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08-03-2012, 23:28
Hello, soon I have a doubles tourney i will be attending with my brother.

Due to the armies available, and alliances rules, we are going with VC (him) Daemons (me), or both daemons.

If we go both Daemons the idea is the following


Herald of Tzeentz. MoS and spell breaker 165.
Herald of Khorne, BSB, Obsidian Armor 175

40 Bloodletes, Full command, endless war 535
5 Furies 60

Soul seekers, Full comand, siren icon 199.

5 flamers 175
5 flamers 175

Total 1496.

List 2

Herald of Slanesh, Siren Song, Sword 120
Herald of Tzeentch, spell breakers, MoS (Shadows) 165
The Mask 90

39 Daemonetes, Full comand, siren standard 523
5 Furies

6 Hounds of Khorne

6 Fiends


If we go VC - Daemons the daemon list would be the following

Herald of Khorne, armor of khorne 115.
Herald of Tzeentz. MoS and spell breaker 165.
The mask.

Bloodletes, Full command, endless war 523
Furies 60

Soul seekers, musician, standar, siren icon 163.

6 flamers 210.
3 Daemons 165

Total 1500.

So which idea you think is better, the both daemon approach, or Daemon - VC

If so, what would you recon to use from the VC army? we were thinking about some hitter vampire, a terror heist, some zombies, some steles

Any income would be apretiated.


11-03-2012, 16:11
Any feedback please?

12-03-2012, 12:51
daemonjs/daemons if i were you.

if you go daemons/VC then i'd just focus fire the daemons as they cannot be ressed.

12-03-2012, 15:49
Well you would also focus daemons on daemons / Daemons, yea maybe more decisions to make, but still if you have a terrorghesit around would you live it alone?

12-03-2012, 16:05
Ok. I don't think u got my point.

Vamps use invocation to raise lost models. They usually have a few casters to make the most of this. If u don't kill the vamps units then their raising becomes pointless. Their units are usually more expensive as u can raise them back. By focussing on destroying the non-raisable units, the effective cost of the undead becomes greater.

Would I rather kill 2 bloodletters or 4 ghouls? Definately the bloodletters.

Yes, ofc, there's a couple big targets like terrorgheists that u would focus. They're usually further from the battle line and therefore harder to heal tho.

And if I faced empire/empire then is focus empire. What's ur point? U asked for feedback and I'm pointing out what imo is a flaw in one of the lists.

12-03-2012, 22:49
Yes yes, i really appreciate it, and I asked because I didnīt get your point.

So in your opinion the daemon/daemon combo is better?

13-03-2012, 10:21
yes, personally that's what I'd go.

what lore would you take with the Vamps/Daemons Herald though?

14-03-2012, 22:02
Vamps/ Daemon I was thinking lore of light, List can allways help BL with extra attack and ASF, -1 to be hit and for a 4+ on war machines comes in handy, spell are low casting value, good for a lvl 2 sorcerer

While Daemon/Daemon Light/Shadow shadow would help great on daemonetes thanks to okapis mind razor, lowering T can also come in handy, and lowering I is great against other armies with high I such as elves or WoC or other Daemons

20-03-2012, 18:53
Finally it seems as DoC/DoC, any idea on both lists?drop the seekers and take 1 unit of hounds on each list?


20-03-2012, 21:35
Always take flamers or fiend over hounds. They aren't very good in 8th. You won't get back the points you pay for them. Also think about adding a BSB.

21-03-2012, 22:37
Thing is being 2 x 1500 lists, only 375 points on flamers/fiends aloud and it is maximized in both lists so I have points to add in more stuff.

Making bigger the core units I think is worthless so I have to add some special units and thats between hounds or seekers