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09-03-2012, 21:44
I just wanted to clear up a few points on characteristic test and i dont have the FAQ on me.

Are characteristic tests resolved using your unmodified value? Could i for example cast enfeebling foe on a unit (-D3 S) and then cast net of amyntok on the same unit, meaning it must pass S tests (with a modifier) to do anything or suffer hits?

Regarding the net of amyntok spell;

Is the S test of the unit based on the majority? Are Hits allocated as per shooting?
If a unit contains characters do they test seperately from the R&F?
If a character in the unit wants to shoot is it his S value he must use? Will the hits be allocated on just him?
Similarly if a wizard wishes to cast will they suffer the D6 hits or the unit?

09-03-2012, 22:09
There is no general rule that characteristics tests always use the unmodified value. It seems natural that modifiers should apply unless otherwise noted.

Hits caused by spells are normally allocated as shooting hits (see p. 36, which directs you to p. 40).

The Net spell calls for the unit making a test, in which case you use the highest value in the unit (p. 10). This is a single test made on behalf of all the models in the unit. The hits resulting from a failed test are allocated to the unit as I mentioned above.