to hit the crew (I can't penetrate it armour in other location), obtain a 5, I need a 4+ to hit the driver (1-3 hit the gunner), obtain a 4, I need a 4+ to damage the driver, obtain a 5, he saves at 5+, fails his roll, viper lose control and if obtains a hit in the scatter dice it smashes, he obtains a hit, one less viper.
The other viper shoots me to the Captain Chenkov, that has the power Doom affecting him, he rolls to hit and obtains 1, rolls the blast scatter and falls on its viper, he penetrates armour and it is destroyed.
Battle finish in draw thanks to those 2 vipers.

12-03-2012, 11:10
I was playing CSM with my Tyranids in a 3ed game and i managed too take out 3 Obliterators with my 4 remaining Termagants in one shooting phase.

12-03-2012, 11:29
Last thursday i fired 1200pts of my ravenwing army at grimnar and 5 wolf guard..... Did absolutely no damage. This happened for 5 turns (a couple less shots each turn) until I finally caused 1 wound on them... A lone biker managed to cause a wound on a thunderwolf lord which was rather entertaining though.

And I ended up winning the game by turbo boosting on to an objective in turn 5 and the game ended. My opponents face was priceless.

12-03-2012, 12:04
these have happened recently...

on the lucky side...

fighting an IG player with my twin stormraven Grey Knights, all but one raven and the purifiers turned up... i killed quite a bit, then i lost 5 termies and a few striek knights in the return shooting phase. However i didn't lose very much after that the rest of my stuff flew in and all he had left was a leman rus vanquisher on the table- lucky... indeed... but I was a little :wtf: at the power of the GK

The unlucky side...

one game my Dark Eldar lances failed me big time, i couldn't scratch a necron barge at all:cries: however ever since they haven't stopped hitting and either glancing/penetrating...:shifty::eyebrows:

though over the years we've all had those moments...

12-03-2012, 12:57
my luckiest moment was my chaos lord of nurgle pass his invun against the shadow swords main gun.

My unluckiest moment was against a mech orc army with my DE, my lances did nothing

12-03-2012, 18:27
Two of my terminators contesting an objective. My opponent scores two wounds with a bolter. Roll snake eyes for armor saves. Lose game. That's only going to happen 1 in 36 rolls of the dice...

12-03-2012, 19:04
Bad luck -I took my Necrons to a tournament and I made 3 rp the entire tournament. I had a 4 game streak in which the storm lord kept the storm up 4+ turns. Made 4 rp rolls and 3 lightning strikes out of a min of 7-8 rolls a turn.
Good luck- overlord with 2+/3++ warscythe mss vs 3 death cult, 1 crusaders and Jacob as a battle conclave . This unit took 2 rounds of shooting and didn't die. Overlord charges turn 2 after doomsday ark explodes their immolator and holds this unit from top of two to the bottom of five. game ends with a single crusader alive and a single wound on the overlord. This alone saved my army because he had so many units to threaten my deployment zone. Stopping them was lucky, but to have him not die on top of that was amazing.

Best luck- ran 10 lychguard for the first time. I made average inv/armor saves. I made 13 of 13 rp saves with them . Only 2 died when they couldn't roll since they ran once -.-

12-03-2012, 19:26
My Primaris Psyker seems to have the forces of fortune permanently in flux about him.

He has single handedly slain 6 Space Marine Bikers with Lightning Arc, then went on receive a Death Company Charge, inflict a bunch of wounds and consequently chase them down.

Another time he narrowly survived three consecutive PotW attacks and would never roll more than a couple of shots with Lightning Arc which he then failed to hit or wound with.

Still, at 70 points, he's worth the bad days because when he's on form..... :D

13-03-2012, 13:13
A tale of a few Lords.

Big Apocalypse battle. My Infantry guard companies were being charged by a mass of Bezerkers ( ~180), with dreadnaughts, Khornate lords, their daemonic primach, etc, etc as well. Of course, the shooting casualties as they came in were truly impressive, but some of them made it over the minefields, through the defence lines, and into combat.

