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Spiney Norman
10-03-2012, 14:21
Had a game against high elves with my goblin army today and it threw up an odd situation we weren't sure how to resolve.

White lion chariot declares a charge against my wolf riders, who about face and flee, unfortunately the wolves seem to be glued to the floor and only manage 1,1,2 as their escape distance and get caught by the chariot. My opponent elects to run them down but 5" into the chariots charge move it triggers a set of fanatics which blow the chariot apart. In practice the chariot never would have completed its charge to catch the wolf riders, but by the time the fanatics were triggered they were already deemed to have been cut down.

Should the wolf riders still be on the table or not?

10-03-2012, 14:45
Looks like they should still be on the table.
The lion chariot didn't reach them before it was destroyed, so it didn't reach them....so they aren't run down.

10-03-2012, 15:30
When a unit flees from your charge you may be able to catch and destroy them. Remember this happens in the move chargers part of the movement phase, so you must first complete the other charge declaration/charge reactions.

To catch a fleeing unit, roll for and measure charge range and if within range determine if you have a clear path to the target. You then move the chargers into contact with the target, "close the door" and finally you remove it.

If the chargers are removed before you remove the target unit then it is safe to assume that they failed to catch and destroy it.

11-03-2012, 06:52
This scenario, which can be generally called 'out of sequence damage', can also occur if the chariot ran through difficult terrain while making its charge. It would take the damage and be destroyed before reaching its target.

As for fanatics being so out of sequence... they've always been that way. The little blighters are my favourite booby trap.