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11-03-2012, 17:12
I'm looking for a bit of help and advice for running games to help myself and a couple of club mates learn 40k in a fun way.

I won't bore you with the details of my on/off relationship with 40k (you can go here Votha 401st Imperial Guard Plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?286971-Votha-401st-Imperial-Guard) if you are interested though), suffice to say that despite being aware of the hobby for over 20 years, I'm still a complete noob when it comes to playing it! (I've mainly been a collector/painter/fluff follower).

I've tried to find a club to join to help me in my quest to play over the years and although all have been really friendly, there's always been something (a bit too far to travel on a weeknight, only meet once a month, lost their venue and closed...) Now I've found one that really works for me with just one tiny problem - no one plays 40k there... (it's a big and well established club but they play FoW and historic stuff mainly).

There's a couple of guys who are interested in playing though but it's a bit like the blind leading the blind :D

A few of them have some older 40k miniatures and I have about 1500 points of Guard (a bit mech heavy tho) and 1400 points of Orks all painted up and ready to go. I could also put together 1000-1500 pts of Marines too I think.

What I'm looking for help for is coming up with a type or size of game that helps teach the rules to us while not being a boring 'look everything up' fest, so the game keeps moving at a decent pace and we can all have a fun evening. We've tried a couple of games with the Guard and Orks but it was basically 3 turns of Orks just moving forward and being shot at by static guard followed by 1 turn of CC were the Orks killed everything. I purposefully cut down the amount of special rules to make it a bit simpler - bad idea?

Would we be better splitting the Orks to 2 smaller armies? Or would the Marines be a better opponent? What would be a good game size? And on what size table? Maybe there's a good series of video tutorials someone can recommend?

I know it's not ideal and we could do with someone who knows the rules but I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer :)

11-03-2012, 17:17
Does any one have the starter box set? Or the equivalent models.

For just learning the rule try 500 pts, just to get a feel. Play a few games with simple choices then start getting bigger from there

11-03-2012, 18:02
I have considered making some small army lists for training games myself. I have Space Marines and Tyranids and one of the issues is that it seems that at the smaller points values the Marines are just going to mop up most 'Nid lists or be so bland that the game isn't going to be very enjoyable and just give the "look how awesome Marines are" treatment. :p

First suggestion is to go with smaller games (about 500 points). This just gives less things for a new player to have to worry about. In that vein you could keep the units pretty similar (you did say you wanted to keep things simple). While it's tempting to want to show off all the nifty things units can do having basic setups for the units allows a new player to focus on the basic rules. For this I might suggest making an index card with all the stats for each unit that can be kept with/near the unit to remind a new player what the unit's stats are.

For smaller games a smaller board can work better. I believe 4'x4' works well for 500 point games. Although you still want to make sure you have a decent amount of terrain (I still think this is one of the great failings of the game is that many people don't play with enough terrain)...too little and it favors static shooting armies, too much and the armies have no room to maneuver.

Of course the choice of armies is going to dictate their actions to some degree...Guard are essentially a static army, so I would expect most games agaisnt them to devolve into the "we sit and shoot as you attempt to close for melee". A suggestion might be to create a specific scenario for the game...I know that the "standard" game is objective-based but often this still doesn't necessarily require an army to move (if this is something you want...you may just want to figure out how to encourage armies to play to their strengths).

Hope you find something of use in these suggestions.