One Lord charged a 10 man squad, then proceeded to sit there and methodically fed himself to his daemon weapon. His last wound was taken by a Guardsmen bayonet but all the rest were self inflicted. Casualties to the squad- Zero.

Further down the line, another one managed to do it rather differently. Charged in, killed a few Guardsmen, They hold. Guard turn kills a few more, they break, run and die. Chaos turn, charges a fresh squad, kills some, they hold. Guard turn. They lose, break, run and die. Chaos turn Charges another squad..... and there the game ended

I know individually, any turn wasn't that unlikely, but the repetition of them was rather impressive, as was the failure of any scattering ordnance to curtail it...

13-03-2012, 13:29
I was playing SW and fought a Deathwing army. The guy had three land raiders with dozer blades. First turn he tries to run over a small fence rolls snake eyes. First Land raider is stuck half-jacked on a fence. Second Land Raider tries to run over the same fence to move into optimal position. He rolls...snake eyes...again. Second Land Raider is immobilized on a small fence. Third Land Raider stops just short of the fence.

Second turn my Wolf Scouts come in and meltabomb the two immobilized Land Raiders in a multiple assault and the Wolf Guard managed to stun the third one with his thunder hammer.

Lesson: Beware the farmer's fence.

13-03-2012, 18:18
In 2E my friend's allied Dark Angels lost an entire Deathwing squad to one 12-missile Chaos Terminator Cyclone salvo with the 5.5" radius blast.
He then used the 'Reinforcements' strategy card to bring them all back, where they were wiped out AGAIN to another salvo from the same Chaos Terminators on overwatch. He was not too chuffed about that!

I was playing 500pts of DA against 1000pts of SW in the 3E Assassination mission (Kill the enemy HQ to win)
My lone Ravenwing Sarge managed to run down Ragnar Blackmane after he failed his morale check due to me killing one of his wolves.

Warped Bitz
13-03-2012, 19:32
Mine was Marneus Calgar charging into my devastators, after shaving 2 wounds off of him with shooting, I accepted that they were doomed and awaited the inevitable charge, My opponent whiffs with shooting the gauntlets and settles to smack them up with his powerfists, however my Sergeant then proceeds to strike first, hit twice, wound twice, and he rolls snakes eyes for his saves!

Needles to say my opponent is gob smacked, and my Sergeant get a nice new promotion to the 1st company!

13-03-2012, 22:16
3 killa kans with grotzookas firing into a clumped up squad(of 6) of deathwing termies(with apothecary). Killed 5 of them(including the apothecary) despite them having 2+ armor and 4+ feel no pain. My opponent was not pleased.

13-03-2012, 22:30
I got real lucky with Typhus in Assaults and rolled all 5s and 6s for his extra attacks with Manreaper in two separate tournaments.

The first after Typhus and his Squad of Terminaters throwing it down with the Grey Knight HQ and its squad it came down to all dead and just the Typhus and the Grey Knight HQ guy squaring it off they both are down to 1 wound left each the Grey Knight HQ misses then Typhus rolls and gets a 1 which kills himself causing a loss of the match due to victory points.

The second was Typhus and 4 man Terminator squad square off against 9 Helitrix blood brides with their Syren jumped out of a raider and the Archon and 4 Incubi jump out from a Venom and join in too....phenominal rolling (with Typhus rolling +6 extra attacks to his already 3) in two rounds leaves everyone dead except Typhus and the Archon both with 1 wound apiece.....the Archon goes first and wiffs then of course Typhus rolls a 1 again and kills him self with the man reaper :(

13-03-2012, 23:31
My MCs always die to a lasguns or bolt pistols. They'll shrug off plasma and las and melta all day long -- but if they have one wound left, the lasgun or bolt pistol is your friend. It's never a squad of guys rapid firing -- that bounces off. But one wound left, with one pistol, and he's a goner.

