View Full Version : Leadbelchers garrisoned in buildings? How many shoot per floor?

Entreri Bloodletter
10-03-2012, 20:51
Same as title, how many monstrous infantry can shoot per floor? Rules seem to say five per floor and doesn't distinguish between regular or monstrous troop types. Seems different than combat rules where MI count as 3. Any clarification would be great because I would love to have a unit of 10 LB blasting away from a building. ( might be a little overpowered though...:D)

10-03-2012, 22:19
Overpowered till someone shoots a cannon at your unit. 1d6 S10 hits, all doing 1d6 wounds.

10-03-2012, 22:32
Nope, five per floor goes for monstrous infantry as well. Don't think it is going to be that overpowered, to be honest... sure, they will be hard to shift, but so will a lot of other things in buildings, and if you were taking big enough units of ranged Ogres, any feeling of overpoweredness is there already before they made themselves at home in the building...

Think of it as an Ogre not going to be stopped by his friends having called the good firing positions at the doors and windows; if there is no room, he will put his fist through the wall and make a firing slit.

11-03-2012, 17:10
I'm pretty sure it says that monsrous Inf count as 3 models each

11-03-2012, 17:15
And it does. PG 128 under "we is bigger dan dem"

11-03-2012, 17:35
And it does. PG 128 under "we is bigger dan dem"

"...when selected for an assault party"... :rolleyes:

11-03-2012, 17:58
"...when selected for an assault party"... :rolleyes:

This should get FAQ'ed at some point.

Lord Inquisitor
11-03-2012, 18:23
Don't expect a FAQ. The rules are clear, 5 models can fire per floor. Doesn't matter whether they're gnoblars or leadbelchers. I guess a leadbelcher doesn't need much more space than an empire handgunner to actually fire through.

Note that the rule for monstrous infantry ONLY changes the requirement of 5 models per rank to 3 models per rank. It doesn't change other things, even when 5 rank and file are referenced. The most obvious one is that you can't get a look out sir roll for monstrous characters unless there are 5 rank and file. Ogres get look out gnoblars that reduce this to 3 but (a) they pay for this, (b) not all units can take it and (c) it doesn't help other races' monstrous infantry - minotaurs in particular really suffer from this.

Now it would make heaps of sense if only 3 MI were required for all cases where 5 rank and file were referenced, so only 3 r-n-f minotaurs were required for a look out sir roll or limited to 3 leadbelchers per floor, but that's just not the way it is.

Edit: and the rules for assault parties have nothing to do with the price of tea in China. After all, normal units aren't limited to 10 models firing from a building if it has 3 or more floors, are they? The assault party rules don't apply.

11-03-2012, 23:58
I agree with all above. Maybe in 9th, eh?

12-03-2012, 00:34
Well who cares how many can be there per floor.. only 3 can fight. It specifically says that they did not want to write lots of rules for it, based on the myriad of buildings that could be garrisoned. Look at the building. How many floors? Do the ogres looks like they will fit? if they will, put them all in.. heck through in a whole horde.. talk about it and play the game.. Remember the "most important rule"...

12-03-2012, 18:37
.. talk about it and play the game.. Remember the "most important rule"...

All fine and well, but when asking or replying to questions on a forum, we must assume what is worthwhile is what the rules as printed say, not whatever personal house-rule you might like to have.