View Full Version : 2500 lizardmen allied list with brits for tomrrows tourney in seattle

09-03-2012, 20:50
The tourny rules are here http://www.facebook.com/GWSeattleBun...96511310384204

I was board with running just Brits so i thought about mixing thing up a bit. Lizards are new to me have played a total of 3 games. looking for some imput.

List March 2500 tourney Seattle bunker

Slaan: lvl 4 BSB, D. Scroll, focused rumination, becalming cogitation 375

Saurus old-blood: Sword of might, armor of destiny, dawn-stone, shield 246

skink with stegadon. Engine ot God Cube of Dark 395
Warriors x 29 spears. Full command 378
Warriors x 20 full command 250

Main Army: 1656

Damsel of the Lady:Beast lv2,Prayer Icon of Quenelles Beast 130

Paladin (BSB): Virtue of Duty banner of the lady 206

Knights of the Realm x 12 with full command War Banner 337

Field Trebuchet 90
Field Trebuchet 90

Army Total 2497

The slan will be running shadow for a change. Light is a iption but i don't know I've never tried it.