My luckiest event was in 2E with Space Wolves -- my buddy had never lost Eldrad in a game, ever. My first shot of the game (lascannon from a tac squad) blew up a wraithlord, who stumbled d6 (6!) inches directly towards (clock-face, so think scatter-die) Eldrad, then exploded, causing 3 wounds (d3) to any psyker within 3 (d3) inches. Eldrad was 2.9" away and got his brain exploded. So 2/3 x 1/6 (approx. - I don't remember the rules) x 1/6 x 1/12 x 1/3 x 1/3 = 2/11664 = .00017147% chance.

I did have a lovely game against GKs where 4 paladins, 3 terminators, and a lord were against one lonely tyranid prime on turn 5. The doom (the only thing left) dropped in and sucked up all every wound but one of the lords, who the prime charged and killed.

13-03-2012, 23:41
bunch of hormagaunts assault my SM assault squad I kill enough to get them down to eighteen models, they kill all but one lonley marine. over the next two turns 18 hormagaunts fail to do anything.
then on the second turn, my assult marine kills one and after mesuring, we find out that they're 2" out of synaps and they run and I sweeping advance them.
1 assault marine, 18 hormagaunts! (of course the next turn he gets shot in the back by a deathspitter but theres no such thing as happy endings in the 41st millenium)

14-03-2012, 00:55
3rd ed - his squad of 18 eldar guardians run through cover and shoot up my unit of 5 scouts moving along behind it, killing 4 of the guys. Last man passes him All Alone test, charges through cover into the guardians. Survives all the 18 attacks thrown at him, kills a single guardian, they break and he runs them down.

Still makes me smile to think of a single marine scout chasing 17 guardians through a mess of rocks and killing every single one of them. They must have been like headless chickens.

EDIT: Weird my story is almost identical to the one above - I only read to bottom of page 2!

14-03-2012, 02:09
A friend's Nurgle Lord (CSM) charged into a squad of my destroyers (Oldcrons) under the husk of my burning monolith. The Lord failed his demon weapon roll, wounding himself. One of my destroyers managed to punch him in the face, wounding him again. Then, because he lost combat, he took No Retreat wounds, failed his save and died after a single round of combat.

14-03-2012, 11:22
Three Multilaser shots from a chimera into an old arco-flagellant unit. Three hits, three wounds, three dead.

Another one: a lonely termagaunt shooting his normal weapon into the avatar of khaine. Hit, wound, missed save and missed fortune save - the joke was, he had only one wound left.

14-03-2012, 16:21
Two for my Necrons (both Fourth Edition occurances). The first was during a small point tourney, 750 or 1000 not sure, and I was matched up against another Necron player who had brought a Monolith to the fight. I had put the field upgrade on my Scarab Swarms so they could threaten vehicles. Well after zooming the little critter towards his advancing Monolith he unloading everything on them to stop them from reach it next turn. After all was said and done I was down to a single base out of 4-5 that was on it's last wound. The brave lone scarab charged the Monolith and gets a single 6 (which is what you needed to hit any skimmer in 4th in HtH) then rolls a 6 to Pen and finally manages to roll a 6 on the glancing chart to wreck the Monolith. He was dubbed Harvey the Wonder Scarab.

The next was in an Apocalypse game. I took the Monolith formation that gave you the Unheralded Arrival ability (First turn deep striking). So I promptly drop all four in the middle of the other teams battleline, displacing support elements and generally being a big mean distraction. I dropped the partical whip with all of them and one of the large blasts drifted so the center hole landed on Kharn the Betrayer. I wound him and watch his controller fail Kharns Invulnerable save which results in his instant death. About Turn 3 when the battlelines had really came together both sides kept looking around for the Vortex Grenade we knew the other side had to have. My teams was on a Tau Commander that had not arrived yet from Deep Strike. The enemies? Turns out it had been on Kharn the Betrayer.

14-03-2012, 22:09
My luck is quite even on the whole but there are two things that stand out.

