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09-03-2012, 21:07
Hi all,
As my username suggests, I'm not very familiar with Fantasy - but I do have an Empire army sat on my shelf which has fought a handful of battles in 7th and I think 1 in 8th, all of them some time ago. However I've decided that I'd like to take them to war once again at my local GW. Now I'm not an experienced Fantasy player (read beginner) so I've basically gone with what sounds good to me and what has worked in the few games I have had. My main worry is that I have no idea what armies people bring to my local store with regards Fantasy, except that the manager has some Ogres and Dwarfs. I'm aiming for an army that can hold its own and perhaps has a few tricks up its sleeve, but nothing insanely competitive - that said I don't want to get tabled in 3 turns! I'd also prefer an army of mobility and manoeuvre to static gunline. Also the recent release of VC has me worried about not being able to hurt ethereal units so I'm worried about numbers of magical attacks I have.
I've collected models on the basis of what looks good so that it looks like a realistic army when sat on my shelf, ie some infantry and artillery with cav on flanks.
Ideally I don't want to go and buy a ton more models as I'm trying to get my nids sorted atm, but there are some other units not in the list, but that are available:
1 wizard
5 pistoliers (I love these models! :D)
5 outriders
10 greatswords
14 Alacanti Pikemen (proxy as halberds or spears)


EMPIRE GENERAL: Armour of Meteoric Iron, Barded warhorse, Van Horstmanns Speculum, Sword of Swift Slaying, Dawnstone: 206
ARCH LECTOR: Heavy Armour: 131

BATTLE WIZARD: Level 2, Seal of Destruction: 145
WARRIOR PRIEST: Heavy Armour, Barded Warhorse, Dispel Scroll: 133
CAPTAIN: Dawn Armour, Battle Standard Bearer: 110

40 Halberdiers: Full Command, Razor Standard: 265
20 Swordsmen: Full Command: 145
10 Huntsmen (Archers): 100

Great Cannon: 100
Mortar: 75
20 Greatswords: Full Command: 230
Inner Circle Knights: Full Command: 248

Hellblaster Volley Gun: 110

Army Total: 1,998

My idea was that the General and mounted Warrior Priest join inner circle, warrior priest gives the knights hatred (sadly he cant give it to my general) - idea being that this will prevent all my lance attacks missing when I charge. I'm also hoping that with the speculum and sword of swift slaying combo will allow my general will be able to hurt those bigger/more powerful than himself quite easily and maybe even win some challenges?! Arch Lector + BSB Captain join halberds for solid front line. Wizard joins swordsmen to stop him being sniped, ideally leaving before combat begins. Huntsmen range ahead, drawing out fanatics / generally being a nuisance to the enemy. Thoughts would be appreciated as I imagine that most of you will be able to guess how this list will fare against opponents that I've never faced (All my battles were vs Orcs and Goblins, with the exception of one against Warriors of Chaos), so I fully expect there to be weaknesses that I've not spotted as I simply don't really know what other armies can do. Thoughts and ideas are very much appreciated!

10-03-2012, 04:33
First off, the empire general has armor of meteoric iron why? hes already on a barded warhorse, just give him normal plate armor and a shield. there u go 1+armor save. give the arc lector on foot the armor of meteoric iron. also you need to tool up your characters better. and your units are too small (halberdiers are fine) but you need another block of 40. and Greatswords need to be at least 30 (preferably 40) as they will strike last and have almost no defenses and will lose alot.

10-03-2012, 10:33
Okay, so my General and Arch Lector have been re-equipped as you suggested. I've got the models for 30 Greatswords, but can't really drop the swordsmen due to the rule that Core >=25% of army points and I'm on the limit of that now. :/ That combined with tooling up characters makes me wonder what to drop? I'm tempted to drop the Greatswords, purely because of points issue in the core section meaning I can't drop anything there without replacing it with something, I'd then have the points for decent weapons for the characters and to increase the numbers of state troops in core section. What would you say is the optimal unit size in 8th? Can none-horde units pull their weight?

Red Gevhere
11-03-2012, 04:17
As an empire player, I can tell you that you should drop most your magic items on your characters. Humans aren't very great fighters, but they are cheap. You should invest those points into getting larger core units of infantry. Infantry win battles in 8th edition.

Also, you can do any combination of the following

Pistoliers are fine (though adding a 6th pistolier makes a huge difference to their survivability, but I think outriders are useless.
If you decide to keep the armor of meteroric iron, put it on your BSB. You don't want him dying. Don't bother with any magic weapons, but bulk up some magic resistance if you can. This will grant ward saves from magic to the units the characters are attached to.

I'd suggest maybe replacing the greatswords with another mortar or cannon... have range is a good thing.

I think the hellblaster is overrated and too costly.

Those are my thoughts