Good. Autarch charges Kantor's land raider with haywire grenades after whiffing with his fusion gun. 6 to hit, 6 to pen and a 6 on the damage table. Awesome. He got squished by Kantor as he strode from the wreckage of his ride which just makes it cooler. :)

Bad. At Throne of Skulls last year I took a wraithlord (I never fail wraithsight,). I failed 17 out of 26 checks. Ha ha ha. 'Nice statue you got there.....' :D

14-03-2012, 22:56
A game of Necromunda.

We were playing a scenario were an explosive gas was covering the zone. Any model firing while in overwatch (that means firing during the opponent's movement) would instead detonate the gas on a roll of 1 and take a wound. Considering the odds, I put everybody in overwatch anyway. Enemy moves, I roll 8 ones out of 9 dice. Game was over after my first shooting phase.

Panther Al
15-03-2012, 04:06
Back in the early days of 3E.

Me, Deathwing with the then sparkly new Land Raider. 18 of the former, 1 of the latter.

The Other Guy: 180 Grots, a handfull of harder stuff. But 180 *painted* grots. OK. Win right there, but.. moving on.

The game turned into a three turn lesson in dice probability. You toss 360 dice, you gonna kill things.

Didn't help that out of all the dice I rolled, I rolled only 1 5, 4 4's, and a pair of 2's. How do I know this?


A One!!!!!

I could'a lost to IG with that rolling. :)

15-03-2012, 04:12
Today, the Doom falls near a unit of GK paladins. The Doom takes 2 wounds off the unit, and the spore shoots one more down, causing a panic check. The GK player rolls an eleven and the terminators run off the table. It was the turning point to a very fun game.

15-03-2012, 12:23
My Genestealers in general kick every Space Marines ass.

#1 10 Stealers dare to leave cover and start running towards a bunch of Tactical Marines. They get shot down to 1(!) model, which manages to enter combat just by a quarter of an inch. The last remaining Stealer was quite angry about his shredded mates...so he got 3 attacks...and 3 times a 6 on hitting. (This was back in 5th Edition, where Rending worked on hitting 6s) Obviously 3 Marines were torn asunder, failed to do anything themselves and...of course...failed the test.

#2 10 Stealers...again...dare to leave cover. They get shot down to 1(!) model...again. Im not even kidding here. No valuable squad seems to be in range to attack, so what the heck...lets try the Venerable Dreadnoght. And oh the joy...he actually managed a glancing hit and destroyed that oh so "venerable" thing. (Again, that was back in 5th)

Those events occured when my playing party was already forming, so the Stealers got their reputation right from the start.

15-03-2012, 12:37
Since I've made my 1750 chaos list with 2 daemon princes I've played 7 games. I have yet to successfully roll an invulnerable save for either of them. :( They have managed to die quickly in every game.

15-03-2012, 13:06
30 Orks charge into a 10 man space marine squad.

Those Orks (me) cut down 9 marines (friend) leaving a lone chain sword sergeant, the Orks lose 2 models.

The marine sergeant over 3 turns of combat kills 7 Orks through his attacks and a further 5 through fearless saves. The Ork's do nothing, it's only until he charges in ANOTHER sqaud that the Orks finally manage to kill some more marines and save their numbers.

The overall combat was 5 turns, 30 orks charged 10 marines, 28 then fought 1 sergeant. That 1 sergeant managed to kill 12 Orks before he died. The remaining orks finished off another squad of 10, quickly and ended the game with 8 Orks.

15-03-2012, 13:16
I run a small 1000pt army of thousand suns, so every model in the army is running an invun save. The running joke in our store games though is that I cannot make any normal saves, but pass every invun needed!

If I get sprayed by a squad of marines the bolter always cut me down, while the metla's and plasma guns just bounce off!

15-03-2012, 18:19
In an apoc game my khornate DP survived 42 las cannon shots (over a couple of turns) from a stormlord filled with guard heavy weapon squads then died from a bolt pistol to the face(one wound left) when he finally got in range in a different game skarbrand got hit by 4 destroyer shots 4 invuns made due to a libbi nearby he had to reroll them (I hate null zone) passed them all again then he dies to 3 stormbolters my group know i seem to make a lot of invuns but cant make armour saves at all strange but true.